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April 21- The Snake in the Garden of Eden

April 21, 2023


( Apparently this is by someone plagiarizing Ben Garrison who is too discreet to name the Masonic Jewish banking cartel)


A benevolent God gave mankind a Garden of Eden but Organized Jewry is determined to destroy it. Like a spoiled child, it does not want to share.



WEF's Totalitarian Template is Judaism


In 1915, Jewish leader detailed their plot to destroy civilization








You must hand it to them, they have chutzpah.

Biden regime kicks off “Welcome Corps,” encouraging American families to house illegal immigrants in their spare bedrooms

In a video posted to the ShareAmerica YouTube page, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the launch of a new program called “Welcome Corps” that encourages ordinary Americans to open up their homes to all these new “refugees” that have flooded across the border in recent years.


 Based grandpa goes viral for walking off reality show that paired him with a drag-queen dance partner.

"I'm a man of God, I can't do this." Based grandpa goes viral for walking off reality show that paired him with a drag-queen dance partner.

 Donald Trump must face rape accuser.  My heart bleeds cold borscht.

Accused of raping a woman in 1995

buddwiper-horse-dump.jpgAnheuser-Busch put a transvestite on a can of Bud Light and released this terrible ad to try and clean up the mess.

The ad has to be seen to be believed:

The ad reeks of 1) desperation and 2) an ad campaign where someone wrote the following phrases on a whiteboard—heart of America, hope in tomorrow, American spirit—and then smugly walked off in the certainty we RedStateTards would forget all about the transvestite who prances around like an astonished reindeer.


Mark Passio - Chaos sorcery of 9-11

Mark Passio is a satanist who says the Kabbalah is not inherently evil. That is nonsense.


The whole point of the Kabbalah is EVIL. This is the reason the occult is hidden. Pretensions of acheiving "higher consciousness" is bait-and-switch. Higher consciousness is God which these grifters seek to supplant with their smoke and mirrors.
Reader- "Passio being a satanist is irrelevant. The Zohar states that on 9th September 2001, three towers must collapse in the main city of Edom.
And that that leads to Edom going into the middle east to start numerous disastrous wars. The mass murder event of 911 is a useful gateway into helping people  see that the kabbalists have engineered everything the found encrypted in the Zohar. Rabbis across youtube openly boast that they knew it was coming before it happened. Note that the did not warn the world, though. The kabbalists are the Son of perdition 2 Thessalonians 2."


Passio's discussion of 9-11 as Hegelian Dialectic --problem-reaction-solution -- is valid.
The Rothschild-Rockefellers first Cabalist pandemic killed 50 million people

 The Truth Revealed About the Deadly 1918 Spanish Flu: It Was Actually Caused by Vaccine

 According to a 2008 National Institute of Health paper, bacterial pneumonia was the killer in a minimum of 92.7% of the autopsies of those who died of so-called “Spanish flu” between 1918 and 1919.  

So an experimental anti-meningoccic serum that was derived from horses was injected into soldiers who would be entering the cramped and unsanitary living conditions of war. What could possibly go wrong?
 The Hitler Chronicles" is a 13-part series that uses unseen archival film to capture the texture of the Nazi takeover of Germany. However misconceived and ultimately disastrous, the Nazis were very popular and represented a German renaissance. Like the State of Israel and the US, great nations can be built on false premises as long as there is enough money behind them-


tranny-mentally-ill.jpgHouse PASSES bill to ban transgender women and girls from sports teams: NO Democrats back law barring athletes born as males and accuse Republicans of 'bullying' transgender students

    Republicans say the issue is about protecting women's rights while Democrats say it opens up a fresh salvo to attack trans kids who already face bullying
    'Anyone who grew up in the '60s and fought for women's rights should not fall for this trap,' said Rep. Carol Miller, R-W.Va.
    No Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the bill, which will not be taken up in the Senate.  DOES THIS MEAN IT IS LAW?






What hope is there for BRIC when it is run by Commie Dilma Roussef?

AI is Evolving Faster Than You Think Pt. 2 (Art and Beyond)

AI is replacing artists and photographers. Winning competitions.


Man serenades old elephant who digs Mozart


Queer beer blowback on Twitter

The apology they didn't make


Project Veritas Releases ‘Disturbing’ Undercover Footage from Gender Clinics Advising 10-Year-Old
 Investigative journalist group Project Veritas on Wednesday released Part 1 of its series on the practices of gender clinics in the U.S., obtained via undercover video.

  Medical professionals appear to admit to treating children as young as eight years old for gender confusion they claim is transgenderism, recommending life-altering puberty blockers for a 10-year-old, and cross-sex hormones for minors as young as 14.

  “We do have patients who are starting [transition] as young as eight, nine [years old],” says Nora Scott, a licensed social worker at Austin-based Dell Children’s Medical Center, Project Veritas reports.


branco-bathrooms.jpgBoycott CVS

CVS Forces Employees to Support “Transitioning” Coworkers

Not only is a CVS employee forbidden to contradict the person’s delusion, these employees must participate in that delusion by becoming an “ally” by asking their transitioning colleagues to let them know if they were to say or do anything that makes them uncomfortable. Employees of CVS are ordered to not make any assumptions about a fellow employee’s “gender.” (You see, in this alternate world of reality, a person can be of the male sex, but of the female gender, or identity).


Buttwiper boycott growing by the day

This may be the straw that broke the woke camel's back


Support Tamara Lich's NEW Book | "Hold The Line: My Story from the Heart of the Freedom Convoy"

Musk deletes Libturds Blue Checks


Gonzalo Lira- on the Cokehead of Kiev--Zelinsky

From a year ago, the background on the rise of the manufactured president

Same people bankrolled Hunter Biden. They raped Ukraine. They are raping the West.




Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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