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Satanist Insider- "Everything's in Crash Mode"

April 25, 2023


"High-grade Freemasons will know what I mean: transgenderism is the precursor to ‘rebuilding King Solomon’s Temple’. Expect to see a lot more because Bum Sex Is Good!  "


When you're values are upside down, everything's coming up roses!


Disclaimer- Fozdyke first apprised the world of Satanic domination here 13 years ago.


The Mocking Gales of Vicious Laughter

 by AJ Fozdyke


I don’t wish to rub it in, but have your readers noticed the last US interest rate hike slowly working its way through almost all economies (especially the over-exploited countries) or the drums of war beating in China and NATO? How about inflation, businesses closing, increasingly unsafe streets, the death of the American dream and dollar, banks collapsing and home prices falling? Everything’s in crash mode. And then there’s Dylan Mulvaney!  

Regarding China, the British colony of Australia is really in a political and economic bind. A little more than a couple of years ago, the Chinese flew a hypersonic missile across Australia to show the “white trash” politicians what they could do. If any of your readers/contributors are as well connected as I am, they’ll be able to confirm this. And the Chinese are prepared to use nuclear weapons because they’ve said as much.  

Taiwan will exemplify the empty, timorous, hollow promises of terminally diseased, hypocritical, debt and guilt ridden, neutered ‘democracies’.

What would the 2000 years dead, gay guy think? And I rejoice in the desecration, vengeance and Satan’s almost manifest age. So, where’s every altar boy’s wet dream when you need him? And just as an aside, I often contemplate being at his crucifixion so I could have clenched and swung on his gonads until these came off in my bloodied hand. What a relic – Old Numb-Nuts’ numb-nuts! The sheer ecstasy of my meditative visualisations.  

‘Hail Satan! Look what I have brought Thee!’  

 Xtianity is based upon a god who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, to save humanity from himself. So, you can’t say that Xtianity isn’t god-centred, yet Jesus has caused more suffering and misery than any other entity ever! For two thousands years the tears of widows and children have been ignored by your loving deity. Then there’s the Age of Faith, better known as the Dark Ages. And I couldn’t be bothered going through a long list of faith-based, money hungry shysters, torturers and paedophiles – all in Jesus’ name.  

Years before everyone else Petor Narsagonan and I gave the world Satan’s truth and advice. Who listened? Just off the top of my head: the stratified, prison planet Chinese twenty-first century, orchestrated economic collapse, the acceptance of paedophilia, how to cure cancers, weight/purity stamped and in-your-hand silver, the Usher of Desecration opening the way for Vindex the Avenger, etc., etc. When you die and stand before Satan-Lucifer, you can’t say that He didn’t tell you through His close of the age prophets or that you didn’t know.  


vax-child-obscene.jpgAnd the sudden deaths just keep coming while the filth line up for more shots! Even when their children die, they remain compliant and grateful. Remember it’s your tax money and government. We give you what you want – always have, always will!

Our knowledge lectures state that before the beginning, there was a war that came to our planet. There was nobility, ecstasy, unimaginable cruelty and terrible suffering. The results of this war can still be found on Earth and in Heaven. The pyramids, Stonehenge and Jodhpur inter alia all bear witness to this battle. But that struggle is ending – now!  


High-grade Freemasons will know what I mean: transgenderism is the precursor to ‘rebuilding King Solomon’s Temple’. Expect to see a lot more because Bum Sex Is Good!  

Finally, as Anton Szandor LaVey stated, “Satan is the only God who cares!” His Princedom is almost here. I can feel the exhilaration, and there’s still time to make a choice – the winners or the losers? Your call. For Satan’s devotees are harvesting and directing the energies of suffering and death to His and our ends while everyone else is dancing to our tune, lost in a paralysing daydream. 



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Comments for "Satanist Insider- "Everything's in Crash Mode""

PS said (April 26, 2023):

I usually skip right past the articles written on your pages by Mr Fozdyke as they lack the distinct ring of truth and the air of authenticity one would expect from an insider but this one
peaked my interest. They say if you let the devil speak long enough he will tell you exactly who he is and what he is up to. The guy smiley mask has slipped off here big time.

"Dolling out the charm" wears thin when a man fauns all over himself to show you his true hearts intent. He is indeed working for his father the lord of lies even though he believes himself
to be putting one over on all of us. This isn't the first time he's been seen through like a cheap shirt and called out. It won't be the last. Pride and shame is an ugly combo.

Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still.
Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still.
Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still.

For any young person thinking they have something to learn from this man let me clear a few things up. Satanism is like the ultimate crypto sh!tcoin. Empty promises of riches and power from a liar who
cares nothing for you and promises you the world ( more than the Garden of Eden even ) only to disappear in a FLASH leaving you broken and bankrupt holding a worthless bag of nothing.

There is GOOD NEWS in all this.

Even a reprobate like old Fozdyke who rolls around in the pig pen eating his own vomit for fun can be forgiven if he can put aside his pride and arrogance long enough to see the
Lord for who HE is. One price for all. Time is ticking and the door is closing.

I will say a prayer tonight for the man behind this persona.

NJ said (April 26, 2023):

If Fozdyke’s God, Satan, has so much to offer humanity, and this is apparently so self-evident
to us “Xitans”, then why didn’t he reveal this
‘Epistle of Matthias’ to humanity millennia ago? My God has revealed his will to humanity in writing by way of his prophets. Fozdyke should put his money where his mouth is and reveal this Satanic holy book to us, or at least the jist
of it, if it is apparently so wonderful, and if Satan “truly cares” as he claims.

VT said (April 26, 2023):

know that Fosdyke aims to provoke. I have no issue with his taunts being aired, but even taunts need to be truthful for them to carry weight. It would be good to have an opportunity to show how many in his latest salvo are just empty and devoid of any substance.

In this regard, there are a few things that bear mentioning:

1. He talks about himself and Peter Narsagonan giving the world Satan’s “truth”. I don’t think this is anything to boast about. It would be like Ted Bundy telling us he was going to rape and murder a dozen women in the next two years, then beat his chest after doing it, saying, “Look, I gave you my truth, aren’t I amazing!”

2. While he mocks “the 2000 years dead gay guy”, he cannot bring himself to even write his name – C H R I S T. This puts the lie to his mockery. Clearly the word terrifies him. If he’s just a “2000 years dead gay guy”, how is mentioning his name going to change anything? Obviously the word is powerful, because the man who is also God who bears the name is powerful, and very much alive.

3. Satanists like Fosdyke cannot help but use sex to sell their arguments. It reinforces the recent article you reprised, “Why Cabala is Satanic”. He dives below the belt the first chance he gets, “so I could have clenched and swung on his gonads”, and “every altar boy’s wet dream”

4. His definition of Christianity is wrong. He either deliberately ignores, or is plain ignorant of Christian theology. God is a Trinity, comprised of 3 individual persons who are all distinct while at the same time in perfect communion with each other. Theologians refer to this as the “mystery” of the Trinity. It surpasses our human understanding, but will be made clear when we come before His presence after death. The upshot of this is that God did not send himself, he sent his SON, who has his own mind, his own will and is a person in his own right.

5. If God sent himself, and if Fosdyke is right about “the 2000 years dead gay guy”, then God is dead, which is obviously untrue, and Fosdyke knows this. If God is dead, then Satan already has his victory, and there’s no need to continue to plan the downfall of humanity, while boasting about it, taunting Christians and poking his finger in God’s eye. Clearly there’s a war to be won. It ain’t over by a long shot. Fosdyke and the Devil know that.

6. God sent his Son to be sacrificed to save humanity from its sin, NOT from God. This is a lie. The wages of sin is death. The wages of God is everlasting life.

7. Lastly, “for two thousand years the tears of widows and children have been ignored by your loving deity”. How does this make any sense with his earlier description of “the 2000 years dead gay guy”? If the guy is dead, how can he be expected to hear the widows and children? Or is Fosdyke just having a sadistic laugh at the widows and children who were crying to a dead God? No, rather, Fosdyke knows that Christ is alive, that God is not dead. Fosdyke is jeering at us for believing in a God who allows suffering in this fallen world. Clearly God allows suffering. He allowed his Son to suffer and die. But he raised him on the third day, and we will rise from our suffering too, like Christ, to eternal life, because that is literally what being a Christian is – to follow Christ. The Devil and his acolytes like Fosdyke, want us to lose hope, to discard the only lifeline we have to ensure our place in Heaven, the place that they forsook and can never regain.

In fits of manic rage and furious frustration, they will lash out to the last, and in that there is no surprise at all in Fosdyke’s “revelations”. It is only to be expected.

Stand firm in Christ, do not be afraid, never lose hope.

AJF Reply to below said (April 26, 2023):

“I hate reading [Aloysius James Fozdyke’s] articles. He’s an idiot.” Al Thompson

Well Al, don’t read my articles. How simple is that? Your problem will be solved.

Marc’s and RO’s ‘understandings’ come from reading the scribblings of semi-literate goat herders who didn’t know where the Sun went at night. The Xtian canon was established by the church and it wasn’t fully declared until the Council of Trent (I think). Many books, such as the books of Enoch and the Epistle of Matthias were excluded. Very few have access to the Matthias document as it was obtained by my Teacher from the Philippines, decades ago.

We use Xtain teachings – pay, obey, pray – and churches to further our agenda. And according to those sickening teachings, the vast majority will end up in Hell, although that’s not true. It’s more complicated than that. But assuming it was true, and most of humanity do go to Hell, what kind of sick deity do you worship?

I will be with my God, Satan-Lucifer for I will walk in His World and with His Bride, Baphomet. I will become a God! I have gifted Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians to be slaves in the new Chinese empire. With technology and by the inherent weakness of Xtian “white trash” the Chinese Empire could last millennia. I have no fear, unlike Xtains. I have both secured and know my destiny! We will win! Satan loves me!

Marc said (April 25, 2023):

Finally I did crack the code with this creature called aj fozdyke. As their own teachings saying "As above so below" and understanding that his writings comes so entertaining. We just need to turn his words 180 decrees then we understand what he really says, Yahweh and Yeshua are The King of the kings.
His Bum sex writings feels so good !! )))

RO said (April 25, 2023):

I like when Fozdyke posts on your site. What he fails to grasp along with the dispensationalist clown church is that Christ died was was raised from the dead to his former glory as deity in Genesis

1. He was the one who was created in the image and likeness of God on the sixth day of creation of which we are still in. If you read the account in Genesis 2 it clearly shows that the Adam in the garden was created on the 3rd day.

Christ set up a spiritual kingdom and in every generation there are those that believe and are saved by having a relationship under the terms of the new covenant.

When Vindex does come Christ will come shortly thereafter, II Thessalonians 2. That’s when Fozdyke and his ilk will get the big Salami.

Al Thompson said (April 25, 2023):

Where did you find this douche bag? He’s the ultimate asshole who enjoys the pain of others. I hate reading his articles. He’s an idiot.

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