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Mike Stone - Pentagon Leaker is a National Hero!

April 15, 2023


When your country has been

subverted by traitors

(globalists, satanists, communists, perverts and criminals,)

when your elections are fixed,

and your courts are corrupt,

"treason" is an act of Patriotism.








by Mike Stone



Can someone answer a question for me?

Why is Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, regarded as a hero by the mainstream press, while recently accused Jack Teixeira, who basically did the same thing as Ellsberg, is flagged as a heinous criminal?

Pentagon-Papers-Charges-Dismissed-Zinn-Education-Project1-335x237.jpgThe Pentagon Papers is the United States Department of Defense history of our country's involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. It apparently details illegal actions by our military in Vietnam. When Ellsberg leaked the document, it was reported on the front page of The New York Times as if he were a whistle-blowing hero.









Jack Teixeira allegedly leaked a similar document regarding our country's involvement in the military conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. Like the Pentagon Papers, the information Teixeira allegedly leaked shows illegal actions by our military in the Ukraine. Only Teixeira's treatment by the media is the exact opposite of how Ellsberg was treated. Not only that, but apparently it was the New York Times - the same paper that heralded Ellsberg as a hero - who outed and identified Teixeira. They had his house staked out before the Feds even arrived.

Perhaps the nature of the two military conflicts that inspired Ellsberg and Teixeira to leak the documents they did holds a clue to the difference. Vietnam actually began as a noble effort on our side to stop the spread of communism. It quickly devolved into our country's usual style of warfare, which is to target civilians. But when it began, it fit the definition of a just war.

treason-doth-never-prosper-what-s-the-reason-why-when-it-prospers-none-dare-call-it-john-harington-52-50-14.jpgIn the case of Russia's military conflict with the Ukraine, there doesn't seem to be anything just about our involvement at all. So the guy who leaked info about our involvement in what started out as a just war is regarded as a hero. But the other guy who allegedly leaked info regarding our unjust involvement in a war is a criminal.

Can someone explain the difference?

According to Fox News, the info that Teixeira allegedly leaked indicates we have United States military personnel on the ground in the Ukraine engaging the Russian military. Think about that. It means we are literally in a shooting war with a super power that happens to have the world's largest nuclear arsenal. And it's being done without a declaration of war. That makes it a crime! And it makes Teixeira a hero if he did leak the information.

Since when is reporting a crime not a heroic act? Isn't that what we're taught in school - if you see something say something, if you witness a crime, report it.

Imagine if this happened under a Trump presidency. It wouldn't happen under Trump, but imagine if it did. There would be screaming outrage from every facet of the mainstream media. There would be calls for impeachment, calls for Trump's arrest. The talking heads on television would be apoplectic in their sputtering rage. And rather than being the ones to out Teixeira and call him a criminal, the New York Times would throw him a ticker tape parade down 5th Avenue.

What we're witnessing is an entirely hypocritical and pathetic response from the Fake News media. It's a typical response from them, yet still vomit-inducing. They denigrate what is good (reporting a crime), while lauding what is bad (an unjust arrest).


(left, what treason actually looks like)


Jack Teixeira sounds like an American patriot. He was witness to actual war crimes being committed, so he alerted others. Maybe he should have went to his commanding officer and followed up through the chain of command. Maybe he tried and got nowhere. Maybe he's not guilty at all. It seems a little suspect that an Air National Guardsman was privy to the info he allegedly leaked.

Nick Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse were two clean, upstanding young men, doing nothing wrong, yet slandered and ridiculed by the Fake News media. That same lying media then took it on the chin over their treatment of these two outstanding citizens.

Could Jack Teixeira be next? If he did reveal war crimes being committed, he deserves a medal, not confinement. The Fake News media might just end up eating their words again over their treatment of him.



Mike Stone is the author of Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right available here: and Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America.



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Comments for "Mike Stone - Pentagon Leaker is a National Hero!"

DB said (April 15, 2023):

Here is a different opinion

Leaked Docs - What's the Truth? - Larry Johnson

George said (April 15, 2023):

I always consult the yardstick of unacceptable damage. The damage in this material was enormous. It was too much, IMHO, to use as a ploy by our intelligence community. I can tell you for a fact that lots of people have access to highly classified material who are not safe from the point of view of the gangsters.

RH said (April 15, 2023):

When this story came out, I admit I didn't believe it as presented and still have doubts.

CBS News: "It alleges that Teixeira, who held a top security clearance and sensitive compartmented access, obtained the sensitive government documents that were ultimately reposted on the internet in February 2023, according to logs kept by the federal government."

Other info on the suspect:

Massachusetts Air National Guard
Making sure the underlying infrastructure of this network is operating properly is the responsibility of Cyber Transport Systems specialists.
His stepfather retired after 34 years of military service.

It just seems a bit of a reach that a 21 year old National Guard member would have access to high level secrets. If so, our government is more incompetent than can be imagined.

I wouldn't know the real story, but this one needs more work to convince me.

KS said (April 15, 2023):

Regarding the question by Mike Stone - Can someone answer a question for me? To me the Jack Teixera exposure seems to be a classic limited hangout OP by the CIA, in their efforts to take back the control of the US foreign policy from the Khazarian ruled State Dept, and also get an end of the proxy war against Russia. American historian Webster Tarpley wrote an article in 2013 about limited hangouts, that can answer Stone's question.

Snowden CIA Shill? How to identifiy a CIA limited hangout op?



You're dreaming in technicolor. The CIA is an arm of the Khazarian Mafia


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