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Mike Stone- Trannyism is Satanism

March 21, 2023

gay-teacher.jpgTrannyism is Satanic because it
attempts to override nature and
normalize sickness.

"In 2007, there were two pediatric "gender clinics" in the entire United States. Today there are close to 200. That's not an accident or a response to public demand. Like everything else, it's part of a planned and coordinated push that began with public indoctrination via books, movies, television, and school teachers. Now it is being rolled out to perfection."

Surgeons make between $25k-$50K for each person they maim.

by Mike Stone

Have you ever wondered how and why trannyism suddenly exploded into our current consciousness? It's been around forever. The Bible forbids men dressing like women and vice versa and calls it an abomination.

Yet despite its long history, trannyism was kept under wraps; in the closet, if you will, until the 1920s when it reared its ugly head in Germany. That's where Magnus Hirschfeld, a gay rights activist, pioneered the first male-to-female surgical procedures. Not long after that, the Hitler Youth burned his clinic to the ground and trannyism once again went underground. Now it's everywhere.


In 2007, there were two pediatric "gender clinics" in the entire United States. Today there are close to 200. That's not an accident or a response to public demand. Like everything else, it's part of a planned and coordinated push that began with public indoctrination via books, movies, television, and school teachers. Now it is being rolled out to perfection.

You know what goes on in those pediatric gender "clinics"? Little boys have their penises chopped off and little girls have their breasts chopped off. Fake president Biden says this is good for America.

That there are 200 such "clinics" tells you just how massive the state-sponsored mutilation of children is in this country.

According to the New York Post, over 168 school districts nationwide, comprised of over 6,000 schools and serving over 3 million students, have strict rules in place that prevent both faculty and staff from disclosing to parents a student's "gender status."

What that means is school officials and teachers are actively pushing kids into trannyism and coercing them into mutilating their bodies, and those same teachers have stiff rules in place that say no parents are to be told. What's more, this could all become federal policy in May as proposed by our current fake president. Think of it: literally thousands of pink-haired communist teachers across the country pushing and bullying your kids into cutting off their genitalia and those teachers are about to be backed by the federal government.

In 1979, Dr. Paul McHugh, the director of Psychiatry at John Hopkins Hospital banned "gender reassignment surgery," because in his words, "Little changed in their psychological condition. They had much the same problems with relationships, work, and emotions as before. The hope that they would emerge now from their emotional difficulties to flourish psychologically had not been fulfilled." Dr. McHugh said "gender reassignment surgery" was like "performing liposuction on an anorexic child."

In other words, kids who succumb to these sick adults and get their bodies mutilated are just as dissatisfied afterwards as before. That's why so many of them commit suicide. This is what your children are being pushed to do in school.

So now the last bastion of civilized society - the safety and protection of children - is crumbling. The solution, of course, is obvious. Parents need to pull their children from school immediately. But how many parents are willing to do that. Hardly any.

gender-clinics.pngFOLLOW THE MONEY

Consider the expenses of running a pediatric "gender clinic." First, there's the property the clinic sits on, which must be either bought or rented. Then there's the physical structure of the building and offices. Next comes insurance payments and regulatory fees, along with advertising and a website. Of course, the quack doctors and idiot nurses have to be paid their hefty salaries to make it all worthwhile. Who do you think is paying for all of this?

As far as I can tell, there are four sources of funding:

1) Dumb-as-dirt parents who pay for these procedures for their children. The parents doing this are sick perverts, but that's another story.

2) Government funding.

3) Corporate donations. In present day America, every airline and every major corporation is funding various homosexual groups and organizations. Those groups and organizations then provide financing to the pediatric "gender clinics." In some cases, the airlines and corporations donate directly to the clinics.

4) Fat, dumb Americans who continue to fly and continue to do business with major corporations. Without their support, no airline and most American corporations could not survive and would then be unable to pay for little boys getting their penises chopped off and little girls to getting their breasts chopped off.

I mention all of this to my neighbor, a typical fat, dumb American, dressed in an NBA jersey. (Whenever I see an adult male wearing a professional sports jersey, I think of a six-year-old in a Superman cape.)

"It's awful," he says. "But there's nothing I can do about it. I have a basketball game to watch."

This same neighbor will chew the rag with me all day long about how other people, particularly Democrats, are destroying the country, but the second I suggest something concrete that he himself can do to turn the tide of evil, even something as simple as boycotting the airlines and major corporations, he shrieks like a little girl and runs off with his tail between his legs. He does that now, scurrying away from me.

"By the way," I say, before he escapes into his house, "those same airlines and corporations were behind the virus hoax and the stolen elections of 2020 and 2022. All of the major sports leagues - football, baseball, basketball, and hockey - are pushing the same agenda with their 'pride nights' and monetary donations. Every time you buy a jersey, attend a game, or watch a game on television, you're helping to fund those 'gender clinics'."

As I finish my last sentence he steps inside his house and closes the door.

grooming.pngMy neighbor, like all fat, dumb Americans, wants the benefit of living in a God-centered, orderly society, but he refuses to lift a finger to make that society happen. He wants others to do all the fighting, while he stuffs his face with pizza, watches sports ball, and jerks off to pornography.

Right now he thinks everything is China's fault. That's the lie currently being spoon fed to fat, dumb Americans; lies of how the "pandemic" was caused by a Chinese lab leak, and they're swallowing it without question. Just like they swallowed the lies of Osama Bin Laden being the mastermind of 9/11, and how Iraq was going to nuke the world with "weapons of mass destruction." The same dumb lies, told by the same dumb liars, and believed by the same dumb Americans.


Fat, dumb Americans think trannyism today consists of one kid here and another kid there. They're sadly mistaken. Those 200 pediatric "gender clinics" in this country alone are chopping off the penises and breasts of thousands of little boys and girls, while people like my neighbor sit idly by and do nothing.

Do the math. If 200 pediatric "gender clinics" are "transitioning" 100 kids a year (and that's a very conservative estimate, it's only 8 kids a month), it equals 20,000 kids a year, and 200,000 kids over ten years. For all for I know, those numbers are much higher. After all, there's big money to be made in chopping off a kid's penis or breasts.

We saw how almost every doctor and nurse in the country prostituted themselves without a second thought to cash in on the "pandemic" money. You don't think they're salivating at the thought of pulling in six figures for every penis they chop off? You don't think those nurses are dancing in the halls over the money they make for every pair of breasts they help lop off. By the way, if you haven't cancelled your doctor, if you're still going to him for checkups and medical procedures, you're an idiot.


If chopping off the penises and breasts of little children isn't satanism, then I don't know what is. The Bible is very clear on this. Jesus says of those who harm children, "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

Baphomet, the universal symbol of satanism today, is transexual. What does that tell you?

Trannyism is only one part of the agenda being carried out. It's Satanism being shoved right in our faces, yet people do nothing. America is now a nation of Neros, jerking off to OnlyFans while the country burns.

Mike Stone is the author of Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right available here:

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Comments for "Mike Stone- Trannyism is Satanism"

RH said (March 22, 2023):

Is it possible that the oligarchs impose/allow a breakdown of morality until the citizens themselves say, "Enough!" and demand higher levels of law and order.

If no one does anything, do people take the law into their own hands if a loved one is harmed by these immoral monsters' bad behavior? Over time, the reactions become more and more prevalent because government allows the "immoral" behavior. People look the other way as they believe they have no other avenues of justice?

We are seeing crime ramping upward in my area. The politicians appear to blame the wrong people/manufacturers. (A sort of insanity.) Public education appears to be failing a good deal of our children and the response is "we need more tax money."

At what point, does the population demand a new, stricter order into being? Tolerance then is no longer tolerated?

Are we in a state that similar to a pre-Nazi Germany or moving to that end? Currency Inflation included.

If I am right, is there any mental preparation that should be thought about for us other than toughen up?

Some thoughts this morning.

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