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Martin Bormann -- Nazis Supplied Uranium for US Atom Bombs

April 14, 2023

Left, U234 surrendering to USS Sutton May 14, 1945, for escort to Portsmouth NH. The transport sub carried enriched uranium and other advanced Nazi technology.
More evidence that World War Two was a charade designed to kill goyim and destroy their nations..
Sealed in cylinders "lined with gold," was 1,120 pounds of enriched uranium labeled "U235" the fissile material from which atom bombs are made. The book Critical Mass documents how these Nazi bomb components were then used by the Manhattan Project to complete both the uranium bomb dropped on Hiroshima and the plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki.
from Oct 10, 2019
by Henry Makow PhD

Martin Bormann arranged for the transfer of advanced Nazi technology to the US at the conclusion of WW2. This is additional


proof that Martin Bormann was an Illuminati agent and WW2 was a charade.

 Bormann was a Cabalist banker agent who subverted the Nazi war effort. Hitler protected him. Both men were German traitors.
World War Two was contrived to destroy the Old Order and make way for the New. The Illuminati sacrificed 60 million people to their god Satan.  Mankind is satanically possessed by Cabalism. 
The technology transfer was revealed in the book Critical Mass (1998) by Carter Hydrick. The book has largely been ignored because of its inconvenient truth. Also, Hydrick, a meticulous researcher, did not highlight the significance of his findings as I have. Instead, he focused on the details of US atomic bomb production, Bormann's movements, the U-234 logbook, etc. to prove his case. 


Kirkus provides an excellent summary of Hydrick's book: 
A radically revisionist look at the race for the atomic bomb during World War II.
"According to conventionally accepted history, the United States was the first country to invent an atomic bomb and, as a result, won the war against the Axis powers. However, author Hydrick argues that the U.S. government was actually unable to produce either enough enriched uranium or the trigger mechanism necessary for a fully functional device. 
Furthermore, he says, Hitler's Germany did have enough bomb-grade uranium but ultimately made a calculated decision that it wasn't in its best interest to use it, as it would have risked the equivalent of $2 billion on what was at best a Hail Mary pass. 
Instead, the author writes, Germany intended either to use the completed bomb as leverage in negotiations or to hand it off to Japan. The author asserts that [Hitler's Deputy] Martin Bormann, did attempt to broker a deal with Japan but eventually secretly arranged to hand the materials over to the United States. 
In short, this book holds that America lost the arms race, and without Germany's technological transfer, the consequence might have been a more powerful Soviet Union. 
In this third edition of his book, Hydrick addresses the criticism that if his account were true, there would have been massive amounts of unspent uranium leftover, although none was ever found.
But in fact, he says, 126,000 barrels have been discovered, further confirming his thesis. Hydrick's theories are as provocative as they are meticulous; unlike other researchers who've focused on personal accounts and records in the National Archives, he combed through uranium production records, shipping paperwork, and metallurgical fabrication records that have largely been neglected by others. The ensuing account reads like a gripping drama, although sometimes the overall pace of the story is stymied by long, baroque sentences and a halting prose style. Still, this book marks a turning point in the history of atomic-bomb scholarship, and no future study can credibly ignore its compelling contentions.
A rarity in academic literature--a genuinely original book about a profoundly important topic." 
In addition to the enriched uranium, U-234 also carried plans, parts, and personnel to build V-4 rockets, Messerschmidt 262 jets, and even the Henschell 130 stratosphere plane. (p. 294)  Project Paperclip, the recruitment of Nazi scientists, was a continuation of this technology transfer. 
Hydrick says that Buna rubber factory at Auschwitz was actually a plant to enrich uranium. It consumed more electricity than the entire city of Berlin and never produced any rubber.  (72)


(left, Goebbels and Hitler- The joke's on you.) 
He says the sub dropped Bormann off in Spain. The whole operation was disguised as a technology transfer to Japan. Two Japanese naval attaches on board were allowed to commit suicide when they were told the true destination. 
Hydrick found archival evidence that proves US-Nazi complicity. The US was aware of U-234's progress and protected the sub. They knew of Bormann's whereabouts. (270) Hydrick says key documents are missing from the archives he visited. 
Hydrick concludes: "To believe a great portion of the actions outlined in this book actually occurred, one must believe the United States government in some form and at some high level, was in league with Martin Bormann and those involved in his escape." (269) 
Indeed they were. As with Bormann's rescue from Berlin by the British, the technology transfer was spun as an exchange for Bormann (and Hitler's?) safety after the war. Borman was an "Allied" agent all along. 
The Nazis were false opposition. At the top, they were working for the Illuminati bankers who control both fascism and communism. 
For the Cabalists, war is a revolutionary act because it increases the banker's power and wealth, undermines civilization, kills people and advances the ultimate goal: replacing God with Satan.
 It's "revolutionary" because it turns Reality on its head. Evil is good; lies are the truth, ugly is beautiful and sick is healthy. We have been satanically possessed. 
Thanks to Alexandre for the tip! 
First Comment from Harry Cooper of Sharkhunters
One of our Members sent us the clip of your comments that Germany may have supplied the uranium for the Hiroshima bomb.  To borrow an old quote - No shit, Sherlock.  Carter was a Member of Sharkhunters (hope you enjoy the current issue attached) from 1993 onward for some years, and we helped him with his book.  The Skipper of U-234, the cargo officer, the 1st officer, and the Chief Radioman were all Members of Sharkhunters from our founding years in 1983.  I spent a day with the Skipper and met with the Chief Radioman many times long before this book came out.
We also broke the story of Hitler's escape long before Williams joined Sharkhunters in 2008 and with information from us, published in 2010.  I just returned from Germany, where we found more information on his escape and in two more weeks, I am heading for South America (will be my 11th time) to gather even more information on this.
Harry Cooper the World's Only True Source of U-Boat History
MP writes-
Firstly, others and I have argued that no atomic bombs were exploded in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Akio Nakatani makes the case that atomic bombs don't work in principle in his book

"Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax"

I have looked at the evidence from Hiroshima and Nagasaki specifically in my book "Hiroshima revisited"

Both the physical and the medical facts on the ground clearly disprove the tall tale of the atomic bombs. The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were brutally killed alright, but the evidence shows that this was done with napalm and mustard gas, not with any atomic bombs.

Secondly, the Germans could not have supplied the enriched uranium, because they did not have the technology to produce it. They had no need for an atomic bomb, because they all along had something better that actually would have worked -- namely, highly potent nerve gases (tabun, sarin, soman) of which one or a few milligram suffice to kill an adult human being. And they had large stockpiles. When I was doing my mandatory military service in West Germany in 1988/89, I learned that at that God-forsaken garrison they had a facility for the incineration of those stockpiles. That facility was still in continuous operation at the time and for some more years after that.

The first workable process to enrich uranium to bomb grade was developed by the Soviets, under the direction of German physicist Max Steenbeck, whom the Soviets had kidnapped as a civilian in 1945. That process (centrifugation) reached maturity only around 1950 or so. It was swiftly adopted in the West as soon as it became known.

One more word about those nerve gases: imagine what the Germans COULD have done with them -- they could have filled up a few V1 or V2 rockets to the brim and sent them on their way to London. The result would certainly have been orders of magnitude worse than Dresden, Tokyo, or Hiroshima.

Now, why did they develop all that technology, and then did not use it? I only have a speculative answer to that: it may have been to maintain some measure of deterrence at a time when the US and England had gained total air superiority above the Reich. The detonations of V1 and V2 rockets filled with conventional explosives above London would then have been merely demonstrations of this capability to retaliate. Of note, the destruction of Dresden -- by far the deadliest of all bombings in Germany -- happened only after Pomerania, and with it the launching pads for the V1 and V2 rockets, had been overrun by the Soviets.

The fact remains that among all warring parties in WW2, Germany had the deadliest weapons by far, yet did not use them. Doesn't fit the usual atrocity propaganda narrative, but it's the truth nevertheless.

It is time to reconsider what really did or did not happen during WW2 -- the evidence is there, one just has to look for it. In more recent times, everyone who dared to defy the globalists was branded "the New Hitler" -- Putin of course, but also Qaddafi, Assad, Ahmadinejad, Erdogan, Putin, Lukashenko; the list goes on. What if Hitler simply was the first "New Hitler" and got tarred and feathered beyond all recognition, so as to make it absolutely impossible in polite society to discuss the things that he got right?


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Comments for "Martin Bormann -- Nazis Supplied Uranium for US Atom Bombs"

William said (April 15, 2023):

Interesting story, and a strange, but not appropriate detail caught my attention, perhaps because as a Dutchman I am also fluent in the German language.

The part about the Sharkhunters did raise some questions for me, especially about the members who are part of this group.

"One of our members sent us the clip of your comments that Germany may have supplied the uranium for the Hiroshima bomb. Borrow an old quote-No, Sherlock. Carter was a member of Sharkhunters (hope you enjoy the current song attached) from 1993 and we helped him with his book. The skipper of the U-234, the cargo officer, the 1st officer and the Chief Radioman were all members of Sharkhunters from our founding years in 1983. I spent a day with the skipper and met the head Radioman many times long before this book came out'

A rather strange group, isn't it?

What or who are behind this group, and it is no coincidence that the writer is also part of this group.

Most intriguing to me is the name of the writer, who goes by the surname Hydrick; in German This is 'Heydrich'.

In English it is pronounced as 'Hydrick' which raises some questions for me.

Is the author a German?

And maybe the other shark hunters are all Germans too?

Is Harry Cooper a fictional name?

This, coupled with the fact that Richard Heydrich was the head of the "Sicherheitsdienst" ( Security service ) is somewhat too coincidental.

I wonder what you think of it, and whether you think that there is more to this than what it (should) seem at first glance?

Joe O said (October 10, 2019):

Japanese I-52 submarine, sunk June 24, 1944 off Lorient, France

560 kg of Uranium Oxide for "genzai bakudan" > dirty bomb

CK said (October 10, 2019):

It's quite interesting. I think the Nazis never went away, like the communists in Russia, they declared defeat but were never defeated.

It's been documented that fissile materials were obtained by the US from the Nazis and this just fits another piece in the puzzle.

The two atomic bombings were, IMO, ritual sacrifices made by the evil to their Gods. Just like the Holocaust, 911 and the rest of these things. Burnt offerings.

CS said (October 10, 2019):

Last week, I visited a place called Hartmannswillerkopf in Alsace, France (

The blatant Freemasonic symbolism on display was simply incredible.

It is situated on a mountain top (pagan site of sacrifice, of course). A huge black & gold masonic altar stands on a pyramid of first 13 & then 5 steps facing a huge graveyard. The "chapel" has 3 altars with the blatant symbols of theosophy, Kabbala, and the Isis/Horus cult emblazoned on them.

Other visitors were milling around, completely oblivious, murmuring about how wonderful it is to have the EU to keep the peace. They clearly had no idea whatsoever that the satanic imagery around them really meant.

Occult: Hidden in plain sight.

The evidence that is now so blatantly on display all around us just proves how true the Bible is.

Paul S said (October 10, 2019):

On the subject of the atomic bombings, I don't know what to think anymore. You raise interesting points in your article, most of which are probably true, but there's a lot about the atomic bombings that's never made sense to me. Why would you waste nukes on two relatively small and insignificant cities? Why would Japan surrender after the atomic bombings, if America had just wasted its only two bombs? (presuming that Japanese intelligence was good enough to keep close tabs on American bomb production).

People have argued that the damage profile at Hiroshima and Nagasaki is inconsistent with what you'd expect from an atomic bomb, and looks more like conventional Allied fire bombing (e.g., Dresden or Tokyo) -- including the "mushroom" clouds. If you google the 2009 Station Fire in Los Angeles, that also ballooned into a giant "mushroom" cloud over Los Angeles, but it was just a normal forest fire. America has a Masonic government, and as such it not only operates by deceit, lies and propaganda, but more importantly it seeks to destroy Christianity by replacing the miracles of Christ with the miracles of welfare-state nanny government -- miracles like the Moon landing or the invention of magical atomic weapons -- and people are now seriously questioning whether either of these Masonic "miracles" ever really occurred. The names "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" are almost comical, and are straight out of the Masonic Lodge.

I think an often over-looked aspect of how WWII ended was the 1.5-million man Russian invasion of Manchuria and Japan which began, ironically enough, on precisely the dates that Americans now claim they "nuked" Japan. This Russian invasion eventually turned into the Korea War, which is still ongoing today 70 years later. You could well imagine a scenario where in responding to the Russian invasion, the Americans and Japanese decide to jointly settle their differences with each acquiescing to certain conditions -- the Americans get to write their make-believe Hollywood script about magical atomic super-weapons, mostly just to spook and scare the Russian invaders, and the Japanese (and later South Korea) get perpetual free defense funding from the U.S., along with other concessions (for context, note that South Korea's standing army is substantially larger than the entire U.S. military, and if needed South Korea is capable of conscripting an army that would dwarf the current U.S. military by more than 20-to-1).

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at