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Matrix Hacker - Incestuous Breeding: The Underbelly of Hollywood

April 30, 2023




Ashton Kutcher is the secret son

of his ex-wife Demi Moore

and her ex-boyfriend Anthony Kiedis.

Ashton was born on February 7, 1978

when Moore and Kiedis atended the

same high school.



(Makow disclaimer- I reserve judgment)



By Matrix Hacker


     The Hollywood/Cabalist breeding program is a vast operation that uses the making of Hollywood movies, television shows, celebrity marriages, and celebrity “dating” as cover for the secret breeding of future celebrities. 

Typically, these children are adopted into unrelated families composed of individuals who have also been bred by and born into the Satanic cult and possess similar looks to the children.  The purpose of baby switching is twofold in that it conceals the true bloodlines of celebrities from the public and facilitates incestuous breeding between secret half siblings and parents and children.  

     Baby switching is a Satanic ritual and the mechanism through which the natural human aversion to incest is circumvented.  This ritual sets the stage for inevitable manipulation of the sexually of celebrities who are delayed in meeting their true relatives until they become fertile.  Incestuous breeding is valued within the Satanic cult because it reduces its gene pool which accentuates desirable genes, inhibits undesirable genes, and results in offspring who often possess outstanding looks.     

     Because we have entered the occult times known as Revelation of the Method, a mind boggling amount of clues have been provided to the public to allow us to “wake up” to who secretly bred who in the world of celebrity.  Michael J. Fox was born on June 9, 1961 and is the secret son of Michael Douglas.  One clue is that both stars are named Michael.  Another clue is that when Michael Douglas starred with Annette Bening in the 1995 film The American President, Michael J. Fox also played a supporting role in the film.  

fox-douglas.jpgAnd yet another clue is that Michael J. Fox played the role of the favorite nephew of the character played by his grandfather Kirk Douglas in the 1994 film Greedy.  Michael J. Fox was bred by Michael Douglas when he was sixteen years old which is the age at which males who are born into the Satanic cult typically start breeding.  Lea Thompson was born nine days before Michael J. Fox and they starred together in the 1985 film Back to the Future.  In this film, Lea Thompson plays the mother of Michael J. Fox which is a clue that they related in real life.  

     Lea’s given name is an inversion of the last three letters of Michael (AEL) which is a clue that she is also a secret child of Michael Douglas.  Esoterically, Back to the Future graphically reveals the Satanic method of turning human sexuality against nature and inverting it for incestuous breeding purposes.  In this film, Michael J. Fox is transported from the 1980’s to the 1950’s and he then enters the home of his grandparents.  His teenaged mother rapidly becomes irresistibly attracted to him because they are genetically similar, her biological imperative is to bond with him, she has never met him before, and they are both are fertile.  

     This magnetic attraction manifests through her compulsion to make sexual overtures toward her son.  Michael J. Fox experiences an equal and opposite repulsion to his mother’s advances because he was raised by her and, therefore, she is familiar to him.  Once she becomes fixated on her secret son, his central obligation becomes redirecting her sexual longing onto his father. Restoring right relations among his family is the only means by which he can atone for his sin of meddling with destiny and succeeding in this endeavor earns his salvation as his reward.   

     Back to the Future was released on July 3, 1985.  English actress Carey Mulligan was born on May 28, 1985 and was bred by Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson during the making of the film.  Mulligan’s full name is Carey Hannah Mulligan and encoded into this name is the given name of her secret father and grandfather, Michael.  Another clue is that Mulligan was selected to play the role of the daughter of Gordon Gekko, played by her grandfather Michael Douglas, in the 2010 movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  

     Jeanne Tripplehorn was born on June 10, 1963 and was bred by Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant during the making of the movie Charade which was released on December 5, 1963.  Clues that Tripplehorn is the true daughter of Hepburn are that both of their surnames end in RN and five of the seven letters in Hepburn are encoded into Tripplehorn.  A clue that Tripplehorn is the true daughter of Cary Grant is that she acted alongside her paternal half brother, Kelsey Grammer, in a 2003 episode of Frasier entitled Trophy Girlfriend in which Grammer has a crush on Tripplehorn and dates her.  The making of this episode provided cover for their incestuous breeding.

     Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960 and was bred by Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr during the making of The Grass is Greener which was released on December 23, 1960.  As a clue, Cary Grant and Hugh Grant have the same last name.  The co-writer for the screenplay for The Grass is Greener was named Hugh Williams and Hugh Grant’s given name was chosen for him as a clue that this movie provided cover for his secret breeding. Another clue that Hugh Grant is the secret son of Cary Grant is that he starred with his half sister Jeanne Tripplehorn in the 1999 film Mickey Blue Eyes which provided cover for their incestuous breeding.  

     Ashton Kutcher is the secret son of his ex-wife Demi Moore and her ex-boyfriend Anthony Kiedis.  As a clue, the names that were chosen for Ashton Kutcher and Anthony Kiedis contain identical initials (AK).  In her 2019 memoir, Demi Moore claimed that she and Anthony Kiedis attended the same Southern California high school at the same time and that they were in the same grade but they never met one another until decades later when they were both famous. This narrative is misleading because their son Ashton was born on February 7, 1978 when Moore and Kiedis were both in high school.

     Demi Moore and Anthony Kiedis began “dating” one another in 2002.  Esoterically, this relationship was orchestrated to reveal to the public that they had bred a secret celebrity together.  Demi Moore is the secret daughter of Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint who starred together in the 1960 film Exodus.  Paul Newman was the product of incestuous breeding between Charlie Chaplin and Chaplin’s secret daughter Paulette Goddard.

     According to the official narrative, Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher began dating in 2003 and Moore quickly became pregnant by him only to miscarry a girl six months later whom they posthumously named Chaplin.  This narrative is clearly misleading for two reasons.  One is that  celebrity births occur at six months gestation through Caesarian section.  The other is that false narratives are created claiming that celebrities suffered miscarriages because doing so is an effective means of concealing bloodlines from the public.  

     Despite the false elements, the narrative conveys valuable information to seekers of truth.  The narrative covertly affirms that Moore and Kuchner bred a secret celebrity together, it reveals that their child is a girl, and offers a clue that Moore and Kuchner are carriers of Charlie Chaplin’s bloodline.  


Asked MH to confirm AK married to his mother?

Yes.  He was made to marry his mother so the whole world would know they were an "official couple" which shows us the truth which is that they were chosen for secret incestuous breeding because the Cabal wanted to blend their particular genes for some unknown desired outcome.  We are made to "see" what Satanists do in order for us to figure out that there is something strange going on around us that we must wake up to.

The Cabal is pushing us to wake up to social reality big time which requires us to wake up to the reality of how life operates within the Satanic cult which infects our cult-ure in a way that is contrary to our way of life. Getting us to wake up is the true esoteric goal of the Cabal.  They don't really plan to kill us all or we'd we dead by now.  

The transgenderism and sexual grooming of children in the schools is one way they make life intolerable for us so we will be motivated to provide push back by waking up to their Satanic way of life which they increasingly impose on us.  The Cabal needs and wants us to push back or our way of life will become exactly like that of Satanists but with none of the perks.  

Esoterically, Revelation of the Method is not  about getting our consent for Satanists to destroy us.  They are showing us their social reality because they are trying and ready to repent from their way of life so the natural order among all humans can be righfully restored harmoniously in accordance with nature. But they can't do it without our permission.  We hold the power to end their shit show and they are powerless on this one.

Satanists are our slaves and must keep their amazing show going as long as we allow them to.  That they are more powerful than us in the ways that matter most is the biggest inversion of truth that they have going.  I'm trying to use my esoteric knowledge to facilitate the harmonizing of human relations by bringing truth into awareness. 



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Comments for "Matrix Hacker - Incestuous Breeding: The Underbelly of Hollywood"

LS said (May 1, 2023):

he English actress Carey Mulligan I believe is the daughter of Sean Connery.

Her face, and then especially the way the muscles of her facial mimic are moving is so totally similar to ‘sir’ Connery.

I think that the mother could be the English Linsey de Paul, a successful seventies singer/songwriter from Dutch Jewish desent. An artist and producer that pushed the pop music agenda of the hedonistic life.

When the Hollywood top-satanists have a well respected actor in their midst, this actor is being acknowledged by secret breeding parties as a kind of trophy, I guess.

MP said (May 1, 2023):

Not sure I buy Matrix Hacker's optimistic interpretation that the cabal is really trying to enlighten us. However, I find his suggested blood relations quite credible. One really only needs to search up some photographs of the names he mentions and compare them -- in most cases, the family resemblance is quite noticeable.

Reader said (April 30, 2023):

Thanks again for these- I know they r probably too much for some people but i find them absolutely stunning. It’s incredible to consider that these “members” of the elite (admittedly really just tools) are potentially subjected to such horrific treatment like they were prized racehorses. We think we r treated badly by the satanists (and we are), but this is so horrific that it makes our poor brainwashed/broken families feel like fairy tale royalty. Those that serve the devil will suffer big time for it no matter how high up they seem! It’s no wonder their personal lives always seem like a mess.

And you are a great writer- your instructions on being short and concise are spot on. Can tell you were a literature (or English?) prof! I enjoy the break from the reality doomsday news provided by Matrix Hacker.

It’s so lonely to understand reality, because no one i know is willing to acknowledge it, tolerate discourse about it, or even consider its horrific possibilities. Even just reading your site every day helps to ease that strain.

Thanks, thanks, & thanks again!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at