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March 3 - Organized Jewry's War Against Whites

March 3, 2023

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A gifted reader sent a series of memes and articles that expose the race war Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are waging on whites.

We gave our national credit cards to a cartel of satanist Jewish bankers who now are using them to destroy us. As Scott Adams learned (below,) it is NOT "OK to be white."
The satanist media ignores horrendous black-on-white crime (see below) as well as black on black crime to exaggerate Black victimhood. The biggest race haters in the world are gas lighting us by pretending they are the victims of racism.

Assimilated Jews like myself want no part of this sick crusade which inevitably will result in a backlash against us and not the criminal bankers responsible for it. They have weaponized Blacks. Whites need to organize and defend themselves or be annihilated. But we need to focus on the Jewish puppeteers, not the Black puppets.

This reader wrote: " I Just follow the news & see trends. I've noticed lots of such incidents in the past 6 mos. caught on iphones - on school buses, locker rooms, hallways, etc. Most often w/o repercussions to the perps.

This increase stands to figure since 47% of Blacks, per Scott Adams, think it's not OK to be White. Thus, Black kids will vent their rage upon vulnerable, isolated Whites with seeming permission from their adults. This started much post-Ferguson with increased knock-down games, but accelerated after Geroge Floyd. It is particularly troubling when school/local authorities excuse it all & do nothing.

The Blacks in the US are being turned into animals, a far cry from Lena Horn & the many classy, great Blacks of her era. One interesting analogy I read was of the mixing of 100 red ants w/100 black ants. They got along until the jar was shaken - then they attacked one another. Obama was the jar shaker here per CRT.

Dilbert-hate-FqO38tgacAAra2i.jpgA poll from Rasmussen Reports, which according to Mr Adams showed that "nearly half" of African-Americans are "not OK" with white people. "That's a hate group," Mr Adams said. "I don't want to have anything to do with them." For this, Adams was cancelled as were Roseanne, Kanye and anyone else who draws attention to the menace posed by Communist Jewish power.
Cops investigate after black schoolkids attacked white students and forced them to say 'Black Lives Matter' on camera at Ohio elementary school
Black talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson Agrees With Scott Adams - Infowars

BREAKING: Biden Regime Confirms Commitment To "Legally-Binding" Agreement Which Will Surrender U.S. Pandemic Authority To Chinese-Backed World Health Organization "For Generations To Come"

from 2018

More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed. "Imagine if the UN was going to the United States and raping children and bringing cholera," said one lawyer in Haiti. Now if there is a pandemic who enforces it? The U.N.

Mark Trozzi MD

On Monday February 27th before dawn, activists for covid truth covered the windows and doors of the CBC Toronto headquarters with images and stories of some of the people who are injured or dead following the misrepresented covid-19 genetic injections. These state funded propagandists continue promoting the bioweapons as "safe and effective vaccines", and they continue leading innocent people to slaughter. The CBC immediately took down all the images of their victims. They won't report on this, but Bright Light News did. Here is the 4 minute video report.


White-murder-savage-2c05e25d2ecf5be9(1).pngHate crime. George Floyd makes headlines while this is buried.

Holy Cow! Pfizer Subsidiary Has Injected 100 Million Animals With mRNA Technology!


Why are People Afraid of '15-minute Cities'?

William Makis MD

A 37 year old UK mom finds a "lump" after COVID-19 vaccine - it turns out to be a turbo cervical cancer leaving her with months to live

This is not normal behavior for cervical cancer and I believe this to be yet another example of "turbo cancer" or rapidly progressive cancer due to severe immune system damage from COVID-19 vaccination.


INTERVIEW with an EMS Worker -- From Empty Beds to Kids Dying of Heart Attacks

Terry Melanson- Conspiracy Archive

Secret Societies, Cryptocracy and Deep Politics

New section to post and update biographies, portraits/paintings etc. of all confirmed members of the Bavarian Illuminati.


black-crime-2.jpgRon DeSantis is False Opposition?


WATCH: Ted Cruz Chews up Merrick Garland and Spits Him out at Senate Judiciary Hearing

"You used an unbelievable show of force with guns, that I'd just note liberals usually decry...You're happy to deploy them against Catholics and innocent children


Disney Gets Desperate, Punishes People for Talking Negatively About Its Live-Action 'Peter Pan' Monstrosity

Negative reviews disabled by YouTube


Jim Stone---Mexican president Obrador did what needed to be done to stop Mexican elections from being stolen
stone-essex-cops-blacknovax.jpgPaul Joseph Watson- UK is spending 7 Billion to House Interlopers in 4 Star Hotels while British are Homeless
The vaccinated are immunocompromised and suffering from POTS syndrome!

Dr. Ana Mihalcea is here to talk about patients developing POTS syndrome after being vaxxed.
The effect of POTS syndrome can be completely debilitating.
Young people who are completely healthy are suddenly experiencing heart palpitations from simply standing up.
POTS syndrome also causes brain fog, cognitive issues, and difficulty maintaining blood pressure.
POTS syndrome has skyrocketed ever since the vaccine rollout.
The unvaccinated are still at risk from vaccine shedding which spreads harmful nano technology.-

Vaxxed are spreading illness to pure bloods

Reader--4 main things I noticed to detox from in the poison shot.  (We have to perpetually detox to survive and stay human)

  1. heavy metals                 - graphene razors, nano tech
  2. fungus                           - cancer, nano tech
  3. plastic                           - hydrogel/quantum dot, nano tech
  4. biological abominations - hydra vulgaris hybrid creature


  1. green tea, vitamin C, turmeric (avoid powdered crap it's full of lead)
  2. borax, baking soda, ganja (eaten, tea or vaped around 250degree F.  Not smoked, smoking creates benzene toxins and wastes medicine), activated charcoal (burned toast), avoid sugar
  3. cruciferous vegetables, ie -chlorella, kale, etc
  4. prayer

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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