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Matrix Hacker - The Hollywood/Cabalist Breeding Program

March 28, 2023

Winfrey is the secret daughter of Maya Angelou?

"For nearly two decades, I have studied the shadowy forces that work to manipulate societies. Humanity is fundamentally divided into two opposing groups -- those who are born into a Satanic cult and those who are not."

Makow Disclaimer- I reserve judgment.

by Matrix Hacker

To be born into the Satanic cult requires that secrecy rules the day and, consequently, the true pedigrees of its members are hidden from non-members.  

 Concealing bloodlines is essential to upholding the false "reality" promulgated by official narratives that fame is democratically bestowed upon random individuals throughout society at large.  Breeding is done in secret and babies are typically adopted into unrelated cult families with similar looks.  These practices are crucial and necessary to making illusory "official narratives" appear believable to outsiders of the cult.  

     Baby switching serves the dual purpose of disguising bloodlines and facilitating incestuous breeding which are all norms within the cult.  False narratives are created claiming that celebrities suffered miscarriages, had abortions, gave birth to stillborn babies, or babies that died following birth because doing so is an effective means of concealing bloodlines.  Oprah Winfrey comes to mind as her narrative informs us that in 1968, at the age of fourteen, she gave birth to a baby boy who died weeks later.  

Fourteen happens to be the age at which girls who are born into the Satanic cult are typically made to start breeding. 

gooding.jpgCuba Gooding Jr. was born in 1968 and he performed along with Winfrey in two movies which is our clue that he is her secret son.  Winfrey is the secret daughter of Maya Angelou, one clue being that Winfrey was born as Oprah Gail Winfrey and encoded into this name are the first six letters of Angelou.   

Comprising both the inner sanctum and pinnacle of the hierarchy of the cult is the Cabal.  Historically, this powerful group has controlled the flow of information world-wide.  Because we have entered the occult period known as Revelation of the Method, the Cabal must now adhere to the spiritual principle that the cult can continue to deceive non-members as much as it wants so long as the truth is made available to those who truly wish to find it.  Satanists are prohibited from telling us the truth explicitly because they play the role of the overlords, oppressors, and deceivers of humanity.  

If they tell us the truth, they cannot perform in their roles convincingly and this is why initiates of secret societies are made to take blood oaths under penalty of death.  Therefore, for those of us who wish to continue the work of expanding our consciousness beyond the tyranny of "official narratives" the Cabal has planted an enormous number of clues that are hiding in plain sight to allow us to decipher who bred who in the world of celebrity.  This is how the Cabal has chosen to make the truth available without telling us the truth.

Jim Carey is the secret son of Johnny Carson.  Our clues are that their surnames both begin with CAR, they have identical initials (JC), both have one name ending in Y, and Carrey made his 1983 debut on American television by appearing on The Tonight Show alongside his father.  Jim Carey was born on January 17, 1962 and breeding him was an initiation for Johnny Carson.  In exchange for taking this initiation, the Cabal rewarded Carson by selecting him to replace Jack Paar as host of Tonight on October 1, 1962.

hartman.jpgPhil Hartman was born on September 24, 1948 and he was the secret son of Jack Benny.  Breeding Hartman was an initiation for Benny which qualified him to transition from radio broadcasting to television broadcasting in 1949.  In this case, their names do not harbor a giveaway.  However, when Hartman appeared on the David Letterman Show he imitated three celebrities, one of them was Jack Benny, and Benny is whom he imitated first. This is our clue-in to their true relationship.


Life is a game in which we forget who we truly are and gradually wake up to discover that God is latent within our very nature.  The reason we are caught up in this game is because we chose to have this experience which we also had to forget.  Waking up to God within is accomplished through a step by step process of un-learning a lifetime of social conditioning which has taught us to believe that we are less powerful than we truly are.  Doing this work culminates in a complete transformation of consciousness in which we remember that our true nature is that of immortals.  

Buddhist teachings inform us that that birth and death are 5 sensory illusions and that our thoughts create reality.  Currently, humanity is at the brink of a mass transformation of consciousness which is required of each and every individual to facilitate our collective spiritual evolution.  This evolution will radically alter our 5 sense "reality" and enable us co-create an altogether new world characterized by peace, accord, and genuine equality in which sickness and death will be eradicated from our collective life experience.  This is the true meaning of an impending Great Reset.   

The Covid scam did much to show us that allowing the cult to define our reality for us is not only ill-advised but has deadly consequences.  And, because it is constrained from telling us the truth, the cult had to deliver this message by acting it out in the form of a grand psychodrama.  

good-human-being-no-competition.jpgAs non-members of the cult, our role is to play captive audience to an amazing shit-show put on by a Satanic cult.

That is, until we become so fed up with it that waking up to who we truly are becomes an enticing alternative.  Human nature is such that turning away from the myriad distractions of life to walk the path of truth is attractive only to those to whom life has become miserable in some way.  

The esoteric purpose of the world-wide lockdown was to inflict misery upon us as a means to impel us to do this work.  The Satanic cult is bound the keep its show going for as long as we enable it to do so because this is another rule of the game in which we are engaged. 

As non-cult members, It is our role and imperative to take it upon ourselves to lead the way to a satisfactory outcome for everyone and this can solely be achieved by waking up to who we truly are.

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Comments for "Matrix Hacker - The Hollywood/Cabalist Breeding Program "

Michael said (March 28, 2023):

The Holy Bible declares that in the beginning God made man in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26) but after the Fall, man lost that holy image and Adam's son Seth was made in his cursed image and likeness (Genesis 5:3) and everyone is now born slaves to sin and Satan, his children, bearing his evil image which God Himself confirms in Genesis 6:5 when He said that the thoughts and intentions of man had become only evil continually.

The New Testament confirms that there are children of God and children of the devil ( 1 John 3:10) and the reason why Jesus Christ said that men need to be born again (John 3:3,7) is because we are all born in the image of the devil and need to be spiritually born again by grace to become God's children and have His image restored which is true righteousness, holiness and an intimate knowledge of God (Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10).

J said (March 28, 2023):

I don't get it, what's so special about Oprah's bloodline from her mother's side ?
Isn't it the case that jews are running the entertainment industry and that they pick and choose their own kind, or 'gentiles' whom they squeeze till they are no longer useful to them ?


reply from MH

am not certain what bloodines Maya Angelou carried but we should think in terms of high profile people. What I suspect is that she may have been bred through the bloodlines of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings or perhaps Frederick Douglass as Douglass, Angelou, and Winfrey all became famous orators.

Jews do run Hollywood for the Cabal. Jews are socially conditioned by their insular culture to view gentiles as inferior. This sets them up perfectly to act as managers, controllers, blackmailers, and enforcers on behalf of the Cabal in Hollywood and other industries.

Celebrities are breeders and slaves -- the lowest rung -- of the industry and I suspect that being a celebrity is far less remunerative than we are led to believe.

Jews are, to a certain extent, part of the Hollywood breeding program.

For instance, Jerry Seinfeld is the secret son of Lenny Bruce. I'm not certain that there is a preference for Jewish entertainers. Jews such as Lenny Bruce, Howard Stern, and Rob Reiner are often typecast in roles in which they push the limits of what is considered normal, comfortable, and acceptable by society at any given time.

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