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April 12 - Vaccines "Greatest Crime Against Humanity in History"

April 12, 2023


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What internal Pfizer documents reveal


Feminist and honest Jew, Naomi Wolf calls "vaccines" the "greatest crime against humanity in history."


Start at 9 min.

Over 2500 experts in medical field responded to call to analyse 55,000 pages of internal Pfizer documents which showed, one month after rollout, that Pfizer and the FDA knew the "vaccines" did not prevent transmission of "COVID" but actually caused it, created heart damage in young adults one week after vax, and lipidnanoparticples and spike proteins spread out from injection site to infect all organs including brain, liver, spleen and women's ovaries. There is no mechanism where body can shed these toxins from ovaries.


Pfizer had to hire 2400 staffers to process reports of adverse reactions. In spite of this, or rather because of it, people were pressured into taking this poison.


Strokes are skyrocketing in young people - Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines showed safety signals for strokes as early as November 2021, but these were ignored.




PANIC! Woke Bud Light Marketing VP DELETES Accounts | Scrubs Internet History In Humiliation

Bud VP Heinerscheid is universally scorned. Her career is over. This overstep, typical of cabalist Jews, may be Woke's Waterloo. Cabalists believe they can impose their sick solipsism on reality. Satanists, they believe they can override the natural order, in this case gender.


69408677-11931823-Director_Robby_Starbuck_described_the_partnership_as_the_erasure-a-8_1680493895610.pngButtwiper sales implode. NC distributor worried he can't feed his family.



Buttwiper doubles down with a series of cans honoring transgender celebrities.




Paul Joseph Watson on Buttwiper's plan to alienate and insult its customer base


Russ Winter weighs in on Buttwiper's weird gamble

-- founder Mike Adams interviews war correspondent Michael Yon who is on site at the UN migration camp (San Vicente) at the Darien Gap in Panama, where both the United Nations and the USA are funding mass human migration activities to shuttle migrants from all over the world into the United States.

Migrants moving through this UN camp include people from the Middle East, Europe, Haiti and China, among many South American citizens. As part of the interview, I was able to speak with a Chinese couple (in Mandarin) and confirm their country of origin (mainland China) and their destination (the United States).



Largest Teachers Union in United Kingdom Votes to Have Drag Queen Grooming Hour in All Schools



GCHQ appoints its first female boss in 100-year history: MI5 spook Anne Keast-Butler who oversaw security service's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine is named new head of intelligence agency


East Palestine Derailment

Ellen Brown--The facts don't add up.

Survivors of the Trans Panic: Detransitioner Reveals Horrors of Gender ‘Cyber-Sect’

Oftentimes, people are looking for an escape. There’s a lot of escapism in my generation, and this is especially true with the trans ideology,” Estella Suarez-Hamilton, a young woman who “transitioned” as a teenager and presented herself as a man, told Breitbart News. “It was a distraction that I needed, to not look at the parts of my life and the relationships in my life that I was not succeeding in, and were falling apart.”

“I was looking for escape — and the political, kind of spiritual, aspects of trans ideology, when they’re combined with the online [community], that offers a type of escapism,” she continued. “A lot of times people will say that it’s a ‘cult,’ and in a way, that could be applied, but I think a more accurate term is a ‘cyber sect’.”

Dr. Jordan Peterson chimed in to the recent threat Natural Resources agreement controversy, telling Alberta to separate from Canada if necessary.




Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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