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April 16 - Ron De Santis Complicit in Guantanamo Bay War Crimes

April 16, 2023



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Mansoor Adayfi--Ron De Santis Complicit in Guantanamo Bay War Crimes

"As far as I know, DeSantis did not order my hunger strike to be violently broken or wrote the policies that allowed it to happen. He was just a guy who claimed he was there to help us and then just watched while we were being tortured. He did not torture me, but he sure seemed to take joy from it.

Today, the violence my brothers and I endured in 2006, and its connection to DeSantis, are in the news again, not because the Florida governor belatedly decided to do the right thing and talk against it, but because he might run for president in 2024.

In fact, DeSantis still calls Guantanamo a “terrorist detention facility”, even though back in 2006, the year he was there, an analysis of official documents found that the great majority of the Guantanamo prisoners were innocent men, imprisoned only because of mistaken identity or because they had been sold to the US for bounty money. Regardless of these facts, DeSantis advocated keeping Guantanamo open in his 2016 testimony before the Subcommittee on National Security, in which he claimed that all detainees were “hardened and unrepentant terrorist[s]”, whose release “risks harming America’s national security”.

At the time of DeSantis’s speech, 80 prisoners remained at Guantanamo. I was one of them. Of the 779 men held at Guantanamo since it opened in 2002, only 12 have been charged with crimes. Only two have been convicted. I wonder who DeSantis was talking about. He was there. He saw who we were.

I was born in Yemen. In my culture, a man is only as good as his word. DeSantis is clearly bending the truth to fit his preferred narrative. Maybe he is not a man worthy of leading Florida, let alone the United States."


docs-tucker-war.jpgTucker Carlson: Leaked docs reveal Biden admin, media are lying; US at war with Russia, and Ukraine is losing

‘This is a hot war between the two primary nuclear superpowers on Earth and yet this war has never been formally declared,’ explained the FoxNews host. ‘This war is a violation of American law. It is a crime.’


Catholic Group Will Sue FBI for Infiltrating Churches to Spy on Christians


Jab’s Spike Protein Speeds Age & Death  by Ethan Huff

The phenomenon of “sudden deaths” being seen all around the world following the release of covid “vaccines” can be traced back to one common cause: the age-accelerating effects of spike proteins.

Spike proteins lodge inside every organ of the body, we now know, and once there they transform a person from young to old or from old to very old. This is why young people everywhere, including in-shape athletes, are dropping dead suddenly of cardiac events.


Putting Dylan Mulvaney in a spot


Regina, Sak, Canada rocked by 'horrid' sexualized slogan campaign as mayor, tourism CEO face calls to resign

Slogans included 'we are the city that rhymes with fun' and 'show us your Regina'



Obviously corrupting societal norms is more important than profit


It cost the degenerates at Disney more than $250 million to try and groom little kids by introducing adult sexuality into the children’s films Lightyear and Strange World.

Better still, no movie lost more money last year than the woke Strange World. And other than Strange World and Amsterdam, Lightyear was last year’s biggest money loser.


Shocking plans to implement depopulation and a worldwide totalitarian system revealed more than 50 years ago

A set of audio tapes titled ‘The New Order of Barbarians’ established the existence, scope and direction of a conspiracy which was revealed by an insider, Dr. Richard Day, in 1969.

Dr. Day spoke at The Pittsburgh Paediatric Society in March 1969. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan attended that meeting and in 1988 blew the whistle about the plans that were in place in 1969 to form a new system of government, altering all of society to implement this new system. All of society has been redirected according to these plans.

“Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now … Some of you will think I’m talking about Communism. Well, what I’m talking about is much bigger than Communism!” Dr. Day said.


How Putin and Donald Tusk covered up what caused the Polish presidential plane crash in 2010.


Ukraine will 'disappear' – Medvedev

Ukraine will disappear because its Western backers, the rest of the world, and even its own citizens have no need for the troubled country to keep existing, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has implied.

“Why would Ukraine disappear? Because nobody needs it,” Medvedev, who now holds the position of deputy head of Russia's Security Council, wrote in a post on the VK social network on Saturday.

The EU doesn’t need Ukraine because supporting the country amid the conflict with Russia “on the order of their American mentor, plunged the Europeans into a real financial and political hell,” he insisted. Detrimental anti-Russia sanctions, spiking inflation, high energy prices and the “decay” of businesses have already led to protests in various parts of the continent, the official pointed out.

“The prospect of decisively planting Ukrainian blood-sucking parasites on the neck of the shriveling EU” is real and, if it happens, it’s going to signal the demise of the bloc, Medvedev warned.


wagner-head.jpgHead of Russia's most prominent mercenary firm Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has issued an unexpected call for the Kremlin to declare an end of the war in order to consolidate territory already gained.


Russia's best military commander, Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin, explains why Deep States in both Russia & the West have devious, selfish reasons for prolonging the Ukraine fighting


Summary:,Russia has an immense 'deep state' of globalist-linked oligarchs, & their hangers-on in a professional managerial class, who regularly leak info, & use their bureaucratic positions to hinder the war effort.

This Russian deep state wants to return to old habits & profits of oligarchy linked to the West, & will seek to sabotage Russia by a new round of 'agreements' slowly yielding to the West.

But Ukraine is hampered as well. Ukraine has approximately 200,000 troops with several months' training, & sufficient equipment, ready to engage in a major offensive.

Yet Ukraine is ordered by Americans, to delay making any major attack on Russian positions, repeatedly since December, now again the 'major offensive' is postponed to summer. Why?
The reason is, Americans ultimately fear what will happen in case there is a major attack on Russian positions.

What would happen is that Russians themselves would explode in anger, demanding removal of oligarchs & deep state hindering the war. Russia would finally become the great fighting power it is now blocked from being. It would be unstoppable.

So the USA deep state seeks only a long slow process in which Russia is undermined from within, regions & minorities getting restive so that the Russian Federation crumbles, becoming a set of smaller countries easier to dominate. So the USA orders that there be no significant attack on Russian positions, which would wake up Russia & lead to a Russian cleansing of its internal 5th column.

So the war grinds on. Prigozhin: "Every day before reaching the front line, Ukraine soldiers die by the hundreds, littering the road of death & surrounding fields with thousands of corpses & hundreds of burnt-out armored vehicles, going to the slaughter."
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