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April 30 - Culling of the Goyim Continues

April 30, 2023


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Although many Israeli Jews have been maimed or killed

by the COVID vaccine, I am still waiting to hear about

a prominent Western Jew who has suffered the same fate.

Did they get the "Jew Call" that Al Franken received on the eve of 9-11?


763 celebrities dead after Covid vaccine! How many more citizens died then?!

Jeff Diamond, guitarist: I got the covid shot on July the 9th. I came out of coma and found out that my fingers, eight of them were amputated, I mean, I think it’s a crime, what has happened and what is going on. People have got to be held accountable for what has happened. Definitely, it has got to be brought to the forefront and brought to the light. 

Genevieve,24 swimmer: I used to be on the Olympic synchronized swimming team, train six days a week, ten hours a day, incredibly hyper-active always …. like running around, doing stupid things back-flips that I shouldn’t be doing, stuff like that. The industry required me to be double-vaccinated to work with films, …she put in my arm, I just thought, well, what have I done? I can’t explain how awful it was, I was dizzy, I was literally crawling like… I really thought my life was over because I couldn’t even cook for myself, I couldn’t even stand up, I couldn’t, half of myself, my Mom would come and see me, I think like twice a week to change my bedsheets for me, do food shop for me, clean my house for me…

Dr.Vernon Coleman: No-One Except the Globalists Will Be Allowed To Grow Old
"Remember: nothing happens by accident or coincidence anymore. The elderly are being eradicated from our world as though they are nothing more than an annoying infection."

The well-documented global slaughter of the elderly has shocked millions.

In care homes, nursing homes and hospitals, the elderly were deliberately and cold-bloodedly murdered by doctors and nurses acting under ‘orders’ from above.

Politicians and advisers decreed that the elderly should be denied medical care, and thousands who did find themselves in institutions were treated without compassion, caring or proper, decent care. The elderly were denied contact with relatives or friends and were kept in isolation for many months and in some cases for years. Residents were told that they had to be jabbed with a so-called ‘vaccine’ that was known not to work and to be dangerously toxic. Thousands of elderly patients were killed by a vaccine which should have been classified as too dangerous to use as landfill.

Polls show that by far the most significant –ism in the world today is ageism. Discrimination against the elderly causes far more real misery than racism or sexism but the law is surprisingly weak because communists see no advantage in protecting the old.


makis-victoria.jpgBlood clots - Pulmonary emboli in young women - a not-so-rare and often fatal complication of COVID-19 mRNA vaccination: 14 cases of sudden death from pulmonary emboli

Shockingly, World Health Organization’s VigiAccess database records 29,046 pulmonary embolism adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination!

When a condition is as fatal as pulmonary embolism, 29,000 people reporting this to the WHO is an absolutely staggering number.

Anecdotally, women seem to be more affected by this adverse event, although it does happen to men as well.


Lawmakers kill governor's veto, adopt protections for women in restrooms
'Women's Bill Rights' will take effect July 1

Kansas lawmakers have voted 84-40 in the House and 28-12 in the Senate to override a veto by Gov. Laura Kelly and adopt the "Women's Bill of Rights," which gives women significant new protections.

"This is common sense legislation by Kansas lawmakers that dispenses with the false, unscientific idea that people can change their gender," explained Mat Staver, the founder and chief of Liberty Counsel.


Furious Christian groups are attempting to shut down the 'largest Satanic gathering in history' after hundreds of The Satanic Temple's members descended on Boston.

The annual SatanCon festival arrived in town on Friday to celebrate the organization's 10-year anniversary, kicking off with a bizarre opening ceremony that saw speakers tear up the bible and perform 'un-baptisms'.

But the arrival of the Devil worshippers on the East Coast has sparked backlash from religious groups, with crowds gathering Saturday to stage a series of demonstrations across the city and combat the hellish three-day event with 'intense prayer'.




weingarten34.jpg(Randy Weingarten)


CNN Host Shockingly Blasts Commie Jewish Teachers Union Boss Over School Closure Lies

Weingarten was called to task this week on the Don Lemon-less CNN by senior political commentator Scott Jennings, who excoriated the union boss after she engaged in historical revisionism over her role in school shutdowns - insisting before the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, that she had instead advocated for reopening schools as quickly as possible.


'Trudeau's being cocky': Russian hackers claim attacks on PM, Pearson airport and others

Killnet launched DDoS attacks on the prime minister’s office, the Canadian Transportation Agency, Statistics Canada, CP Rail and more

At least two Russian hacktivist groups have claimed responsibility for cyberattacks that temporarily shut down Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official website this week, while taunting Trudeau after he brushed off the first hack as insignificant.

David Knight Show-- Catherine Austin Fitts: Second Amendment and 2024 Election

She says the Sercond Amendment - the right to bear arms- is the only thing standing in the way of confiscation of property and CBDC's


Demonrats ransack a 9-11

Just another day in Commiefornia


Poland Seizes Russian School, Kremlin Vows Retaliation For "Blatant Violation"

Moscow is furious after on Saturday Polish police reportedly raided a Russian school attached to the Russian embassy in Warsaw and took it over. School staff were then given hours to pack up their things and vacate the building, according to RIA Novosti, following local authorities bursting into the grounds using a crow bar.

Poland is a canary that tried to swallow two cats.

1.1-died-suddenly.jpgEdmonton paramedic recalls strokes, seizures, sudden deaths following vax rollout

“This is the beginning of that first rollout of that category of age for AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna. I had taken people my age who were having a full, a full stroke, full paralysis, drooling to the U of A, we were taking people with chronic seizures.”

She recalled when Astra Zeneca was pulled from the market in May 2021.

“On May 9, after bringing in one of three seizures that day to the U of A, there was a very senior nurse at the U of A triage who…[said we] were seeing this huge rise in blood clot injuries. And she said to me that the U of A was going to be asking the government to stop the Astra Zeneca shots. The very next day the government had pulled those shots.”   

Faucis' lies never end

“Something Clearly Went Wrong”

Billed as the most in-depth interview yet, the New York Times published a very long piece that contains some rather startling admissions, claims, and defenses from Anthony Fauci, the face of lockdowns and shot mandates.

Makow--The only thing that went wrong was Ukraine. Putin's action are a direct threat to the Rothschild "our-rules-based" world order.

hunter-sex-trafficking.jpgThis text from hunters laptop is evidence of Hunter Biden engaging in international sex trafficking.


Fox executives are trying to keep Carlson under contract until after the 2024 election, effectively tying his hands so he is not free to work for another news outlet.

German MEP Christine Anderson Explains Why Globalists Need You Trapped in 15-Minute Cities

The globalists are determined to corral the masses into 15-minute cities that will essentially serve as tightly controlled population prisons, according to German MEP Christine Anderson.

Anderson, a member of the Alternative for Germany Party, explained that the COVID vaccine passport was just a trial run for a social credit system that will be integrated into these so-called 15-minute cities, Anderson told The Epoch Times.

“The COVID pass was a test balloon to get people to have to produce some kind of QR code. Just getting people used to that,” she said.


IMF publishes multi-year plan to implement CBDCs; it may spell the end of our financial freedom and autonomy

Chapter 8, for example, “will identify design choices, such as operating model, limits in holding, programmability, interest-bearing, and degree of centralisation.” And Chapter 11 “will consider the trade-off between data use and privacy protection,” including “what data are generated by CBDC transactions and which institutions might have access to it.”





Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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