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Satanist Insider Savours Our Suffering

March 11, 2023


This short missive from Fozdyke is a needed reminder
 that we are in the thrall of pure Evil. These people want to kill us.
Are we lambs to the slaughter?

AJF--"Close to the end of this life's journey, I'm gorging myself on the low-vibrational, almost physical energies caused by the negative emotions generated by suffering and death. Again, something I've stated before. It's a great time to live, especially from the relative safety of the side-lines."

by A.J. Fozdyke

Honestly Henry, your readers and contributors make me laugh!  

There is nothing and no one who can stop us. Told you before - over and over. All this junk about standing up to oppression and how the future of America depends on white men reclaiming their sacred, god-given rights.

I recommend getting out of your comfy, intellectual easy chair and considering death rates, short but nonetheless lifetime disabilities, SIDS, VAIDS, myocarditis, supply lines, inflation, homelessness, pension/superannuation schemes, plus food and medicine shortages.

And please fill me in on any of your zany readers' bright scenarios because I love a tear-filled belly-laugh.  

 Where's old Numb-Nuts (Jesus) and his jealous, angry daddy (God) when you need them? Xtianity was largely invented by Saul of Tarsus, aka St. Paul. He did it to destroy the Roman Empire, but things got out of hand. As Crowley opined, its 'a vile superstition'. That stated: We don't believe, We know in Jesus. And he's asleep. Two thousands years of widow's tears, orphans' wailing and the last century prove it. Some Alpha Lodge adherents get a tattoo of the crucifix on their soles so they can walk on it.  

 My Teacher and I have only ever stated truth. We were the first to advise that this century is Chinese and I gave some of the background as to why. I disclosed still unappreciated information concerning the Profumo Affair and High Initiate, Dr Stephen Thomas Ward (hint, English QBL). I named Charlie and gave information on documents. I disclosed the most powerful, fast acting, cure-all medicine known. I recommended weight/purity stamped, in-your-hand silver. And heaps of other stuff. What happened?


 And you sickos wonder why we despise you and your descendants!  

 Close to the end of this life's journey, I'm gorging myself on the low-vibrational, almost physical energies caused by the negative emotions generated by suffering and death. Again, something I've stated before. It's a great time to live, especially from the relative safety of the side-lines.

I rejoice in My Great Work! I've laboured in concert with deities! I helped gift China its new empire; with all its generational, 'white trash' miseries. I've used a Goetic spirit to kill. I know that the best women are Asian teen boys - the Middle Pillar, if you like.  

 How about your readers?  

 Because "I will walk with Satan, in His world, with His Bride..."

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Comments for "Satanist Insider Savours Our Suffering "

HK said (March 12, 2023):

A strategy to restore hope:

From Revisionist History Bulletin by Michael Hoffman
Spring 2023

It is not too late to recover our humanity by fasting periodically from the internet, motion pictures (video and TV) and digital and electronic stimuli of all types, substituting for the ease of that data hive the work of concentration, in contemplating the spoken and written word. Through those two still highly potent media, Jesus launched Christianity.

Beside the Bible, we can ennoble our minds by studying the canonical works of the West- Virgil and Irenaeus; Augustine's City of God, Dante's Inferno, Shakespeare's Macbeth, Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, Dickens' Bleak House and Oliver Twist - while embracing family, land, garden, forest and organic community. By this means, through the grace of God, our spirits are lifted and our minds renewed.

English historian John Harvey observed: "We are living in an age of swift transition, towards what may be a new Dark Age, or which, more hopefully, we may diagnose as a new epic of creative energy, wherein the great advances in knowledge shall to turned to the betterment of humanity instead of its destruction."

Benny said (March 12, 2023):

What happened?
AJF sounds so frustrated!

Maybe it's his low-vibrational, almost physical energies caused by the negative emotions generated by his own suffering and death?

Did old numb-nuts view Asian teen boys as women too, like this hypocrite? No?

How about Henry Makow's readers that AJF has "TOLD THIS AND THAT!" ? No?
After all, he's positive Makow's 15 or so readers have done NOTHING to overturn the evil psychos who brag about being evil psychos while despising others. Weird, considering AJF also brags that the satan slave system he's stuck in is now so worldwide that nobody CAN do anything about it even IF they wanted.

So if he's pleased "sitting on the sideline" what's he whining about?
Having everything, still not happy?
What a surprise.

Maybe at least he'll give the Devil a good time in Hell.

Over and out.

DM said (March 12, 2023):

The only thing we can see on the latest clumsy moves of the consumed autoproclamed elite is that they are all so desperate to fulfill the commandments of their master because his short reign based in tricks and lies is about to collapse.

Why? simple, because nothing based in lies will prevail. This has happened before, in the past with the same result. We have discovered who they are, what they do and their ultimate goal which is the spiritual suffering on humankind by making us believe that this is the last energetic- life-field and that we are nothing more than flesh and bone, In their psychopathology they pretend to recreate (with inverted technology) a whole universe they donĀ“t even understand. Bad news for them: our father wants us humans as winners of this spiritual war.

Thank you Henry.
God bless us all

GC (at Truthseeker) said (March 12, 2023):

Henry is right.

All around us we see migrant hordes being imported in

our own children being conditioned with homosexual filth

kids in schools told don't tell your parents but we are putting you in for sex change operations
the Christian church full of child sex perverts even nuns getting in on the act with 800 small babies found in a cesspit tank

people marrying same sex pre teens and even animals
truly is it said that Socialisim is atheism communism perversion and satanism

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