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March 7 - Woke West is Laughing Stock of the World

March 7, 2023

(US Army going to the dogs?)

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Western governments are dedicated to killing their populations, sodomizing their children and destroying their infrastructure and food supply.

Secretary of the Army Guarantees a Lot of Young Soldiers Will Die but Has the Right Thoughts and Feelings

"Things will be better in 2024 because the Army has asked to reduce its end strength to 473,000, so they'll come closer to making their recruiting goal. In addition to cutting end strength, the Army plans to focus on recruiting more women and immigrants to compensate for the loss of the evil, retrograde, and disfavored pale, penis people hailing from rural America. The people who have historically been the backbone of the Army but who are now told they are no longer welcome. The biggest enemy the Army has to combat right now is sexual harassment, a self-inflicted wound brought on by the Army's own policies.

Army leadership is much more devoted to diversity, inclusion, and equity programs and ensuring enough genders are represented (Army Starts Sham Investigation Into Bondage Fetish Colonel and His Friends Because They Think You're Stupid) than to combat training. According to an official Army publication, two decades of nation-building has eliminated the 40 years of experience and doctrinal development after Vietnam and calls into question whether the Army has the ability to fight and win battles."

NeoCons are begging Russia and China to destroy the US

It's Official: China Foreign Minister Warns of "Conflict" with USA
anaida.jpg(Pierre Poilievre is the Leader of the Opposition in Canada)


which was largest provider of COVID test kits in the world.

She partnered with the former CEO of Air Canada and  someone in the PM's Office to make unseemly profits from these tests for the common cold under the direction of the  WHO. This information has been scrubbed from the Internet.

South Park- "Mrs." Garrison needs an abortion

672.pngA couple attuned to the beauty of the world instead of the ugliness

 A Voyage Through the Tuomotu Archipelago--Though the Marquesas Islands had captivated us with their beauty, it was time to set sail on the 500 nautical mile passage to the Tuomotus. When we arrived we found islands that were different from the Marquesas in nearly every way. Turquoise lagoons lined by white sand beaches awaited us, and we found beautiful coral reefs surrounding the palm fringed islets.

Viewer- I'm so grateful for these wonderful videos! I can't get over how beautifully done they are. Such quality videography, the lovely sound track, the mellow thoughtful narration, and of course the spectacular subject matter,. As well as the fine boat, the attractive crew. A chance to share in a long time dream that will not become a part of my reality. Yet here I have a chance to enjoy and share in your adventures vicariously. Thank you so much.

Brad Salzberg--A Communist Leader Of A Democratic Country Is Canada's Real Problem

Canada has communist prime minister in charge of a population that wishes to maintain our democratic way-of-life.

"When Trudeau was sworn is as prime minister in 2015, Canadians might have known that they were getting a leader who had spent his entire life enjoying a bizarrely personal relationship with the government of Communist China."

microchips.pngMatt Hancock confirms Bill Gates microchips in vaccines

The Lockdown Files: "When do we deploy the new variant"

PSYOP-19 was from day one a One World Government global control and depopulation program.
One of the more effective assets of this "pandemic" scam was the UK health secretary Matt Hancock.

The Lockdown Files offer yet more evidence that the perpetrators not only developed the virus, but purposely leaked it in order to induce the greatest amount of fear; the lockdowns and MK Ultra mask compliance were the gateways for the maximum uptake of their slow kill bioweapon "vaccine" injections.

Global Sperm Counts Declining At Accelerating Rate: New Meta-Analysis

According to a recently released meta-analysis, sperm counts are decreasing globally and at an accelerated rate due to a class of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors.

Israeli pilots won't report for duty as result of Netanyahu power grab


REVEALED: One of 23 Antifa rioters arrested for firebombing Atlanta 'Cop City' is an attorney for woke Southern Poverty Law Center - with others charged with domestic terrorism including a Frenchman and Canadian

    Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28, an attorney for the SPLC was charged after rioters clashed with police in Atlanta on Sunday
    He's one of 23 suspected Antifa 'terrorists' charged over riots at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center site, dubbed 'Cop City' by activists. Many suspects are from outside of the state - including two from France and Canada. Police were targeted Molotov cocktails by the mask-clad mob


Volodymyr Zelensky was groomed by covert CIA operatives in Ukraine since his student life while he was studying law at the Kryvyi Rih National University.

ask-your-md.pngVaccine holocaust

Here are 75 screenshots from just last night of posts on medical advice subreddits. The similarities in symptoms is alarming 20 & 30 YOs thinking they're having strokes or have ALS/MS is not normal. Details in comments.


Central Bank Digital Currency Prison - Catherine Austin Fitts

CAF says if you want to fight against the CBDC, then start spending cash every day instead of electronic payments.  

"There is a monster fight behind the scenes between commercial banks and central banks.  CAF explains, "You have bubbled an entire economy, and now you are bringing out something (CBDC) that could shrink the bubble dramatically, and it can put a lot of banks out of the game and out of the business.  If the central banks are going to compete directly for retail accounts, it's going to shrink the fees and business for a lot of banks.  You are talking about cutting their income or putting them out of business.  So, CBDC is highly controversial.

The global internet kill switch

"One of my stores (Electronic Stores in Northwest) had an Internet outage last week. I did not realize how f&^ked we are if this happens.  Everything is shut down.  Period.  No computer to look up parts, Phones dead, Credit card machine dead, etc.  Business grinds to a halt because only 5% or less of our sales now are cash.  It really made me realize how serious this is.  This article really hits home.  I bet gas pumps would shut off, ATM's would halt, etc.  It will happen...just when?"

blanco-edu.jpgWilliam Makis MD--Young people who suffered blood clots and amputations after COVID-19 vaccination are being lied to, and media uses them to lie to us


Jon Rappoport- Pandemic treaty means Communist Tyranny

Accountability" means: If any national government tries to weasel out of the "treaty," they'll face severe punishments. Breaking the cycle of panic and neglect means: we create panic about "pandemics" and we don't neglect vaccinating a single human.


Jim Stone---MIT Professor Retsef Levi: "I got vaccinated and I regret it every day."

The vax genie is out of the bottle. He says it like it is: The vax was a con job that damaged or destroyed everyone who took it. This video was censored via this method, they don't want this spreading because this guy is level 10 credibility. If he's saying this, it's doom on.

No one could ever overestimate how evil those still pushing the shot are, no one is that stupid anymore and they destroyed countless careers of people proven to be a hell of a lot more intelligent than they were, - people who gave up everything to avoid the shot.
 Brother Nathaniel on "Christ-hating Kikes"
 Terrorizing White Christian families is a special kikish prize.
 Like dog doo, everywhere you go, you step in a Jew. (And this is a Jew talking!)
 Report shows Australia's excess mortality rate has risen to levels not seen since World War II

A troubling new study released this week has shown Australia is experiencing its highest excess mortality rates in over 80 years.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "March 7 - Woke West is Laughing Stock of the World "

GW said (March 8, 2023):

Chris Sky's latest Youtube clip = in which he dishes the dirt on the wife of Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre = makes it beyond doubt that Christopher Saccocia is controlled opposition / a conduit for the Central Canada Establishment to DIS-credit the authentic populist movement known as the Freedom Movement

for the last few years, the main Role of Sky is > to bother Maxime Bernier, particularly, the PPC policy on multi-cultural=ism.

what's the net effect of Sky's act, now, scandal-mongering re Poilievre + his wife profitting immensely from the SARS2Covid19 HOAX? Answer >>> distracts the hatred of Mr Sky's audience away from PM Trudeau. She and her husband are exposed as "profiteers of misery" ... which they most certainly are

bear in mind that Christopher Saccocia [ aka Sky ] has 5 serious criminal charges pending in Ontario. I've been on bail more than once. I know how it goes. NO-body gets to flit around outside the power of the Court, while on bail. NObody, that is, except guys who are useful to the Intelligence Establishment. Mr Saccocia does have a good vocabulary. Nevertheless, his mind is deteriorating obviously from drug use / steroids / cocaine psychosis. Saccoccia is on a leash ... the other end of which is held right back to the Cdn Armed Forces HQ in Auto Wa Wa whilst he carries on his act as "the turd in the punchbowl' disgracing the Freedom Movement. That's who provided him this latest 'ammunition'.

Telling = that Chris Sky is given time on the Alex Jones Show ... whose script writers reside in Tel Aviv.

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