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Have 400 Million Chinese Been Wiped Out?

April 30, 2023


Reports of a mass die-off in China

Many with family and friends in China understand that the state of public health is very bad.
Private individuals in Beijing have stated that anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of people died in the city in a short period of time last winter.
In some cases, almost entire families have been wiped out. A Chinese-American said on Voice of America that he lost five relatives in eight days in China. Another report came from Bao Jian, the daughter of the well-known CCP secretary Bao Tong who passed away at the end of November 2022.
She said on January 13 that she had lost 17 close friends and relatives in the recent past, something that could not happen in a thousand years she meant. She claimed that hundreds of thousands of people had died in Beijing recently and received a response from another critic who said she was too conservative and that the death toll was over a million in Beijing alone.
Recently, the founder of Falun Gong, Master Li Hongzhi spoke about the real death toll in China. During the last three years when Covid-19 and related diseases have been ravaging, according to his assumption, 400 million Chinese have died in the epidemic.
It is predicted that another 100 million Chinese will die before the epidemic ends, which in any case means that a third of China's population will be wiped out. This may sound like pure fantasy based on the CCP's lies, but we try to keep a completely open mind. The first thing that strikes one is that if the truth even comes close to these numbers, it is the biggest news in world history.
At the same time, we see that the MSM has not acknowledged China's death toll. Back in 2021, it was said by China's Yu Fuxian, an internationally recognized demographer, that China's population had dropped to 1.28 billion in 2020 after the first shock wave of Covid-19 in 2019-2020. This figure suggests that China lost about 150 million inhabitants in the first year of the health disaster.
A hacker calling himself "Chinadan" obtained the personal data of 970 million Chinese people through a data breach at Alibaba cloud and tried to sell the data online in the summer of 2022. He offered 750,000 random identities to interested parties who could verify the authenticity of the data. The Wall Street Journal tested the authenticity of a number of statements and all of them were correct. "New evidence compiled by cybersecurity experts points to the database's authenticity," the Wall Street Journal said. Since the database basically contained the information of all ordinary (ie those who do not have a secret identity) Chinese, the database indicates that China's population was about one billion at that time (around June 2022).
Chinese Epoch Times has done a thorough investigation of Chinadan's database and also investigated China's population numbers from a number of different angles and with statistical calculations that seem very reasonable. Their conclusion is that the "China Dance" database is genuine and that China's population was indeed around one billion around June 2022. Since then, many more people have died in China which would indicate that the population is well below one billion at present.
Another source is Guo Wengui, the Chinese billionaire and dissident in the United States who was recently arrested under mysterious circumstances by the FBI. It is said that the CCP controlled the FBI to arrest him and it doesn´t seem like a farfetched conclusion given all that he said about the CCP and its leaders. Indeed, he claimed last fall that China's population at the time was just under a billion, according to his intelligence sources. Normally, Wengui makes spectacular statements and quite often they come true after a few years. Wengui also claimed that 29 million Chinese died in the latest epidemic around the turn of the year.
If the death toll is even close to what is indicated by these sources, the Chinese have just suffered by far the greatest disaster in world history, which calls for reflection.
The question is, will the rest of the world survive this disaster in China unscathed? Basically all the governments of the world have cooperated with the CCP since its seizure of power in 1951 and although there have been occasional complaints about the CCP and their lack of human rights, nothing has been done in practice to oppose the CCP's economic and power political expansion throughout the world.
The focus has been on completely different things than criticizing the world's largest regime. Today we see a lot of focus on criticism of Putin while our governments continue mass manufacturing in China which is Russia's economic backbone.
After all, the CCP is on the ropes because they have Chinese and much of the international public opinion against them. They need a war (Taiwan?) and they need to divert attention from their huge problems in the country. When will the truth be revealed about China? Time gives all the answers and I believe the best we can do at this point is to have an open mind and try to do well in our personal lives.

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First Comment from CK


 This article is correct, 400m were killed in China and another 100m will die before this "CCP Virus" epidemic runs its course.

it's basically what Epoch Times reported and it matches up with my Chinese sources info, as well.

Most people I share this information with don't (want to) believe it.  They don't think it's possible to hide that many deaths, but here is some additional info:

-Would the CCP (or most governments) who intentionally poisoned their own people try to hide the crime?  YES.  They have been murdering people for decades.

-400m people in China had dumb phones, prior to the pandemic.  Today, 974m people in China have smartphones, which matches the "Alibaba files" mentioned in the article.  The dumb phone users are all gone.  You can't leave your building, go to the store or travel without a smartphone in China and the entire social credit system is built around your smartphone.  A friend with connections in intelligence told me when the pandemic began "those people being welded in their apartments are all dumb phone users".  If you don't want to upgrade to the "spy phone" they basically killed you.

-It's not hard for the CCP to map who is connected to whom using on street cameras and phone tracking of calls, messages and locations.  The homeless, people living remotely and estranged from family are easy to target.  "You don't miss what you don't know".

-Fakebook has been caught running accounts of people who died, even "aging" photos of members with AI imaging tech, project "Lazarus".  The AI is now so good, it can scan your posts, images and videos, take a 15 second recording of your voice and create new posts, answer the phone convincingly, etc.  Proof of life now has a new meaning, do not trust phone calls or internet posts, they can be easily faked.

Conclusion:  A lot of people were genocided in China.  The CCP has a long history of mass murdering anyone who won't go along with their programs, before the scamdemic, they murdered at least 60m and up to 80m in a series of campaigns.  Falun Gong have been persecuted since 1999 for meditating.  The new Cabalist/WEF program will take world population down to 1B and they are well on their way to that goal.

What's to say mass murder wasn't committed on other countries like the USA or EU?  This is a world wide operation by the Satanist Cabal.






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