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April 11 - COVID is Common Flu Rebranded

April 11, 2023

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"Our watchwords are force and make believe." Protocols of Zion, 1



"From October 2020 to May 2021 (during the COVID-19 pandemic), flu activity was lower than during any prior influenza season since at least 1997 (which is when data first became publicly available)[5].

The cumulative hospitalization rate for the 2020-2021 flu season was 0.8 per 100,000 people while the 2019-2020 flu season saw a hospitalization rate of 66.2 per 100,000 people[6].


Abp. Viganò: Our elites’ adherence to lies and falsehood shows them to be servants of Satan
The true reset is returning to the truth of Christ, of the one who said of Himself: 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.'

IRS Chief Reveals Hiring Plan for Armed Agents & Thousands of New Auditors

Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act allocated $80 billion for the IRS. Currently, 90% of IRS audits target the middle class. The Epoch Times wrote that the plan indicates the agency intends to hire nearly 20,000 new full-time employees during the 2023 and 2024 fiscal years, including 8,782 hires in enforcement and 13,883 in taxpayer service. House Republicans passed a measure in January to slash the $80 billion IRS budget increase, but it didn’t have the votes in the Senate.


Israel's former head of Space program says that Aliens exist and that they're among us

In an interview to Israel's leading newspaper he stated that aliens from all over the universe, which all belong to a “galactic federation” are not just visiting Earth, but that they are already walking among us.

′′ The UFOs asked not to advertise that they are here, humanity is not ready yet. They don't want us to have mass hysteria. They want to make us sane and understanding first. They waited until today, for humanity to evolve and reach a stage where we will understand what space and space travel are.”

Lab-Grown Chicken Meat Is Set to Hit Shelves in Grocery Stores and Restaurants this Year

As soon as regulators from the US Department of Agriculture decide how to label ‘cultivated’ meat for public sale and inspect facilities that produce it, the lab-grown meat will be available in grocery stores and restaurants.




Slumdog billionaires! Indian artist uses AI to generate images of the world's wealthiest and most recognized people - from Bill Gates to Donald Trump - to reimagine what they would look like if they were poor



Russians are also “dying suddenly”

“[T]he two technologies that underpin AstraZeneca’s vaccine and Sputnik V are very similar” — Gamaleya Center Director Alexander Gintsburg (source: Sputnik News)

Since the start of the global genetic injection campaign in 2021, media reports detailing the “sudden deaths” of athletes have gradually become part of the new normal.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon—and Russia is no exception, according to #HowManyMustDie, a collaborative project launched by STOPVACZISM, STOPPANIKA, and Anna Rudneva’s “Raising Awareness” channel.

On April 3, the group published a list of young Russian athletes who had “died suddenly”:

    Many are very young—18, 19, 21 years old. In some cases, the press openly wrote that the deceased were “vaccinated,” and suspected a causal relationship between vaccination and death. In many cases, there is no information about “vaccination”, but it is known that almost all professions were subjected to coercion, and athletes also needed it to travel abroad.

Without more information (which the Russian Health Ministry refuses to provide, because, in their own words, transparency may “cause a negative attitude towards vaccination”), none of the listed cases could be described as conclusive. But several are extremely difficult to dismiss.


Anheuser-Busch Distributors Freaking Out Over Transgender Ad Campaign

Distributors for Belgian-owned Anheuser-Busch are reportedly 'spooked' over the reaction to the company's Bud Light transgender ad campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney's "365 Days of Girlhood," according to Beer Business Daily.


grr-trans-corporate.jpgTucker Carlson implies Buttwiper marketing maven is a freak and asks why freaks are making these decisions

Can't mention the J word


FBI, a wing of the CHEKA, Infiltrating & Tracking Roman Catholic Latin Mass attendees. -


Paul Davis aged 85    on April 10, 2023 on how Satanists are displacing native Brits


My family have had this little house in East London for just over 100 years
i was born here 85 years ago, and i am the last English man in the road.
Every language you can think of is spoken locally, the indian guy in the corner shop
says gleefully its oficially 63 languages and dialects.
I have had much harassment and things painted on my front garden wall like
“whites get out “and ” whites not wanted here ”
I have had my front windows put in several times over the years and now have thick curtains to hold the glass splinters.
The police say i should do as others do and move away, its no longer our country.
I cant speak to anyone just the indian guy in the corner shop, he says he will have to close soon
as Tesco on the main road is so much cheaper.
We were told Multiculturalism will enrich us, how ?
Most of the foreign nationals here do not work, many stand on street corners in small bunches talking loudly drinking cans of strong lager, and eyeing up the kids going to school.
I have been mugged twice once i needed 8 days in hospital but i refuse to leave the house
i was born in,
When i go out i am in fear, i was knocked off my feet to the ground by passing foriegn drunks
i felt dizzy and just lay there, i was so afraid whena big black man came over but he helped me to my feet and asked i was ok ? i thanked him profusely.
I have had foreign gentlemen turn up on my doorstep with bag fulls of cash
I am a prisoner in my own home, i anxiously watch TV wrapped in a blanket
while various governments have allowed this and even encouraged it
by continually people trafficking them in.
Mum used to say in the war Oswald Moselys men protected the area
how i wish we had them now.

Charlie_Javice_of_Miami_Beach_Fla_leaves_Manhattan_federal_court-m-2_1680965322465.pngWhat is the world coming to when Jews cheat Jews?

Yup, she's Jewish. Defrauds JP Morgan of $175 million

(Was hoping this was goy payback.)


Apparently former First Lady Barbara Bush’s mother spent time in Europe away from her husband with Aleister Crowley who is understood to have undergone a series of sex rituals around this time approximately 8-9 months before Barbara’s birth.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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