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Mike Stone - Would You Marry a Robot?

March 14, 2023

av.jpgAlicia Vikander in Ex Machina

"The current media craze over AI is going to push the once-taboo topic of sex with robots right to the forefront. Of course, it will be made to look as if this robot-mania was some sort of grassroots movement; a spontaneous outburst from people in the name of progress."

by Mike Stone

Would you marry a robot?

A robot, you ask?

Yes, a robot that looks and sounds human, like the character Alicia Vikander (above) played in the movie Ex Machina

Would you marry one?

​​​​​​​What if the robot in question was possessed of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and exuded such wit and charm that you were completely captivated? What if it anticipated your every mood and desire, catered to your every need? What if it never showed the least sign of disappointment or anger with you? Would you marry it then?

What if you were able to visit an actual android showroom, filled to capacity with different looks and models to choose from? What if you could have a robot custom built to your specific needs and desires, with the exact look you wanted, the exact personality, the exact skills, the exact everything? 

Women could have custom built robots made to look and act exactly like Rudolph Valentino, Elvis Presley, or Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker. Men could do the same with models designed to look and act like Pamela Anderson or Raquel Welch. Would you marry a robot then?

What if you married a robot and didn't know? 

av2.jpgWhat if the person you dated, slept with, and married was actually a robot, but never told you? What if the person you fell hopelessly in love with and thought was an actual human being was actually a robot, powered by Artificial Intelligence and so lifelike it was impossible to tell?


​​​​​​​Welcome to the 21 century. Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence, where humanoid robots surpass the intelligence and capabilities of real people. Welcome to a world gone mad.

If you don't think humans mating with robots, cyborgs, and androids is the coming thing, you haven't been paying attention. The public has been conditioned to accept such matings for a long time, including indoctrination through movies, such as the aforementioned Ex Machina. 

As far back as 1973, the book The Keys of Enoch foretold a glorious future filled with genetic engineering, super computers, and Artificial Intelligence.

The current media craze over AI is going to push the once-taboo topic of sex with robots right to the forefront. Of course, it will be made to look as if this robot-mania was some sort of grassroots movement; a spontaneous outburst from people in the name of progress.

Don't be fooled. From color revolutions to sexual revolutions, nothing happens spontaneously. If society undergoes a massive shift, particularly a push to make the abnormal normal, you can bet it was planned that way.

Take the hot topic of today: trannyism and the sexual mutilation of children. Both have been going on forever, but neither was widespread, nor talked about in polite company. However, plans were made behind the scenes to begin subtly spreading the message. It started in Hollywood and book publishing. Now it's everywhere.


Today, millions of people around the world have signed up for ChatGBT, one of the most captivating experiences imaginable. You ask ChatGBT a question, or even just a comment, and Artificial Intelligence more powerful than the human brain instantly responds.

Want a hit song for your band? You'll have it in seconds.

Want a term paper written for school? You'll have that too. (Where was this when I was in high school?)

Want to write the great American novel, but don't know how? Now you do.

Such is the popularity and the power of Artificial Intelligence and it's growing larger by the day.

Have you ever dreamed of starring in your own movie? It's now possible. Artificial intelligence can take your image and voice and transport into any movie you desire; into any setting and any plot, and with any co-star you want. You can play the lead in TitanicHarry Potter, or Gone With the Wind. You can replace the lead singer of your favorite band. You can be the quarterback who throws the winning touchdown pass in any Super Bowl of your choosing, even one that has yet to take place.

Just wait until an entire generation of lonely incels learn that they can have sex with robots. Men Go Their Own Way will become Men Get with an Android.

Have you seen the Tom Cruise deep fake videos? Have you watched any of the deep fake videos featuring public figures? They're amazingly real. When you consider that the average American has a tough enough time differentiating between reality and fiction, imagine how much harder it's going to be when he's bombarded nonstop with deep fake videos.

Artificial Intelligence as it exists now and as it continues to evolve and expand is going to take the false world we currently live in and distort it to such an extent that reality will become completely unrecognizable. 

If you think the talking bots you see on television are bad, just wait until they get replaced with computer-generated simulations - news anchors that exist only in the minds of their viewers. The ability to shape public perception that AI is capable of is going to lead to Fake News on steroids. No, wait. I take that back. It's going to lead to Fake News strapped to a nuclear warhead. People will be incapable of discerning what's real and what's false. We will literally be living in the Matrix.

Are you excited? Or frightened? Where is this all leading? Are we headed into a new world of virtual immortality, or into a dystopian nightmare?

Mike Stone is the author of Using ChatGBT and AI to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right available here: 

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Would You Marry a Robot?"

JJ said (March 15, 2023):

In the first episode of the 3rd season of the Mandalorian, the Mandalorian pursues reclaiming a robot "he trusts".

This type of storyline of course makes me puke but sadly it's all too common in the Star Wars saga and in other multimedia.

Today I was in a rush and going through a self-checkout. I accidentally started loading my buggy before paying. The AI voice demanded I put ALL the merchandise back, pay, and let me reload. I was fuming but had to remind myself that such anger was a waste of energy...a TOTAL waste of energy.

And so is falling in love with a robot.

Doug P said (March 15, 2023):

This is part of the overall problem we face. A robot is a psychopath and not very many people have direct and close experiences with a psychopath. One software bug and this will become apparent. It is a very strange world, and not something that can be properly conveyed in a TV show, movie or book. It is a confusing experience, due to the general incompetence, adolescence, and narcissism of the medical profession, I was unable to get any kind of counseling or direct diagnosis because the psychopath was an attorney and doctors don't want to be in court.

I've read all kinds of big books on psychology, and I know one other thing: artificial intelligence is nowhere close to the stage at which it's been sold -ie having a sort of consciousness -still, no one can put that into scientific terms. But the Luciferians want to give our rulers a Plato's Republic and psychopathy fits right into that. No one, not even the guardians has any real human relationship. They all become psychopaths that shape society as the rulers wish. There is no independent thought. In Plato's Republic, robots would seem ideal.

J said (March 14, 2023):

Would you "marry" a robot? Really? I guess if the word "marry" means just about anything you want it to mean. Yeah, kind of like the word "woman" supposedly could mean just about anything.

JM said (March 14, 2023):

Hi henry. I guess we could marry a robot if it looks easy on the eyes but then i remember that film west world with yule bryner. robots best left alone maybe.

RH said (March 14, 2023):

Marrying a machine? Why not artificial polygamy then...multiple robots.

If the machine can only serve the owner, then it is not sentient. Why would someone own a machine that does not obey its owner?

At that point, it is a toy. To think otherwise is self-deception.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at