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April 24- The Elephant in the Room is Cabalism

April 24, 2023


(Couldn't find this meme on Google. Found it on Bing which is going to replace Google.)


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Tucker Carlson dumped by Fox News!

He is going to be bigger than ever!

Carlson mentions "lizard overlords" in Davos

You won't get a platform if you reveal the truth. Why legacy media is headed for the dumpster.


Camille Paglia, Jordan Peterson, Ron De Santis.

I love these conservatives. But I notice there are some words they never utter: Globalism, Illuminati. Cabalism. Satanism. Communism. Freemasonry. Rothschilds. Soros. Central bank cartel. WEF. Agenda 2030. Klaws Swab. Joos. Organized Jewry.


Essentially mankind is being held hostage by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism or Illuminism. Our feckless ancesters gave our national credit cards to members of this cult whose goal is to destroy, dispossess and enslave the goyim. The fake pandemic, masks, lockdowns, toxic gene therapy, CRT. Migration. Ukraine. BLM. Trannies in women's sports and washrooms. Gender bending our children. All of these are malevolent strategems of this cult.

Our political leaders are Klaws Swab's rentboys. Biden's Admin is Jewish. Trump is a crypto Jew. Big Pharma and the CDC are run by Jews. We will never be free unless we name the enemy. These  Conservatives aren't stupid. But they would be banished if they identified the problem at its source.



Camille Paglia: 'Universities Are an Absolute Wreck Right Now'

goldman-destruction1.jpg(Nahum Goldman, founder of the World Jewish Congress)


The TRUTH About Female Educators... | Jordan Peterson

Tucker Carlson- "So Disappointed in people."

Ron DeSantis Exposes Truth About Disney, Crypto, Bud Light & Elon Musk


Bud Light Admit FULL PANIC MODE As Sales HALT Amid Boycott.. An Absolute DISASTER For Anheuser Busch


BIPARTISAN TREASON: Obama, Clinton, and Bush partner with American Express to fly illegal aliens into American communities

With the help of open borders organizations such as Miles4Migrants and American Express Global Business Travel, Soros et al. are funding even more flights for migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ukraine, who will also be dumped in your local community in seemingly endless numbers.


Goyim have been trained to pander to Jewish sensitivities


Diane Abbott Suspended From Labour Party Following Remarks On Jewish Racism

Diane Abbott has been suspended as a Labour MP after suggesting Jewish people are not subject to racism “all their lives.”

Bud Light Gets REKT by Non-Woke Corporation’s Ad About Girls’ Sports


ravage8.jpgMust hear

William Guy Carr - The Pawns in the Game Speech  (accurate forewarning from 1950's)

Nicole- "n this time  of the "truther movement"  its come abundantly clear. That dead men don't lie. This man, along with others like William Cooper, Gary Webb, brietbart, larry Mcdonald, Larry campo Nancy Schaefer the list is long, attest to that. Sadly t h e ones that are on target; are not here long. Real truthers never and I mean never find fame and fortune in this world. Joe Rogan? Alex Jones?  Gate keepers.""


Pfizer killed your Friends & Family for Profit – 92% of COVID Deaths were among the Triple+ Vaccinated in 2022 according to UK Gov.


New US digitial identity to usher in Chinese social credit?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "April 24- The Elephant in the Room is Cabalism"

DB said (April 24, 2023):

Much appreciation for the work you've been doing to educate so many. I've been visiting your website since awakening to the fiction of this world several years ago.

Cabalism seems to be the baby elephant in the room but the biggest elephant is the Demiurge. Cabalism is in service to the Demiurge.

I discovered this presentation on Gnosticism a few months ago, which gives a good overview. The interesting part begins at 20.32, so takes around twenty minutes to watch:

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