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Mike Stone -- Get Ready for the China War Hoax

March 3, 2023

Almost to the day that Russia began
 their military action against the Ukraine,
there was a massive rollback of the virus hoax.
Now that Ukraine is all but lost, they are moving on to
a new external threat, China.

Does the US government think Americans are going to defend
a country that poisons them and sodomizes their children?

by Mike Stone

Exactly one year ago, we discussed the possibility that the virus hoax was being swapped out for the Ukraine war hoax.

You may recall that at the time the country was still in the grip of the virus hoax. Fat, dumb Americans had done nothing to stop it. They refused to boycott the companies pushing it, refused to stop flying, refused to lift a finger in defense of their country. Thanks to them, we were on the brink of full Australia-style concentration camps. Then suddenly it all stopped. Almost to the day that Russia began their military action against the Ukraine, there was a massive rollback of the virus hoax.

No government or ruling body in history had ever voluntarily relinquished the kind of total control that our government had seized over the years 2020 to 2022. Never before in history. For a government as tyrannical and as traitorous as our own to do that was unthinkable.

My theory at the time, and the only explanation that made any sense, was that the virus hoax was being dropped in order to bring in a bigger and more important hoax. You see, you can't manipulate the brain-addled masses with more than one hoax at a time. Our illegitimate government couldn't force-feed the public an hysteria-inducing hoax over a non-existent virus and at the same time feed them an entirely different hoax over something else.

Time has proven my original theory to be correct. The virus hoax was temporarily stopped in order to focus attention on and rally the public in support of the Ukraine war hoax.

Well, guess what? We're seeing the same thing happening again right now.

After a year of sending unlimited amounts of money and resources to the Ukraine, stories are popping up in the mainstream media questioning whether we should continue doing that.

VICTORIA-NULAND-1121423264.jpg(Kosher pig, responsible for thousands of widows and fatherless children, as well as billions of dollars stolen.)

Victoria Nuland, the person most responsible for the war currently taking place, is whining that "fringe" Republicans and Democrats are questioning whether we should continue funding her war.

Polls are appearing which purport to show that average Americans are now questioning whether we should continue funding the war. PBS just put one out claiming that American support for the Ukraine is "softening."

While all of that is going on, we're seeing anti-China stories leaking out in the press. First we had the China balloon hoax. Now we're seeing stories in the mainstream media that the "pandemic" was caused by a lab leak in China. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, is even saying as much. That's something that would have had one banned from Twitter and all other social media as recently as six months ago.

Do you find all of this - first the pivot away from the virus hoax and on to the Ukraine war hoax, and now a pivot away from the Ukraine war hoax on to the China war hoax - a tad too coincidental? Doesn't it look exactly like what we saw a year ago, with one hoax being removed in order to make room for a second hoax? Remember, the average hoax-believing person is incapable of holding two thoughts in their head at the same time.

In the case of the virus hoax, we had an operation that took decades of planning, trillions of dollars to execute, and has resulted in millions of murdered and crippled lives. Yet the Ukraine war hoax was deemed more important than that. In that case, we have an operation that has cost billions of dollars and resulted in thousands of deaths, though most of those deaths are not Americans. Now our attention is being turned to a possible war with China, which would dwarf both of those hoaxes in terms of money spent and lives lost.

Expect to see a lot more shilling for the China war hoax in coming days. Especially, if the braindead public can be convinced that the "pandemic" was caused by a Wuhan lab leak. (For the record, anyone who tells you the COVID-19 "pandemic" was caused by a lab leak in China is a retard and should never be listened to again. The same with anyone who tells you the pandemic was a real thing; a real virus. Anyone uttering such nonsense has disqualified themselves from intelligent discussion.)
Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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---------Buildup to War-Covid Lap Leak Being Spun to Justify War With China

First Comment from AL-

Satan and his synagogue are not all powerful and have been reminded that throughout history.

The plandemic hoax was going well for the satanists up until Russia decided to destroy all the headquarters of the bio-weapon lab centers in the Ukraine.  The synagogue in Ukraine was ready to release a bio-weapon that was "SLAV" specific in Russia and Russia stopped them before they could start.  All of the synagogue's poison is headquartered in Ukraine - i.e. Pfizer, Moderna, Merk etc..

US Funded BIO-TERROR LABS Exposed, Ukraine Rushes to Destroy Evidence Before Putin Takes Control -

BIO WEAPON LABS  Evidence of a Pfizer testing Bio Lab in Ukraine - FARM BIO TEST - captured by Russian troops

Pentagon Biolaboratories - Investigative Documentary (Dilyana Gaytandzhieva)

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva -

The synagogue of satan's Gog(Alans) & Magog(Khazar) Jews have been fighting against Russian Christians for over a thousand years.  Rurik and his family whooped the Khazars and they never learn.

Maj-Gen Cherp-Spiridovich is a direct descendant of Rurik and published a short book in 1926 to deaf ears, trying to stop World War 2 ahead of time.  He is directly responsible for stopping the genocide of World War 1 by his advice to the British War cabinet, suggesting they sign peace with Bulgaria -

Let's all pray Russian Christians defeat the synagogue of Satan once and for all.

Have no faith in our leaders though.  A.I. Kim Goguen claims Xi Ping is a Rothschild and we know Putin is a Jew.

I don't think the war between Russia & China vs. the US is a hoax.  The US has become a rabid dog and Russia & China are Atticus Finch.

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Comments for "Mike Stone -- Get Ready for the China War Hoax"

IN said (March 4, 2023):

Problem with Mike's analysis is that the balloon stories (and there was more than one balloon incident and one Chinese related) is that it came shortly after Hersh released his next to conclusive proof that America (and other nations) was involved in the pipeline's destruction. There was even one balloon incident in Canada to help cover up the revelations.

Hersh has stated that he believes that the stories are a "Wag the Dog" type scenario to bury his story. And because the lamestream media did not cover it...

I am gonna have to say he is right. Like HM says if the media gives anyone coverage then be suspicious. If not it might just have some genuine information in it. Clearly the intelligence agencies like the FBI and Homeland Insecurity are involved with the media (think Twitter) to suppress the stories. Then the globalists in America and elsewhere said lets shoot down that Chinese balloon and choose those fake ones to divert attention.

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