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Alfred Rosenberg- The Jewish Denial of God as Spirit

April 10, 2023



rosenberg6.jpg(Alfred Rosenberg, 1893-1946)

"The Jew has shown throughout his history a search for knowledge in itself,

avoided every metaphysical like an infectious disease, and instinctively persecuted

the few exceptions who flirted with philosophy. The knowledge of the Law was for the Jew a goal in itself.”


Far from being "God's Chosen People"  Cabalist Judaism is His fiercest opponent.




"God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”  John 4-24




I just finished reading “The Track of the Jew through the Ages”, a stunning book by Alfred Rosenberg, who was hanged at Nuremberg although he was not in the military but a major Nazi ideologue.  This book is out of print and very scarce and expensive (I could find but one copy for $150 on Ebay).  The ADL has been having their way censoring the internet;  Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf” is only available from offbeat booksellers.  Amazon and abebooks have banned it; expensive older editions are mostly what remain on ebay.

The book is very clear, rational and meticulously cited with many quotes.  It succinctly lays out a basic history of the Jewish people, their states of mind and ways of thinking and how this differs from those of native peoples, the preoccupation with voluminous laws passed down from oral rabbinic tradition and other places, and usury. 

The result of this way of thinking and usury have been consistent in many places over history, resulting in the expulsion of the Jews in nearly every case.  In the end, the book presents a plan for the rectification of German society, laws and culture. Much was adopted by Hitler as enacted in the 1935 Nuremberg Laws.  Never forget that everything Hitler did was legal.

How Could the Nazis Come to Power?

I will skip the history; it is well covered in many articles on this site and others.  After WWII, many Americans wondered “How could such an advanced country like Germany, with so many patents and advanced technology be taken over by the Nazis?”  That of course was not the correct question.

tranny-clinic.jpegThe correct question was “How could an advanced country like Germany be taken over by the Jews?”  The answer is the timeless combination of war and usury that worked nearly everywhere it was tried, as well as a way of thinking that was completely foreign to the Germans.  The Nazis were a response to the Jewish takeover of Germany.   A similar process is occurring in the United States today, as well and a similar outcome should be expected.

How did this takeover occur?  Years of usury concentrated wealth in Jewish hands, which was then used to develop, control or acquire media companies, banks, manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution, and many other industries and companies.  Secret societies under Jewish control worked behind the scenes to undermine the government and culture.  Control of key positions came to the Jews in education, culture, banking, medicine – politicians of all parties were bribed and blackmailed as well.   The local culture was replaced with a new one suited to the Jews and repugnant to the natives.  

The usury money system created a self-reinforcing feedback loop like a casino with a 52% winning rate.  If you enter a casino and stay long enough, you will leave with empty pockets.  With control of interest rates and inflation, no one notices because everything seems “random”, responsibility is shifted to the innocent; played on a long enough time horizon, people forget and  the house takes all the chips even with this small margin.  It’s just math and time.  With very high interest rates and inflation (Weimar), it can happen quickly, but usually it is done slowly and behind the scenes.

Jewish Power

Rosenberg explains: “The power instinct of the Jews is therefore of a different sort than that of the ancient Romans, Alexander, Bismarck, Napoleon. He does not as a lord demand respect and obedience naturally, the Jew as a personality does not stand openly before his work, but he goes on his way through intrigue, lies, deceit and assassination, he stands as a secret assistant feeling like a communist behind all the corridors of destructive work. The entire Jewish history provides proofs thereof.”

And,  “Economically the Jew has acquired power through interest, usury, money…The breaking of the finance slavery, a means that has not succeeded for so long, is sounded today again as a battle-cry. If this could be achieved even only partially the axe would have been laid to the life-tree of the Jew.”

What nation is not today under the control of usury central banking?

Jewish Thought

Why didn’t anyone notice until it was too late?  This book is one of the few to make this point; there is a fundamental difference in the thought process between Jews and the native peoples.  The Germans just do not think the way Jews think and they don’t believe it’s even possible for anyone to think like that.  To them, that kind of thinking is inconceivable.  

Jewish thinking has led to the creation of communism, the CCP in China, usurous central banking and money, and other damaging things that have eroded traditional culture and society.  This is the main reason people have been opposed to the Jews.

Rosenberg noted this distinction, comparing Indo-European thought with Jewish thought,

“But then it is to be observed that the knowledge of the Indians arose from the longing for the interconnectedness of the universe and led to purified and symbolical knowledge, that in this way knowledge served only as a means to a goal going beyond the same. The Jew has shown throughout his history a search for knowledge in itself, avoided every metaphysical like an infectious disease, and instinctively persecuted the few exceptions who flirted with philosophy. The knowledge of the Law was for the Jew a goal in itself.”

This solipsism led to a culture unique in the world based on absolute materialism and a rigid set of laws created by man, far away from God’s Original Words.   These Laws include God’s laws for the orthodox (Torah, which is righteous) and a long tradition of oral and written laws in the Talmud, an encyclopedic collection of rabbinical understandings, some good, some very, very bad and many in conflict with the original Law of God. 


talmud-says.jpegThe Talmud are understandings of the original Law of God by regular people (rabbis).  There is some wisdom in places, but the level is limited by the absolute materialism and low mind nature of some of the writers – oftentimes passages appear to offer excuses for doing bad deeds, to put it nicely.  The Zohar and Kabbalah are even worse, they literally summon demons and are not part of the original orthodox Judaism.

For this reason, “Jewish thinking is alien to native cultures.” as Rosenberg put it.  Some Jewish moral values are repugnant to native cultures, these are fodder for memes and I won’t discuss them here.  Communism, usury banking and money, homosexuality, sexual fluidity (trans gender), pornography, and the like are Jewish concepts and go against Western traditions like Christianity.  They damage people and harm ordinary society.  Good people are naturally repelled by them.

Rosenberg points out how the thoughts of Christians are antipodal to the Jew:  

“To Abraham Geiger, one of the greatest authorities of liberal Jewry, similarly, it is not good to speak well of Christianity: "The thoughts and sentiments of Christianity are of great indistinctness, stand opposed to all popular traditions in such a way that they cannot take root in them, simple minds that deny real life, dream of an imaginary fleshless life, widen the gap between spirit and body so that they may glimpse blessedness in its destruction”.   One should read through this quote carefully, it contains in a nutshell the entire Jewish world-view.”

The Ultimate Jewish Power

What happens when Jews gain the ultimate power?  It is not a tolerant culture, according to Rosenberg:

“The significance of all democracy understood in a Jewish way, of socialism understood in a Jewish way, of freedom understood in a Jewish way, is the subjugation of all other nations, all other rights, as the Jewish law demanded it two thousand years ago, and must demand it today and in the future.”

This is the end goal, world monopoly communism run by the creators of communism and for the exclusive benefit of the Jews only.

Rosenberg concludes with a quote from Goethe, Germany’s greatest poet:  

“And here I would like to add a warning word of Goethe’s to all those who still place some value on our culture: “We tolerate no Jew among us, for how should we grant to him a share in our highest culture, whose origin and customs he disowns?”

This is why Hitler came to power and eventually why Rosenberg was put to death at Nuremberg.  Rosenberg exposed evil and was a purveyor of very powerful and dangerous ideas.   Fortunately, we can still find these books on the Internet, but you should make backup copies and store them offline.  The ADL wants to be sure you never hear about them.

Once enough people become aware of these ways of thinking, whether Jew, Gentile or any other person, they must look inside themselves and turn away from absolute materialism and towards goodness.  Good and bad people are everywhere.  There were bad Germans and bad Jews, just like there were good Germans and good Jews.  I like to think that when people are really bad, they make the good ones even better.  For the good Jews, you will need to stand up and let people know you don’t agree with the evil ideas, otherwise, you will be cast on the burnt offering (again).

The Creator is here and people are making choices.  Whether you return to your original, true self and return to tradition and Truth or go with the evil is up to you.   Good people follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.  They also stand up to evil and expose it, they never tolerate evil, they eliminate it!


Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023


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Comments for "Alfred Rosenberg- The Jewish Denial of God as Spirit"

VB said (April 11, 2023):

I am a long time reader.
Thank you for you persistence and skill in delivering the messages, evidence and data needed to fight a much accelerated war for the mind and soul.
I have the opportunity to talk to people who are just learning these things and I think; oh no, they have such a long way to go. Will they make it or get lost in the fog and gas lighting?

I gave your brilliant short piece by Alfred Rosenberg to an ex marine who has had his eyes opened I believe by the Holy Spirit.
These men are babes...they are craving food.
But just like a starved child you cannot give them a Thanksgiving dinner, but must measure their food.
If they get the fact that they must seek out God for themselves and not let false shepherd's feed them down the road to materialism and a lifeless religion, well then, there is hope.
Thanks for the April 9 piece, I sent it to two people.
Seems that the wheat growing in the field of tares is 1%.
Needles in a hay stack.
Drop of water in a lake.
Take care
Grace and peace.
Another warrior for God.

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