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Mike Stone- Expand Boycotts to all Woke Companies

April 26, 2023

Larry Fink - "At Blackrock we are forcing behavior to change." 
The reason all companies sing from the same
tranny-Ukraine-covidhoax hymn book
is that they are all controlled by the satanist Jewish
Rothschild world central banking cartel
that seeks to enslave and dispossess humanity.
Our feckless ancestors gave them our national credit cards
and they used them to buy everyone and everything
using cutouts.  Now they have us by the short hairs.
by Mike Stone
Have you ever sparred in the ring? If so, then you know when you have an opponent on the ropes, you don't let up. You go for the knockout.
Now that we've seen the power of what a boycott of Bud Light can do, let's keep it coming. Let's go for the knockout. 
To stop now, to let up in even the slightest way would be the worst tactical mistake we could make; the absolute wimpiest response possible. The time to go on the offensive is NOW, while the enemy is on the ropes.
boycott-fox.gifLet's boycott all of Tranheuser Busch's products.
That includes Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. That stadium seats 44,494 people. Let them fill it with trannies. And if they can't do that, let them go broke.
Boycott all of Busch's soft drinks. Never buy another product they make, not now, not ever.
They've put their cards on the table. They've shown you what they think of you and the future they want for your children. Are you going to let them weasel their way back into your life, or are you going to be a man and stand up?
While you're boycotting the Cardinals, boycott all of professional sports. They put their cards on the table too. They showed you during the riots of 2019-2020 whose side they were on - the side of the rioters and looters. They choose violent looters over you, the customer. How does that make you feel? Are you too much of a wimp to not get mad about that and stop watching their games?
If you don't get on board with a full and total boycott of Tranheuser Busch and all of professional sports then you are just the wimpiest, most pathetic person imaginable. Stay home with the women and trannies. Let the men do the boycotting.
For everyone else, everyone with an ounce of self-respect, your time is now. If you fail to act, you may not get another chance. 
I, Commander McMike, am calling you up for duty. I'm mobilizing you on the front line. This is your last chance to show these bastards that you got a pair. From this point on, your new theme song is "Keep It Comin Love" by KC & the Sunshine Band:

(Corporate America is Commie because it is controlled by the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel)
Keep that boycott coming. Don't let up under any circumstances. Get everyone you can onboard the bandwagon. All soft drinks, all beer (liquid estrogen), all professional sports. If you can't do that, if you can't boycott soft drinks, beer, and sports, then you are just the biggest pussy in the world. I don't want anything to do with you ever again.
For everyone else, for every patriot, for every God-fearing, America-loving person reading this, I salute you. I'm behind you 100% in the easiest and most productive war you'll ever fight. No one is asking you to protest, no one is demanding you march in the street, all you have to do is stop spending your money with the very people who are ruining and destroying the country. How easy is that?
At the same time, your actions will be the deciding factor in whether we turn this mess around or whether we succumb to a nation of looters, rioters, and trannies on our beer cans.
Keep it coming, love . . . Don't stop it now, don't stop it ever . . .
Keep that Boycott coming.
Mike Stone is the author of Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right available here: and the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.





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Comments for "Mike Stone- Expand Boycotts to all Woke Companies "

Art said (April 27, 2023):

It's a shame we cannot confront the LG beast directly, instead of destroying businesses that employ Americans in what can be called a depression. After Bud is gone .. the beast will move to the next traditional bastion of masculinity to start the process over again.

I don't believe for one minute that a successful business goes woke because they think it will bring more profits. They are being blackmailed, one by one, by the idiot Schwab and his Great Reset weirdos. Before their new world can be realized, the previous one must be disposed of (and it looks like we may be helping them do it).

LF said (April 27, 2023):

Good Bye Budweiser, forever. To any thing associated with you.

Lets get behind this. Follow the lead. Send them a signal, that they will never forget. Push this shit on us, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET

I have poured out 6 remaining cans. Crushed the empties, and thrown them out. Never to be recycled again.

Brian said (April 26, 2023):

Yes, we vote with our dollar. I don't drink soda nor beer. and I don't watch TV sports, all things that are destroying American males. The Protocols have spelled it out, And their(jewish) media has pushed this insane wokeness that helps nobody but the mentally ill.
Gott Mit Uns!

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