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April 26 - Tucker Carlson Fired for Being a Christian

April 26, 2023


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Satanist Rupert Murdoch hates God.

'That stuff freaks Rupert out. He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk.'



Text of Tucker Carlson’s Speech Delivered After Last Fox News Show

Video of speech




Selected excerpts-

"And the second you decide to tell the truth about something, you are filled with this, I don’t want to get supernatural on you, but you are filled with this power from somewhere else.

Try it. Tell the truth about something. You feel it every day. The more you tell the truth, the stronger you become. That’s completely real. It’s measurable in the way that you feel.

And of course, the opposite is also true. The more you lie, the weaker and more terrified you become. We all know that feeling. You lie about something, and all of a sudden, you’re a prisoner of that lie. You are diminished by it. You are weak and afraid.

Drug and alcohol use is the same way. It makes you weak and afraid. But you look around, and you see these people, and some of them really have paid a heavy price for telling the truth. And they are cast out of their groups, whatever those groups are, but they do it anyway...

Abortion, Transgenderism as ‘Child Sacrifice’

That’s a debate I’m familiar with. But if you’re telling me that abortion is a positive good, what are you saying? Well, you’re arguing for child sacrifice, obviously. It’s not about, oh, a teen girl gets pregnant, and what do we do about that and victims of rape. I get it. Of course, I understand that, and I have compassion for everyone involved..

They don’t want a debate. Those ideas won’t produce outcomes that any rational person would want under any circumstances. Those are manifestations of some larger force acting upon us. It’s just so obvious. It’s completely obvious.

And I’m saying that to you not as some kind of evangelist, I’m literally saying that to you as an Episcopalian, the Samaritans of our time. I’m coming to you from the most humble and lowly theological position you can. I’m literally an Episcopalian. And even I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will.


Tucker Carlson Was About To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring that included Rupert Murdoch Before Being Ousted.  The People’s Voice

Rupert Murdoch is in Epstein’s little black book…



OIP.jpg(left, the red thread is a Cabalist identifier)


Can we trust Tucker Carlson?


  Tucker Carlson's father was Director of Voice of America and he was also CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and of King World Public Television a syndicator of among others, Oprah.

Tucker Carlson practices Kabbalah?
    Poster--"Is that red string just a random stringed bracelet? Or is Tucker a believer in Kabbalah teachings? I personally don't know anyone who wears a red string around their wrist (let alone left wrist), so my gut tells me he does practice Kabbalah."
    Tucker Carlson, Fox News Didn’t Want You to Read
    Apparently he hated Trump and thought the 2020 election was legitimate?? 



Richard Malone MD


Together, BlackRock and Vanguard own 18% of Fox (now almost 21%), 16% of CBS, 13% of Comcast — which owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and the Sky media group, 12% of CNN, and 12% of Disney — which owns a number of subsidiaries. Media behemoths that may present themselves as rivals are, in reality, owned by the same company.

jews-vs-world.jpgDid Biden Steal the Election?  Is there any doubt?
    Former Congressman Ron Paul said that the election was rigged, citing polls that suggest that Biden would not have been elected had the American electorate been informed about what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Paul added that Democrats and the mainstream media are now trying to trying to kill the story of how they killed the story. He concluded, “This is a scandal that would once upon a time have ended in resignation, impeachment, and/or plenty of jail time. If they successfully bury this story, I hate to say it but there is no more rule of law in what has become the American banana republic.”
   Germany’s Greens Have Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands

Berlin’s decision to shut down its last three nuclear reactors is a disaster, and all the smug tweets in the world can’t paper over that.

You know what’s also crazy about Germany’s anti-nuclear stance? It’s long been driven by its Green Party, even though nuclear energy is far friendlier to the environment than most alternatives. In fact, the Greens, who are now part of the ruling coalition, largely grew out of the anti-nuclear movement.
    Watch this. They are on the record. They plan to eliminate cash and control us by controlling our money.
     The Shocking Truth About The Looming Credit Crunch: What You Need to Know Now!
    Due to a credit crunch, Citibank chief economist Nathan Sheets predicts a US recession in the coming months. Sheets said financial institutions are being more cautious with their money, limiting credit for businesses and consumers. Due to "brutally bad" economic numbers, Longview Economics CEO Chris Watling predicted a US recession. Disney laid off thousands, Bed Bath & Beyond closed, and Walmart closed stores. In July, the Federal Reserve's FedNow service will launch, preparing for its central bank digital currency (CBDC).


Vaccines may be infrastructure for mind control
    Nanotechnology, Cybernetic Hive Minds, Artificial Intelligence and Mind Control - DARPA and CIA Insider Dr. Robert Duncan's Interviews Confirms Hijacking Of Human Soul Possible

    The nanoparticles are activated under certain magnetic frequency and will alter the brain patterns and pathways.
    Dr Robert Duncan quoting Bill Gates about AI: “You know, we do not know what we are doing. This may be the end of the human race.”
    The latest government line of defense on Covid shots: We said it, but we didn't MEAN it

         The vaccines are not licensed or authorized for prevention of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus or for prevention of transmission of the virus, nor were the clinical trials supporting the approvals and authorizations designed to assess whether the vaccines prevent infection or transmission of the virus.
    Jews deny beng Christ killers yet their regimes in the West are doing just that again by their actions and persecution of Christianity and promotion of Satanism
    Viewer-"Jews control the courts, police, school system, all levels of government, FBI, CIA, media, Hollywood, Military, Banking and the masses in general. This Jewish mafia have created a near perfect system of control. Not even the Old Catholic monarchies had this much control 500 years ago."
mask-school.jpgExplosive New Study Finds Face Masks May Increase Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, Cognitive Decline IN KIDS

Research finds that face coverings can cause carbon dioxide poisoning, leading to serious health issues

    SLOBODIAN: Trudeau COVID comment suggests something's going on
    It leaves a sick feeling in the pit of one’s stomach to think someone who resorts to spewing insulting, disrespectful bunk holds such power over Canadians. No remorse. No accountability. No grasp of lives harmed or destroyed by iron-fisted orders he causally dismissed as “incentives.” No compassion.
    From March 2020- Woman sues Jewish Chronicle for libelling her, and wins!
    PJW-Nothing screams democracy like silencing truth sayers
    This is timely- Comedy movie about people having affairs with robot clones of real people
    Google CEO: AI impact to be more profound than discovery of fire, electricity | 60 Minutes





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