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April 22 - Did Prominent Jews Get the Vaccine "Jew Call" ?

April 22, 2023



(Oscar winning actor hospitalized in Georgia after being vaccinated)


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I'm not saying they did, but it's a question worth asking and answering considering that


1. Al Franken said he got the "Jew Call" from Ed Koch telling him to stay away from the WTC on 9-11

2. White House and Congress, Big Pharma and CDC staff were not required to get vaccinated.


We know that many Israeli Jews suffered adverse reactions.  But did prominent Jews in the West get the "vaccine," have adverse reactions or die? Please let me know 


Here's a list of mostly non-Jewish celebrities that took the jab.



The satanists are compounding their crime by debunking and suppressing vaccine injuries and deaths


William Makis MD --Canadian doctor sudden deaths have reached 150 since COVID-19 vaccines rolled out - our Canadian Medical Association celebrates the occasion with a full page Pfizer ad...

I know that at least one of these MDs was Jewish.



flu-rebranded5.jpgleft, COVID is the common seasonal flu in drag


The Worst Atrocity in the History of the World has been Confirmed with no accountability or justice forthcoming

All told, the estimate for total deaths from the COVIDcrisis is probably around ten million people or more. Ten million people is a very big number. It is hard to even fathom.





Man cures his terminal cancer after vet suggests a dog dewormer

Big pharma is a vampire that feeds off human suffering. The COVID scam is just the latest example.



Doctors were bribed to vaccinate just like they are bribed to prescribe drugs. Most are basically whores.


COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain excessive quantities of bacterial DNA: evidence and implications by Michael Palmer, MD and Jonathan Gilthorpe, PhD

Briefly, the risks are

- prolonged expression of spike protein, with correspondingly prolonged  autoimmune-like disease. This agrees with findings by those few  pathologists who are paying attention.
- increased risk of cancer and leukemia
- increased risk of transgenic offspring




The CIA, Biowarfare, and COVID—Dr. Robert Malone’s New Book Tells the Truth

    Senators Introduce Bill To Create Digital Identity for All Americans

U.S. Senators Kyrsten Sinema, an independent of Arizona, and Cynthia Lummis, Republican of Wyoming, have introduced Senate Bill 884, also known as “the Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023.”

    CDC's record of Lies

    April 19, 2023: When asked about whether vaccinated people carry the virus, CDC Director Walensky testified to a Congressional committee that in March 2021, “all the data at the time suggested that people who were vaccinated, even if they got sick, couldn’t transmit the virus to someone else.” This contradicts statements from Fauci, from CDC spokesperson, and from the CDC web site at the time, which said the data was not clear (see my timeline from Spring 2021 for details).


greer.jpgKen Adachi--"I was surprised to discover that a reader mentioned my name, along with yours, as being flim flammed by Dr. Stever Greer. I  appreciate being given a pass by this guy, but the fact is that I never embraced Steven Greer in any way, shape or form (including the lizard form). Quite the opposite, I've debunked him in a number of articles. Here's one.

July 2, 2012
Dr Steven Greer



Reader- I remember Steven Greer charging clients hundreds of dollars for "field expeditions" where he would "call UFO's down" out of the sky at night using flashlights. You can't make this stuff up, but if you assume EVERYONE touting UFO whatever is a CIA agent/asset/associate you won't be far off the mark. The whole field is swarming with paid agents/assets to the extent you can scarcely identify any real players anymore, if there are any. Linda Moulton Howe is a prime example, and I have personal experience with that one.

Bill Cooper was IMO the past master UFO expert of all time and he said, just before they shot him, that there were no aliens other than the Annunaki. He said he verified that with 30+ Pentagon contacts he still had i.e. the whole alien thing is a certifiable psyop to cover for all the stolen tech, of which anti-grav is only a minute part.

Greer posits that there are 50+ alien species extant on and off the earth and that they come and go regularly. He is the Tony Fauci of the UFO industry, which is not unlike the Holocaust enterprise.

Right now the UFO bullshit is ramping up substantially, so I am thinking that a "UFO invasion" is still on the table as one of the cabal's options for ringing in the overt version of the NWO. They always do the same stupid shit over and over, coming up with few new ideas, and there apparently is not a creative one left the whole bunch. If you own/control the central banking system creativity, efficiency and productivity are no longer required - there are no failures, only delays and setbacks while more money is printed to support the next attempt/iteration.



Why are the SAS in Ukraine? And how Joe Biden's visit to Ireland finished off the 'Special Relationship'

This is Peter Hitchens's Mail on Sunday Column

Meanwhile, as far as I know this country is not at war with Russia. If we did enter such a war, as a NATO member, we would instantly widen the current conflict to cover the whole of Europe. Can you begin to imagine what that would involve? How would the people of this country gain by such events?  Is anybody thinking about what we are doing? First of all, what interest does the United Kingdom have in continuing and sustaining this war?


Wagner Chief says Russian "Deep State" Sabotaging War Effort


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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