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Are Jews "Good for the Jews"?

April 7, 2023

Luciferian-Jewish-Credo1.jpg("Good for the Jews"   as in reflects positively on Jews in general )
Got this today from a longtime Jewish correspondent and historical revisionist-
"We both had Jewish mothers. We are both aware of the world’s villains. When you label Jews, satanic, you imperil nice people, like me. You also endanger nice people like my kids and my grandkids (who aren’t satanic btw) and thousands of grandmas who make delicious chicken noodle soup. Do you have grandkids, Henry? (Hitler didn’t, that’s why THEY used him as the ruse to protect their identities.) I remember being caught in a school lockdown while visiting my grandkids school for a play. It was a Jewish school. Jewish schools must have security guards at the door. As do synagogues on Sabbath and holidays. We both know that bad people who call themselves Jews do bad things, like genocide. Nice Jews wind up paying for it. Those that survive, live in fear. The word “Jew” is like the word “people”. There are wonderful ones, mediocre ones, and horrible ones. I have dedicated my life to identifying the horrible ones that are above the law and get away scot-free for murdering millions - both Jews and non-Jews. It wouldn’t suck if you would differentiate the culprits from the victims. This may make you appear soft in the eyes of those of your readers who have been cultivated by indiscriminate hatred, however you won’t appear to be a click whore to those of us who know the difference between the perpetrators and the victims. I’m sure you have an answer to put me in my place…let it rip.

 I make that distinction all the time. In fact I am proof that all Jews are not Satanists. But Jews  are too brainwashed to see  that I am actually fighting anti semitism.

This is from the article currently on my homepage. An apology is in order.

"Ordinary Jews can't believe it because they are not Satanists. But many Cabalist Jews are. They have the money, comprise the secret leadership, and manipulate the rest.  Trachtenberg was a Reform Rabbi for 30 years. His portrait gazes down on his personal library housed at Temple Emeth in Teaneck NJ.
He is one of many decent Jews like my former self who have been used as dupes and shills for the Illuminati under the aegis of communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, Zionism, neoconservatism and "gay rights."
In the eyes of Jewish dupes, antisemitism is not caused by the sociopathic Communist Satanic agenda of Organized Jewry which includes fake pandemics, lockdowns, toxic "vaccines," gender bending in schools, migration, miscegenation, and gratuitous wars that may become nuclear. It is caused by me for pointing this out.  Organized Jewry has been waging a genocidal war on Western civilization for centuries and ordinary Jews don't believe it or care that this puts them in jeopardy.
Antisemitism is caused by the fact that 98% participate or acquiesce in the evil agenda of Organized Jewry and only a handful of Jews speak out against it.
"Is Henry Makow "Good for the Jews?"
Updated from June 1, 2022
by Henry Makow PhD
Occasionally, I get email saying I must be a liar because all Jews are liars.
I am an ethnic Jew but I have exposed Judaism as a satanic sex cult (Cabalism) masquerading as a religion.
So, I don't identify as a "Jew." 
In order of priority, I identify with
1. God (spiritual ideals like Love, Beauty, Justice and Truth)
2. Humanity
3. Christian civilization.
4. Other ethnic (not religious) Jews
I am "good for the Jews."  I prove objective honest Jews do exist. We want to assimilate and work for the common good.

I have done "more good for the Jews" than any other Jew alive.
There is only Brother Nathaniel to challenge me.
We stand in the "honest Jew" tradition of Benjamin Freedman, Myron Fagan, Israel Shahak, Alan Brownfeld, Israel Shamir, Henry Klein and Alfred Lilienthal. 
Got an email from my sister who mercifully stopped reading my site, but knows it's antisemitic.
She wanted me to watch a video which is exemplary of the ways Jews like my sister and my wife think.
Essentially it is a Jewish attempt to disparage and discredit tragic political reality by dismissing it as "conspiracy theories" and prejudice which harm the societies that embrace it. Very slick.
goldman-destruction.jpg(Left, The Masonic Jewish conspiracy is responsible for 90% of mankind's troubles.)
The tragic political truth is that your corrupt goy ancestors gave our national credit cards to satanist (Masonic) Jewish bankers who maxed them out buying everyone and everything.  They bought the mass media and manipulate everyone, Jew and non-Jew alike, with lies like we see in the video.
Making an Illuminati hand sign, the speaker says people become obsessed with "scapegoating Jews" rather than addressing their real problems.
You'll have to watch the rest yourself because I find it unbearable. Lies are powerful and these are toxic. Like wading in a sewer. Commie Jews specialize in lies. Cabalism is a psychopath's solipsism.
Their age-old strategy is to conflate legitimate resistance to Jewish banker control with Jews in general.  Thus they deflect attention from the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) conspiracy (which should be obvious to all by now,) by depicting it as "prejudice."
The satanist bankers are expanding their monopoly over credit into a monopoly over literally EVERYTHING - material. mental and spiritual.
The issue isn't Jews in general but the Communist minority, a termite infestation who like many non-Jewish Freemasons serve this agenda which is devouring America and the world today. Think WEF, UN, WHO, Climate change, CRT, BLM, Climate change, gender dysphoria, Demonrats etc..

 Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult, that first inducted Jews and Freemasons, and through central banking and fiat currency, inducted much of the human race, with some conscious God-fearing people like us resisting as best we can.
This is not a racial or religious issue. The Rothschilds installed a faux political class of Gentile Freemasons, traitors, opportunists, criminals and perverts.
The issue is the Communist conspiracy to enslave and dispossess mankind. not racial or religious prejudice.
The issue is God Versus Satan.
Jewish or not, the globalists represent Satan.
Cabalism is Jewish but most Jews, like Gentiles, are clueless, cowardly conformists, not conscious Satanists.
We are all in death struggle with Pure Evil.
Am I "good for the Jews?"   Absolutely!
Related - This is an excellent video on the connection between Masonry and Judaism. 

The Satanic doctrine in Freemasonry

Makow - Why I Remain "Jewish"
My grandparents were killed by the Nazis because the Jewish bankers put the Nazis in power to destroy the Old Order and establish Israel.
I don't want my fellow Jews and non-Jews to suffer a similar fate due to the bankers' latest machinations. Ordinary Jews are not human shields for the bankers. The bankers foster antisemitism to deflect blame from them onto Jews in general.
If you appreciate my work, please support Brother Nathaniel

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Comments for "Are Jews "Good for the Jews"? "

J said (April 8, 2023):

Henry, there is zero reason why you, as a jew, need to defend yourself. You do/ have done more trying to awake Jews and non Jews about international Jewish power than most of the so called truthers on the internet. It's said that most Jews chose to get along and cry "antisemitism" when someone dare to speak about Jewish power and behaviour.

The video you linked from Christopher Jon Bjerknes called 'Ungodly New Jerusalem in Ukraine the kabbalah of WWIII' is the best and most important information about the war in Ukraine and should be shared on every platform. The world's a Jewish stage and also Putin is on it. Besides the staged war he is fully on board with the covid scam and the agenda 2030 goals, like 15 minute cities, digital enslavement etc.

ML said (June 1, 2022):

Looked at the video your sister sent you, twice. It seems incredibly "meh!"

It doesn't make any strong statement of defence for the Jews other than the argument for other people's financial well-being when they are around! That to me is very lame and off-putting..surely there are other and better reasons we should want the Jewish people as neighbors and friends!

Are there no arguments in defense of the Jewish people other than this one?

Surely, Henry, they could come up with something better than this!

MM said (May 31, 2022):

Henry Makow is good for humanity. He is a hoot!

He is also steadfast, consistent and extremely fair. He has made his mark on his generation and all around the earth. We know him by the earnestness of his position which never fails to be a trustworthy one. He lists on his site the best possible links for further, corroborating information. His is the first website and practically the only one I tap into each day for a beacon of truth into the issues of our day. I know that Henry will not steer me wrong! He remains sane in a world gone far amok and awry; not an easy thing to do! He has a sense of what is right and good and can and does handily expose the fraudulent and the ridiculous of our times.

G said (May 31, 2022):

Any who do not understand about the "handful" of good Jews are themselves programmed and shortsighted. If ever the "know them by
their fruits" directive were necessary, it is in this context. I just hope more of "the handful" speak up and join all who want a world free of evil. You've given them a model to go on. Thanks, Henry. Got your back, brother.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at