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March 8 - Hungary to Prosecute "Nazi" George Soros

March 8, 2023

soros-group-release-prisoners-678x381.jpg.png(Soros, not dead yet)

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Hungary Prepares To Prosecute 'Lifelong Nazi' George Soros For Holocaust Atrocities

Hungarian prosecutors are preparing charges against 92-year-old Hungarian-American financier George Soros for aiding and abetting the murder of thousands of Hungarians during the Nazi occupation during World War II.

Soros is set to be charged with "knowingly and willfully" aiding and abetting the murder of Jewish Hungarians in Budapest from September 1942 to January 1943, according to a source in the prosecutor's office in Budapest, Hungary.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban's administration have been seeking justice for historical crimes committed by Hungarian Nazi collaborators and Soros is understood to have been using his vast resources to "hide in plain sight" for decades.

William Makis MD

Virgin Australia flight from Adelaide to Perth forced to make emergency landing as First Officer suffered heart attack 30 minutes after departure on March 3, 2023

As I've written before, I fear that we are getting closer and closer to a major airline crash due to pilot and or co-pilot incapacitation, as a result of COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

In the meantime, the mainstream media are aggressively pushing the concept of only one fully COVID-19 vaccinated pilot in the cockpit. Almost as if they want a major airline crash to take place. Would such an incident bring about a crackdown on flying in general? To fight climate change? And for our safety, of course?

Hershey-bar-advert-1024x576-1.jpg"Hershey Highway" takes on a disturbing new meaning when a trans-man becomes the face of the candy bar...

he backlash has ben swift and fierce. Here's what people are saying online:

    "That's it. I am done. No more Hershey for our family. "

    "I refuse to support this nonsense. I will just stop buying the product."

    "There's plenty of other chocolate out there. I will find one that doesn't preach left-wing garbage at me"

    "I was surprised at how little I miss certain products & how easy it was stop patronizing bizs/purchasing goods, once I see them endorse/promote this madness. You'd think not insulting the biggest retail target demo would be like rule 1. Anyway, Hershey's too will not be missed."
Midazolam is the Physician Assisted Suicide Drug.

Reader--MIDAZOLAM was delivered to my front porch in July, 2017 to K I L L my ailing husband. It came in a box with an unmarked bag of F E N T ANYL I was told to put in the fridge. It came with an ANESTHETIC, an ANTI-PSYCHOTIC, LOR AZEPAM, ACETO MINOPHEN AND A DRUG TO DRY UP THE BODY'S FLUIDS.

This came from a palliative care doctor who works at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto along with a flyer thanking me for participating in research. I filed a complaint of attempted m....r with 55 Division and with the College of Physicians a few months later. The College refused my complaint and I appealed to the Health Review Board. They have to send my the file and I found the doctor lied and discredited me in that file.

Matt Hancock, Health Minister of the UK, ordered 9.9 MILLION milligrams of Midazolam.

Midazolam is a short-acting, rapid-onset benzodiazepine central nervous system depressant patented by Hoffmann-La Roche in 1976.
Megan McCracken, a specialist in lethal injection litigation with the University of California-Berkeley law school said, "Time and time again when you see executions with midazolam, you see, at best, surprises and, at worst, very bad executions."


Russia accused of sabotaging its own war effort, denying ammunition to its best fighters


List of DUMBs by State - Complete List of Military Underground Bases in USA [VIDEO]
In America alone, there are over 120 Deep Underground Military Bases situated under most major cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases, and US Army Bases, as well as underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers.
There are also many Deep Underground Military Bases under Canada.
Almost all of these bases are over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 miles up to 30 miles across!
They have been building these bases day and night, unceasingly, since the 1940s. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-levity trains that have sped up to 1500 MPH.
The Black Projects sidestep the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. There is much hard evidence out there. Many will react with fear, terror, and paranoia, but you must snap out of it and wake up from the brainwashing your media pumps into your heads all day long.

The underground facility is 88.3 square miles deep. Basically, this Underground Base is 8 cities on top of each other! The holding capacity of such leviathans bases is huge. These city-sized bases can hold millions and millions of people, whether they are mind-controlled, enslaved NWO World Army Soldiers or innocent and enslaved surface dwellers from the towns and cities of America and Canada.


Report from the Floor of Hell, by E. Michael Jones - The Unz Review

Hawley had no hesitation in telling Garland, "You're happy to deploy them [FBI agents] against Catholics and innocent children,"[5] but he failed to explain Garland's motivation because he refused to identify him as a Jew who uses his religion as the guide to how law gets enforced during his tenure as Attorney General. Merrick Garland has turned the FBI into the long arm of Jewish vengeance which gets deployed against anyone who has the temerity to challenge the legitimacy of the Jewish sacrament of abortion, but no one was willing to bring up his Jewishness as relevant to the discussion, even though Hawley had no hesitation in identifying Catholic prolifers as the victims

PLAYBOY was Luciferian Jewish CIA psy op



Collection of David Irving Videos


Astrid Stuckleberger - Insider Exposes WHO Corruption


The Leo Frank Case Unmasks the ADL by Ron Unz

IN his 1981 memoirs, the far right Classics scholar Revilo P. Oliver characterized the ADL as "the formidable organization of Jewish cowboys who ride herd on their American cattle" and this seems a reasonably apt description to me.

makis-march-8.jpgWilliam Makis MD

21 year old Twitch star Kyedae Shymko was diagnosed with leukemia - a blood cancer that is skyrocketing among children & young adults


South Africa Faces Collapse - Warnings of "Civil War" Conditions Amid Possibility of Total Power Grid Failure

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison launches investigation of Kia, Hyundai thefts

The civil investigation will look into whether the two car companies are violating Minnesota's consumer protection and public nuisance laws because they don't have the anti-theft technology most other cars do, making them easy to steal, Ellison said at a news conference.
The cars "might as well have a giant bumper sticker that says 'steal me' on them," Ellison said.

Last week, Ellison, Frey and Carter shared data showing the number of Kia and Hyundai thefts had exploded -- up 836% in Minneapolis and 611% in St. Paul in 2022 -- and called on the companies to recall the vehicles.
Crime often follows the initial theft. In Minneapolis, the thefts have been tied to five homicides, 13 shootings and 256 motor vehicle accidents.
red-symphony.pngRuss Winter on the Red Symphony

Physician Who Witnessed Interrogation of Rakovsky During Trotskyite Trials, Lifted the Veil of the Global Crime Syndicate

Rakovsky then bluntly reveals the source of the financial-cosmopolitans' mythical power: "They had acquired for themselves the real privilege of coining money. A great part of the money circulating -- money for big affairs, as representative of all national wealth; money, yes, money -- it was being issued by those few people about whom I had hinted. Banks, the stock exchanges and the whole world financial system -- is a gigantic machine for the purpose of bringing about unnatural scandals."


EXCLUSIVE: Teenage girl says she was 'horrified' after transgendered incident at Calgary pool

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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