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April 20 - Fighting the Cashless Society

April 20, 2023


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"I've been in France for three months now. Their approach to this is simply fantastic.

I'd like to share a bit about it. A very well known supermarket here decided to go cashless.

A group of 50 people got together and agreed that they would all do a big shop on the same day.  Pilling their trolleys to the brim and each person getting to the checkout - the human check out, not the machines - and having everything scanned before bringing cash out.

The staff were absolutely overrun. There management in a complete tizz, everyone repeatedly, calmly and in a very organised and polite fashion acting as if they knew nothing. No edges, no rudeness, no humiliation. The supermarket reinstated cash.
Petrol stations : filling up with fuel then only having cash to pay.
Restaurants : groups of friends going out for dinner and nobody taking phones or credit cards, only cash.
They are doing it in every single area of France. Simply refusing to be part of it.


Reader's comment--"The reason it works is because it's organised in large groups. One person here and another there doesn't work.  It needs to be really carefully constructed."


A quarter of Canadian grocery stores won’t accept cash in five years, report suggests


Fox news (FOXA) stock hardly affected by 800$ million dollar pound of flesh payment to Dominion Voting systems for questioning the stolen election. Suggests to me that Dominion Voting Systems blackmailed Janet Yellen and co. into writing this cheque or else they would ve they really did steal the election!

Carlyle-linked Group owns Dominion

This is another case of insiders lining their pockets



steven-greer.jpg(left, Steven Greer, yet another Jewish shyster?)



Reader--FYI: You are being punked by this Steven Greer shit-show. Greer weaves "alien" B.S. into the facts, one of which is that the anti-gravity tech is "ours", invented by the Goyim (not reverse engineered), and was stolen by the Rothschild cabal, just as our central banks were.

I came to the Truth Movement by way of the UFO Movement starting in the '60's so I know when TPTB pull exquisitely discredited Greer out, something is up. The cabal is starting to push this UFO dog shit again so I wonder what they are planning?

You (and Ken Adatchi as well) can be forgiven for being flim-flammed  by this grease-ball, "Dr" Steven M. Greer, because this UFO crap is just not your forte (which is why you also usually wisely stay away from it). There is no greater laughing stock in "UFO circles" than Greer i.e. you will be laughed off the face of the earth is you ever even mention Greer to any of the "UFO old-timers". But whatever - they recycle his moronic ass periodically. He is a certified Rothschild agent, there expressly to gull the idiotic Goyim, nothing new and nothing else.




William Makis MD


Young chefs are dying suddenly and unexpectedly - 28 sudden deaths - COVID-19 vaccine mandates?

Biden Struggles To Convince People To Buy EVs, Only 12% Seriously Considering



image(20).pngCanadians Are Organizing a Citizen-Led Inquiry to Seek Accountability for COVID Crimes


REVEALED: Trans-identified male accused of spying on girls in changing room at Nanaimo, BC pool is a convicted pedophile

Otter confessed to touching an 8-year-old girl for sexual purposes on nine separate occasions.

Mark Trozzi MD- Today, I would like to share two important NCI testimonies from funeral directors and staff. Funeral director Laura Jeffery testified in Toronto. Michael Vogiatzakis with Michael MacIver testified in Winnipeg.

They share important observations: when picking up neglected and dead elders in 2020; of deceptive death certificates claiming covid as the cause of death in 2020, and later denying the role of the deadly forced injections that brought the real wave of death; of lockdown suicides: neglected autopsies; dead babies: and the strange extensive clots throughout dead injection victims' vasculature.

It's sad and disturbing material, but we need to know the truth, in order to navigate ourselves and our land away from the deception and abuse of the past three years, and towards human rights and the rule of law.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: To Heal the Great Divide



You peasants are only allowed our narrative!


Telephone: 1 (888) 219-3637

Watch the very first video (contained in this link) and listen very carefully to Senator (R-TX) Bob Hall:

"There is no limit to the evil in hospitals and the patient is the last person on their list that they are concerned about. The hospitals would lie to people and pretend that they could refuse to let people out of the hospitals. As a matter of fact, I think there are many cases where the hospitals can be reported for kidnapping." And we all know, KIDNAPPING IS ILLEGAL, no matter what they then do next!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "April 20 - Fighting the Cashless Society"

Thomas said (April 20, 2023):

Good temporary technique , keep it going as long as possible , Im sure ate some point the will declare this unlawful and start fining and or arresting people , doesn't matter , don't comply , resist , create alternatives

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