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April 27 - COVID Hoax Fueled by Pfizer Bribe$

April 27, 2023

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"Vaccine" maimers and murderers, and their enablers, must be held accountable.



CLAIM: Pfizer BRIBED over 400 “independent” medical organizations and nonprofits to propagate alleged false narratives about their so-called vaccine

When crimes against humanity were escalated in March 2020 under the guise of a never-ending “national emergency,” the federal government provided an endless stream of money for multinational organizations that have a history of felonious conduct (vaccine manufacturers). These endless funds have been used, not to develop safe and effective treatments, prophylactics, and immunizations for a rapidly mutating bioweapon. Instead, these funds have largely been used to bribe doctors, medical schools, media outlets, nonprofits, “independent” organizations, and civil liberties groups into propagating false and misleading narratives about an mRNA genetic “therapy” that turned out to be a weapon system in disguise.


MDs and Hospitals were paid $100 Billion to Kill Americans


Doctors received $50 for each Medicaid patient aged 6 months and older, who got the experimental shot.



Mark Trozzi MD


"Have you wondered why so many good people including scientists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, business people and others have sacrificed so much and continue working tirelessly, not for money, but for truth and freedom, even when covid seems to be in the rear view mirror? It is because the highly organized covid crimes against humanity, despite how deadly and harmful they have been of themself, are just one part of a much larger, diabolic plan where fanatical elites intend to live as overlords, with 99.9% of us dead or enslaved. If you are already committed and actively in the fight, may God give you calmness, health, strength and guidance. If you are not yet really in the fight, please watch this, then roll up your sleeves.


Pfizer knew vaccines" are deadly


In an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA, Dr. James Thorp, a physician MD board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as maternal-fetal medicine, who sees close to 8,000 patients annually and has 44 years of experience, says that the evidence of harms done, both in post-vaccine fatality and to fertility is undeniable.

Pfizer knew this from the get-go. “This is Pfizer’s own data that they tried to hide from you because they knew it was a deadly drug. They tried to hide it from you for 75 years, and a federal judge made them open it up and give it to the public,” says Dr. Thorp, whose specialty is high-risk obstetrical patients.

Brother Nathaniel- The ADL Names The Jew

The Yid admits that Jews are warmongers, globalists, communists, and haters of our country.

So let him shmear us for ‘noticing,’ but he can’t call us liars.

Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security, Merrick Garland of the DOJ. “They’re using Antisemitic mix and tropes about globalists controlling government, Jewish money destroying our borders, dual loyalty to Jewish citizens, or attacking the Jewish State with the same dangerous myths that were used throughout history to demonize the Jewish people. And all of this destigmatizes Antisemitism and renders it routine.”

Makow--It's not the Jewish people. It's Organized Jewry (Rothschilds) and Cabalism. They conflate these to make resistance to Communist oppression seem like bigotry.


makis27.jpgWilliam Makis MD- The goyim die young

Mixed Martial Arts and UFC fighters are collapsing and dying suddenly - some of these deaths are very suspicious

    Makis- "Interestingly, the youngest MMA fighter cardiac arrests and deaths are also the most recent (as young as 18 years old). Will we see a new trend develop?

So far, we have seen a recent increase in sudden cardiac deaths in doctors, nurses, pilots, bus drivers, police officers, firefighters, high school athletes, and more. This trend is certainly not slowing down.

There have also recently been sudden cardiac deaths of boxers in the ring, and I will be writing a separate substack about those incidents.

Sudden cardiac deaths, deaths in their sleep, brain bleeds, turbo cancers, deaths with no explanation. These deaths are all suspicious and should be investigated for any role COVID-19 vaccination may have played. These were all very young individuals."


Dr Laura Braden has two science degrees (Cellular/Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience), a PhD in Biology/Molecular Immunology, and two post-doctoral fellowships (Pathology/Microbiology and Immunology). She decimates the criminal covid agenda carried out against Canadians. She exposes deception about the virus origin, masking, asymptomatic spread, abuse of PCR technology, the suppression of safe affordable covid treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin, and the reckless mass administration of dangerous untested mRNA injections.

I hope police or military watching this will realize your duty; and move against perpetrators of the covid crimes against humanity who are found in government, medical regulators, big-pharma, media, and other institutions.


    Dr-Moulden1.jpegAndrew Moulton MD - Avoid all vaccines

    Murdered for taking this stand.





Dr John Coleman, The Club of Rome, The Satanic Transhumanist Agenda And How The Elites Protect Themselves From Plagues They Start
Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

What is their agenda?

It emerged very clearly from Club of Rome meetings that its main purpose and objective was to:

■ retard industrial development,

■ hold back scientific research,

■ depopulate cities, especially the formerly industrialized cities of North America,

■ move population to rural areas,

■ cull the population of the world by at least 2 billion people,

■ prevent reorganization of political forces who oppose COR plans,

■ destabilize the United States through massive layoffs and loss of jobs and class and racial wars,

■ destroy capital incentive through high interest rates and high capital gains taxes.

    With the destruction of industry, Harmon postulated, would come the destruction of all of our basic morals, our basic beliefs in God and country, our Christian-based culture, which will lead swiftly to the return to the world of an occult theocracy of the new dark ages COR high-priest



fidelito-swab.jpgKlaws Swab's Young Globalist Rent Boys

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was also a member of the Young Global Leaders (YGL) program in 2010. Then five years later, Trudeau was appointed Prime Minister and the Cabinet he chose were sworn in by Governor General David Johnston on November 4, 2015.



Oh? Canada. The government funded main stream media in Canada is nothing more than a communist dictator style propaganda outlet. Shaping narratives, and manipulating the people using radical left ideology based on Marxist type shady tactics. Everything is racist, everyone who disagrees is some kind of "phobic" or "ism" The disgusting, shady, corrupt, PM claims freedom and democracy, rights, etc... while shutting them down. In my opinion, only the useful idiots think the douchebag PM J.T. is looking out for their best interest and not serving the billionaires of the world economic forum.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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