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Douglas Reed- Jewish Xenophobia is the Cause of Anti Semitism

April 19, 2023


Douglas Launcelot Reed (1895-1976) raised the alarm
about the Illuminati Jewish conspiracy in key books like
 The Controversy of Zion (1978).

A former London Times correspondent and author of 24 books,
his recognition that Judaism's destructive mission, outlined in Deuteronomy,

is the worm in mankind's apple ended his career.

In this provocative excerpt from "Disgrace Abounding"(1939),
he says Nazi race policies are a mirror image of Jewish ones
and he wrestles with a solution to the "Jewish Question."

 The Western elites have been inducted into Cabalist Judaism

(Freemasonry, Satanism) and are active accomplices in

their own societal suicide.

Disclaimer- I have not encountered these xenophobic views among fellow assimilated Jews but agree that they drive the agenda of Organized Jewry.
Ordinary Jews are kept in a state of fear, thinking they are persecuted for "no reason" rather than for the actions of Organized Jewry.



Deuteronomy is Blueprint of the New World Order

Therefore Deuteronomy is also the basis of the political programme, of worldly dominion over nations despoiled and enslaved, which has been largely realized in the West during this Twentieth Century.

…Religious intolerance is the basis of this “Second Law” …and murder in the name of religion is its distinctive tenet.
Based on his reading of Deuteronomy, Douglas Reed (1895-1976) made these disturbing observations that, while not new, were still a minor epiphany:

Deut1.png1. The goal of Judaism is to destroy, dispossess and enslave non-Jews.

2.  There is nothing religious, moral or spiritual about Judaism. The Jewish ‘Covenant with God’ consists of an exchange of MATERIAL POWER for meaningless observance.

3.  Judaism is typical of a satanic cult in that it coerces observance and murders genuine men of God (apostates.) Communism, a proxy for the political goals of Judaism, OPERATES THE SAME WAY. The US and Europe are now the major vehicles of this agenda. (See Note below article)

 “By the time the end of Deuteronomy is reached, the moral commandments have been nullified… for the purpose of setting up, in the guise of a religion, the grandiose political idea of a people especially sent into the world to destroy and “possess” other peoples and to rule the earth. “






from Sept 1, 2014

by Douglas Reed

(Excerpt by 


Not anti-Semitism but anti-Gentilism came first. You have heard a lot in recent years about Hitler's Nuremberg anti-Jewish laws, with their ban on intermarriage, which the Germans call race-defilement.


A most intelligent and cultured and open-minded Jew in Budapest said to me, 'After all, the Nuremberg laws are only the translation into German of our own Mosaic laws, with their ban on intermarriage with Gentiles'.


Race-antagonism began, not with the Gentiles, but with the Jews. Their religion is based on it. This racial lunacy which you detest in the Germans has possessed the Jews for thousands of years. When they become powerful, they practise it; as they consolidate their position in one trade after another, in one profession or another, the squeeze-out of Gentiles begins. That was why you found, in Berlin and Vienna and Budapest and Prague and Bucharest, newspapers with hardly a Gentile on the editorial staff, theatres owned and managed by Jews presenting Jewish actors and actresses in Jewish plays praised by the Jewish critics of Jewish newspapers, whole streets with hardly a non-Jewish shop in them, whole branches of retail trade monopolized by Jews.


Jews, if you know them well enough and understand these things enough for them to talk openly with you, will admit this. They cannot deny it.


In the beginning was anti-Gentilism. This, not the perfidy of the Gentiles, prevents the assimilation of the Jews. This prevents them from ever becoming Germans or Poles or Italians. This keeps them welded together as alien communities in foreign lands, communities ultimately hostile to the Gentile.


It is their religion? Good, but it is the reason why they cannot be assimilated.


In the defeated countries, the Jews did not use the great power they achieved to promote and accelerate assimilation. They used it to increase the power and wealth of the Jews, and their intensive mutual collaboration, in that era to oust non-Jews from professions, trades and callings, was the outward and visible sign that anti-Gentilism remained within them.


The race barriers that had existed against the Jews were broken down, every path was open; but the race-barrier within themselves still existed, and thus you had the misuse of this freedom and those grave signs of its abuse, the exploitation of cheap labour and of young non-Jewish womanhood, which were so repugnant a feature of life in Berlin and Vienna, and still are seen to-day, as I write, in Budapest and Prague.


These are grave things, which need to be understood.


The inner knowledge of this seemingly unbridgeable gulf causes many Jews to take on protective coloring, to change their names, to outdo their Gentile neighbours in vocal patriotism, to obscure the fact that they are Jews. Some, a few, marry Gentiles; to the main body of Jews they are renegades who have 'married outside the faith'. Some, a few, have themselves baptized; but they remain Jews.....



No Jew ever mistakes the man he is dealing with. He knows at once whether the other man is a Jew or a Gentile; it is the first question he asks himself.


How many Gentiles know when they have to do with a Jew? How often have you heard, 'Is he really a Jew? The thought never occurred to me. He doesn't look like one'.


The feeling towards Gentiles that is given the Jew when he comes into the world and is fostered in him within his family circle, is that the Gentiles are people, more stupid than the Jews, who can be used to bring profit and advantage to the Jews.


It is a fundamentally hostile attitude, the strength of which is that the Gentiles, by and large, do not realize its existence. All the means of protective colouring are used to further it. Outside that family circle, the Jew is a matey, hail-fellow-well-met brother citizen. That is not in his heart, nor in his eyes, if you look into them.


You are a man against whom he has to pit his wits, to outdo his potential enemy. The basis of it lies in his religion. It is all very good if both sides realize what is afoot. But it makes assimilation impossible.




There are two bitterly antagonistic schools of Jewish thought. One is for assimilation, for ignoring that unbridgeable gulf fixed by the Jewish faith, for settling in the midst of the Christian communities and the various nations, and taking on their forms of life and characteristics.


If you have a young and sturdy race and set a low limit on the number of the Jews, this works fairly well - as for instance, in Serbia. The Serbs were too virile for the Jews to reach disproportionate influence among them - and there were not many Jews. But when a new influx of Jews begins, under the influence of wars or an anti-Semitic movement elsewhere, the trouble starts.


The other Jewish school of thought is for boldly accepting the truth, that Jews are Jews and unassimilable, for setting up a National Jewish state somewhere of which all Jews should be subjects. It is, in my view, the solution and ought at all cost to be done.


Then the native citizen of other countries would know with whom he had to deal and what motives he might expect in that citizen of a foreign state. It would put an end to the Jew who constantly steps across the frontiers and repeatedly changes his language, his nationality, and his professed allegiance, who is a German to-day, an Austrian to-morrow, a Hungarian the day after, and next week an Englishman, who claims a privileged place in the world that is open to no other race or faith, who, in the name of love for that particular country in which he happens at the moment to be, works bee-like for war against the anti-Semitic state that he has left.


Here you have the ruling idea of the dummer Christian again, the stupid Gentile who can be egged on to fight the other Gentiles in order to exterminate anti-Semitism. Organized international Jewry ought, in the name of dignity alone, to put a stop to this. Protest and fight against anti-Semitism as much as you like, but do not expect the nations to go to war about it.




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Reed-  Hitler - The Jewish Messiah?

Makow comment:   This was written over 80 years ago when Organized Jewry was mounting World War Two. In the interim, the western Gentile nations have become Jews themselves, blindly led by Zionist political, corporate and media shills (i.e. Freemasons), unable to distinguish their own interests, coldly castigating "anti Semites," corrupted by Cabalism, inundated and fractured by "minorities," barely holding to their own identities.  Judaism is a satanic cult which first corrupts and enslaves Jews, and through Freemasonry, Gentiles. Most Jews are unaware of this process, the root cause of anti Semitism. Reed's Israel solution is ironic, given the price Palestinians have paid, and the fact Israel is part of a greater "New World Order."

We have to wonder how common this anti Gentilism is today when 70% of non-orthodox US Jews marry non-Jews. Also, to keep this in perspective, German Jews look down on Polish/Russian Jews and both look down on Jews from Arab countries.

First Comment from Victoria :

Other than the all-pervading 'anti-gentilism of the present day, the only times I experienced that was in Grade 11, in high school, when 2/3 of my class was Jewish.  We were pretty much excluded and talked 'down' to as if we were peripheral to requirements.  And, about the same time, I worked briefly as a 'mother's helper' for a woman whose husband owned a shoe company up in North York.  She, too, left me in no doubt that I was 'the help'.

However, I also had a good friend who came from a family of Romanian Jews, that moved to Israel after the second World War. Unfortunately, Liora was in Canada for only a couple of years while her husband did an internship at the Hospital for Sick Children/U. of T.  She was a lovely person, and very self-deprecating and, interestingly, she didn't have much time for many of the fellow 'tribe' members she met in North America because she found them too 'pushy'.  Mischievously, she had chosen to name her daughter, 'Hagar',(which, as you probably know, was the name of the 'mother' of the Arabs) and Hagar was my son's best friend throughout their two years of kindergarten.
Perhaps one reason I'm so interested in the whole 'Jewish' question is because of the Ashkenazi, Jewish element in my mother's family.  She had a grandmother whose maiden name was 'Geisinger' and who came from a line of people who had been jewelers and doctors and lawyers, but she was particularly proud of the fact that she was descended from the tribe of Levi, which, she said, was the priestly tribe.  My mother, who tended to be oblivious to a lot of things, seemed surprised at the Jewish connection in her family, despite having had an uncle named 'Samuel Levi Geisinger Abney', who was a lawyer.  
I have never disliked any people as a group, because I always see them as individuals, both good and bad, and as you know, there are examples of both in every, single group on this planet.  However, I realize that the peace of this world is disturbed as soon as you get even one group that claims superiority to all others - especially if, as with the Jewish people (or, for that matter, the English) - they have both the power and money to impose their viewpoint upon others - at gunpoint if necessary.

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Comments for "Douglas Reed- Jewish Xenophobia is the Cause of Anti Semitism "

Kurt said (September 4, 2014):

Tony (below) is right:

“The Jew's domination in the state seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs. A section of his race openly owns itself to be a foreign people, yet even here they lie. For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.
From chapter 11 of Mein Kampf:


Thanks Kurt

Hitler was the biggest psychopath, criminal and scumbag of them all-- fitting considering that he worked for "the Jews."


Robert G said (September 2, 2014):

Greg G. is correct in his statement below (“Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, BECAUSE they will turn your sons away from Me to worship other gods” (Deut. 7:3-4). - See more at: on why Jews could not marry Gentiles.

I did yeoman research (years) on this in my studies on the 1st Commandment, and idolatry was an invidious fear of the Jews because of what Yahweh threatened in retribution. Indeed it was an abomination to marry a Gentile, and to this day-- if the Commandments were followed-- it would still be.

So, Greg G. is correct, and I say this as a theologian who has written extensively on this question.

If one studies the Hebrew culture and edicts in the Hebrews coming out of exile in Egypt, and studies the surrounding belief systems at that time, the absolute separation of Jew from neighboring peoples as an order from the Divine surfaces very sharply, and in well-etched parameters. The failure of Hebrew language understanding in the overwhelming number of theologians far younger than me today accounts for the absence of discussion and understanding on this demand for "a people set apart."

Greg G said (September 2, 2014):

Reed: “A most intelligent and cultured and open-minded Jew in Budapest said to me, 'After all, the Nuremberg laws are only the translation into German of our own Mosaic laws, with their ban on intermarriage with Gentiles'.”

The author’s main thesis is that Old Testament Judaism is anti-Gentile because it bans intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles. However he and his Jewish friend misinterpreted the REASON WHY God banned intermarriage. He banned intermarriage because of Gentile religions, not their races…

“Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, BECAUSE they will turn your sons away from Me to worship other gods” (Deut. 7:3-4).

Tony B said (September 1, 2014):

A few comments.

1. Those who advocate a separate Jewish nation advocate such a nation where ALL Jews must go, not just those who so chose. That just gives them a headquarters where head Talmudist can plan and work undisturbed while they continue to disturb and misuse all other nations, our present situation. Of course, that would not be fair to Jews such as yourself.

2. What must be realized, but likely will never be accepted, is that protestantism itself, the "culture" of most of the west now, is Jewish to the core, Judaism for the goy, as one prominent rabbi of the past (wish I could find his name in my records) succinctly put it. Where protestantism exists it is the driving force for and defender of Judaism as it disposed of ALL spirituality of the Christian religion as its first chore, leaving an easily manipulated mechanical structure for use as pleased. Should be obvious to all, yet the blind will always lead the blind.

3. As mentioned before, it has been obvious to me for half a century that the hardest, most dedicated and most tireless fighters against Jewish intrigues are themselves Jews because they alone have a complete grasp of the enormity of the Talmudic/satanic evil in that enemy.

Henrique said (September 1, 2014):

Judaism is a front culture created by the esoteric Elite, for many different purposes, but mainly to bring in a multicultural ( no distinguishable races, as Coudenhove-Kalergi said ) unified Global Government. Their networking skills and relatively small numbers ensure they prop each other up in every society, and eventually become the main players in this money system we all live under, pulling the strings of left and right.

But I think the main players are still "Aryan" aristocrats, in the esoteric hierarchy. Remember the Satanist saying that the Queen of England is "the Queen of all masonry", "our Queen" ? The Mother-Lodge is in London, they push revolution everywhere BUT in Britain. Karl Marx when expelled from Europe found refuge there, and the Monarchy stands, even with homosexualism ( which it approves ), multiculturalism, abortion, probable dissolution into EU soon, etc.

Furthermore, a front culture cannot be superior to the force that created it, by any means. It's easy to see things from this perspective if you're not as base as to actually consider the contents of the Bible literally.

Victoria said (September 1, 2014):

In reference to the remark written below by Robert K., about setting up a Jewish state 'SOMEWHERE', few people are aware that Stalin did just that in 1928, when he set aside an area between Siberia and Mongolia, as a Jewish protectorate where that group could live in peace. It was known as Birobidjan (a.k.a. 'Birobidzhan) and still exists as a Jewish homeland to this day - though, the Western media has kept very quiet about its existence. It seems that many Jewish people prefer to live in New York, or London, or Paris, or even, Toronto, and surreptitiously interfere with the lives of the unsuspecting and trusting 'goyim', whom they purport to despise, in preference to living amongst 'their own' in safety and security:

Given this, you really have to wonder, don't you, if most Jewish people truly want peace and security or if their tastes run more to constant turmoil and superiority?

Thanks Victoria

While I agree that this anti Gentilism is common, I have not seen much of it myself as an assimilated Jew.


David said (September 1, 2014):

Years ago Robert Heilbroner (author of the "Worldly Philosophers") wrote that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, all the true believers in the failed god of Communism would have to find a new god. They found it in the environmental movement. That is the new Trojan Horse for world government.

That is why the fanatics behind the "human caused" global warming scam refuse to let go: it promotes a one-world authority to dictate peoples' lives and they want to fund it with the "carbon tax", a tax for the "crime" of breathing. Even with record cold winters and all their predictions based on computer models having failed, they cling to the belief that carbon dioxide is an evil that only humans can atone for. They are as deadly as the Bolsheviks, the Khmer Rouge or the Red Guard. David

Kevin Boyle said (September 1, 2014):

Quote ".......the Gentile nations in the West have become Jews themselves"

Indeed. Exactly so.....amazingly, Judaism has, one way or another, assimilated just about every political system and religion on earth.

Most of my own family think I am mad (I must have read too many of your articles, Henry). They mostly buy into the whole suicidal Frankfurt School gibberish. Therefore they are predominantly psychologically (and even culturally) Jewish.

One wonders what will happen if the globalism/NWO project ever triumphs under its expected 'Jewish Messiah'. It is likely that at this moment the situation will become clear. It will not matter who was or was not a Zionist, a Jew or a gentile. All that will matter is whether a person or group support the despotic Satanist global leadership. The nature of the beast will become clear. People will choose to be in and alive or out and most likely dead.

Jews should realize that they are nothing more than useful to these people, who are of all races and nations, albeit led by the full-on Jewish Luciferians among them.

Robert K said (September 1, 2014):

Maybe he clarified his concept in some other writing, but here at least Reed advocated "setting up a National Jewish state SOMEWHERE". I am quite sure he would not have approved of brutally expelling an indigenous population for this purpose.

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