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April 18 - Communists Make a Mockery of America

April 18, 2023



barack-michael.jpg(Obama and Michael Robinson, like the pedophile Biden, a raised middle finger to America)


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Obama is a CIA Construct   The CIA is an instrument of the CIA which serves the Communist Rothschild banking cartel. Why didn't Michelle come out as a tranny?

Is she transphobic?


Barack Obama’s Family Admit He’s NOT American and Michelle Is ‘Not What He Seems’

Obama's half-brother Malik has a history of dropping truth bombs about his family on Twitter. On Tuesday he posted a few highly incriminating documents from his brother’s Kenyan history, proving that the history we have been told about Obama is a total lie.

These are documents taken from the Obama family home in Kenya that the CIA agents who carefully crafted Obama’s identity are desperate for you not to see.

Malik Obama, who announced his support for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, is estranged from his younger brother, complaining the he distanced himself from his family during his second term in office.

Since then Malik has used Twitter to support Trump and release embarrassing information about his younger brother; however the publication of Barack Obama’s alleged Kenyan birth certificate is by far the most damaging to date.

Classmates of his Columbia ’83 Political Science graduating class are now admitting the former president did not attend the university, despite Obama’s official backstory stating that he earned his degree at the prestigious school.

Wayne Allyn Root, a Columbia graduate from that class, says he has asked his classmates if they have any memory of Barack, and none of them have a single memory of the future president during their four years at Columbia.

“I asked every classmate I met at our 30th reunion, many of them Political Science majors, if they ever met, or saw, or heard of Obama. The answer was a resounding NO from every one of them. I asked if they found this strange, or worried how this was possible? They all answered YES.
Trudeau.Fidelito.Baphomet.jpgTrudeau crime family

Fidelito tries to distance himself from Chinese government bribes

Influence peddling, just like the Biden Crime Family


Graphene  nanotechnology is activated by 4-G. It's in everything. Vaccines. Insulin. Food.

Must listen. Contracts with Pfizer signed before Wuhan. PCR test had the nanotechnology on swab.

The "Peterpandemic."" There is no pandemic. Which Makow said from the start. The goal is to get rid of useless eaters.


How Jews Murdered Stalin

Stalin's personal dislike of the Jews played a large part in these events. On December 1, 1952, Stalin declared: “Any nationalist Jew is an agent of American intelligence. Nationalist Jews believe that their nation was saved by the United States... Among doctors, there are many nationalist Jews.”

Steve Van Metre--Schwab Bank Could Be the Next Big Bank to Fail as Bank Runs Send Deposits Crashing

Viewer--I have a friend who has worked at Citibank for 17 years text me this afternoon: "Heads up Citibank is initiating massive efforts to prepare for a government shutdown this summer including a potential block on the issuance of new US government bonds. We have never taken this so seriously 2 to 3 months out before. Not sure if its because we know something or taking extreme caution around the bond market"

Is it a big deal? The government does shut down.
french-playboy.jpgThe latest issue of the French edition of Playboy, which features the country’s citizenship minister Marlene Schiappa on its cover, sold out its initial run of 100,000 copies just hours after hitting newsstands on Monday, its publisher Jean-Christophe Florentin told media.


US Copyright Office: AI Generated Works Are Not Eligible for Copyright


Brother Nathaniel- Think locally, act locally, our national entity is ruined.

The Jews push homosexuality, gay marriage, gun confiscation, vaccines, mail-in ballots, abortion, mutilation of children’s sex organs, pornography, censorship, rigged elections, ALL at national and state levels.

When the government kills its own people, or the people kill those who govern… it’s a bad day.

To secede is the only way.

The only non-violent expression left.

Politics is over. We are living in a post-political world. Secession begins with 5 achievable steps.

First—Leverage Resources


The Jewish Monopoly on Opium Still Fuels Chinese Resentment Today

oz-excess.jpgSecret Australian Government Data confirms the Country suffered a devastating 5162% increase in Excess Deaths in 2022 compared to the height of the COVID Pandemic in 2020



Scott Ritter says Ukraine is totally corrupt and Polish government illusions of grandeur are suicidal. Also Ukraine is exporting rotten grain.

Poland, Hungary blocking Ukrainian food exports which is undermining domestic production & sales

Anti-Christian Terrorism in Nashville is a Joke to the Ruling Class by Michael Hoffman

ADULT HUMAN FEMALE--- Transphobic Feminists

This is the first UK documentary feature to look at the clash between women’s rights and trans ideology.

In record time, the trans movement has captured the big institutions.

The police, the political parties, the media, the universities and major corporations have taken up the cause in the name of inclusiveness.

But is it really harmless when men identify into the female sex?


panther.jpgBlack Panther Raised By A Lady Made Friendship With A Rottweiler

If animals of a different species can love each other, surely humans can.

Animal rescue videos on The Dodo and Geobeats at YouTube are the most heart warming and inspiring videos on the Net. Animals teach us to love and be human.




White Lives Matter

Last month: ABOUT 40 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, GIVE OR TAKE A FEW HISPANICS: Black History Month aka February 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has invested tens of millions of dollars into a radical nongovernmental organization (NGO) that is pushing for young children to be considered “sexual beings.”

Not to be confused with the pro-abortion organization, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is a group that campaigns for kids to be sexualized from an early age.

IPPF claims that children are “born sexual” and lobbies for children under 10 years of age to be taught about “commercial sex work.”

Russ Winter- Was Hiroshima Firebombed--not Nuked?



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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