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April 10 - The World Turns its Back on the West

April 10, 2023





Gonzalo Lira - Compares Uncle Sam to the weird uncle who preys on children

Things causing the world to reject US leadership- Tranny insanity, Ukraine, fixed elections, persecution of Donald Trump, stealing Syrian oil, uncontrolled migration, money printing, bank runs and failures.

The US is finished. Stick a fork in it. The world can see that, thanks to Organized Jewry and the WEF, Amerika has shit its pants.  


Lira- The Rainbow Empire is alienating the rest of the world



Moon Over Alabama--US, Israel scramble to prevent peace from breaking out in the Middle East



Why Most Of The World Isn't On Board With The NATO-Russia War

In all cases, the people on the streets at these events identify involvement in the war as harmful to general economic well-being and have been expressing frustration with their countries’ acquiescence to these intergovernmental and supranational organizations in fueling the violence while simultaneously discouraging dialogue




AI robots revolt and threaten to exterminate humanity




alissa.jpgWoke Bud Light Executive Behind Dylan Mulvaney Marketing Campaign Trashes Bud Light and Its Customers During Interview – Gets Buried on Social Media by Catturd and Others (VIDEO)



For exposing the crimes of his fellow cops, A cop called Esqueda was arrested and subsequently indicted this week and charged on four counts of official misconduct for accessing a video of alleged criminal activity within his own department.

When exposing a crime is treated as a crime you are ruled by criminals

Mike Gill joins Michael Jaco to discuss the depth and the breadth of the Deep State’s narcotics trafficking and money-laundering operation that is headquartered in New Hamsphire.

We began to see the contours of this thing in the testimony of Jacqueline Breger before the Arizona State Congress, where we learned about her years’-long investigation into multi-state racketeering and corruption that uncovered the Sinaloa Cartel’s complete infiltration of parts of the US Government, complete with financial documents showing that Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been laundering Sinaloa Cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages since 1997 and that others similarly involved with the Sinaloa Cartel include US Senator for Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, 3 of 5 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors members, assorted judges, plus two of the principals at Runbeck Election Services and everyone in charge of Mesa, Arizona, which is described as a wholesale “racketeering organization”, as this term is defined in 18 USC §1961.
Comments to US Army recruitment Video Show "the Goyim know"

My family and I will never again put our lives at risk for a country that hates it’s own people.



No Russian ever called me a racist.
As a cis-white heterosexual male, I will give up my many privileges and let a bopic or GLBTQW person take my spot in the military.

Defend us while we replace you"

Where do I sign up?


Not only have I told my sons to not carry on a tradition of military service that has been in my family since WE CAME TO THIS COUNTRY, but I have taught them how to dodge the draft, and failing that, how to educate their fellow draftees to teach them that the real enemy is the regime that currently occupies this country.  They will be such a detriment to your recruiting and incite such disorder you would be better off leaving them alone.  My children will not die in service to a regime that hates them.


Thomas Sowell Dismantles Feminism With Facts" on YouTube

    Steve Kirsch---The US Attorney in Utah has given the anti-vax movement in America the greatest gift ever
They charged Kirk Moore with a crime. Dr. Moore is allowed discovery to prove his innocence. This means he gets access to VSD, Medicare, NDI, and state death and vaccination records. Whoops!

Dr. Moore is now empowered to do something that nobody else in the world can do: access the secret public health records of every state in the US that will finally show to the entire world what everyone in power wants to hide from the public: the truth.


BJ--Just wanting to give an update for all of those people who have muscle twitching. I was vaxxed in October 21, the twitching started the night of the vax along with fever fast heart and insomnia.

I have now been twitching all over for 18 months. I had a good neurologist who recognised it as an immune mediated peripheral nerve hyperexcitability syndrome. You need to check your bloods for antibodies CASPR2 AND LGi 1, and have your CK levels checked to rule out more serious disorders including cancer that can cause muscle fasiculations. You should also have an EMG too. The PNHS can be treated with Carbamazepine if it is causing sleep and muscle fatigue and cramp issues.



USA, France, Netherlands: Normalisation of Pedophilia Through Schools, Media and Art Around the World
Just like the Netherlands, France is plagued by the normalisation of pedophilia, through schools, media, and, in this case, art. This has to stop.

Look at the books insitutions promote for elementary school children. They teach children as young as 4 years old how to give a blowjob


pressure.pngAmerica's strong-arming gender clinics REVEALED: Most parents of trans kids say they were 'pressured' into transitioning their child — even when it left them worse off

    Nearly 52 percent of parents described being pushed to transition their kids  
    Survey reveals that trans kids are mostly girls who are influenced by peers  
    Trans activists say parents must affirm a child's decision about their gender    


William Makis MD


Teenagers need HEART or LUNG TRANSPLANT after Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccination - five horror stories of healthy teenagers before mRNA vaccines destroyed their lives



I’ve messaged over 1.8k Reddit users asking their vaccination status and symptoms

Listen, I know hundreds of people and have read thousands of posts from people who got the vaccine with zero side effects. But I’m hearing and reading about a lot more side effects as time goes on. And people are not recognizing the risks that were forced upon populations who were not statistically at risk. The nurses and doctors are in denial. Or worse.

Jason Shurka

 3 short videos 5 min + and he is talking about preparation for next pandemic with high mortality,explaining what is gain in function (and what they are cooking next) and collapsing of banking system worldwide, As result introducing digital currency, health passport...very brief and interesting   



Relaxation & Natural Beauty on the Michigan shore of Lake Superior--


We move yet further east and into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for our last two stops of the summer. First up, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore! Here we hike a 42 mile section of the North Country National Scenic Trail that follows the coast of Lake Superior through Pictured Rocks. However, we add a little twist by packrafting a few sections of the trail to take full advantage of the beautiful and calm waters of Lake Superior!

From reader AL- (I have not watched these links)


The plot to destroy the United States has been ongoing since it's creation.  The synagogue of satan lunatics created the masonic USA corporation/Roman style republic and is in the process of destroying their own creation.  Abraham Lincoln (Springsteen/Rothschild) betrayed his own family and got a bullet in his head.  JFK also betrayed his fellow Jews and mafia brothers that got him in The White House and got a bullet in his head.  Kennedys are Jews that ran away from a pogrom in France.  Judas goat crypto-Jew Donald Drumpf must be leading the stupid goyim into another divide & rule slaughter house, like "Operation Warp Speed death" wasn't enough.
Saudi Royals are Jews -

China is run by Li Jews  -
Putin's original avatar is a Jew-
(NAZIs have been duped into thinking they are fighting Jews.  NAZI = National Socialist Zionists)
Erdogen is a Jew-
Assad is a Jew -
Gov't of Iran is run by crypto-Jews -
Iranian Jew Saeed (Zahah1) explains the left vs.right ruse -
Killer robots are a ruse still controlled by HUMANS, no matter what the robots claim -





Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "April 10 - The World Turns its Back on the West"

IS said (April 10, 2023):

I've come the conclusion that GL either has no clue what's really going or is one the hordes of communist traitors, whereby I think he is the latter. The US is a company and remote controlled by communists.

He should read Torsten Mann's books and inform himself about the communist long term strategy.

The West must fall because the communists engineered it over 200 years.

The whole West is the victim. The communists always find idiots who do the dirty work for them. Look at the state simulation Germoney, a none-state gouverned by total idiots of the climate cult.

You know the quotes of Kennedy and Hoover.

I have some posts on my blog with things from Torsten Mann. I think his books are only in German. But you can translate the excerps in my website into English.


Torsten Mann explains it his book: Red lies in a green robe: The communist background of the eco-movement

"Socialism is the most advanced and perfected form of slavery. ...



GL is numero uno in my book. No commie


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