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March 29 - Latest Gun Grab Psyop- Trannies Versus Christians

March 29, 2023


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Trannies don't hate Christians. Their Communist Jewish sponsors Do! 

Government Sponsored Terrorism Seeks to Disarm Legal Gun Owners.
Think Parkland and Uvalde Texas

MOTIVE:  THE FEDERAL DEEP STATE Orchestrated a False flag School Shooting to Stop Tennessee Legislation That Would Allow Fewer Gun Restrictions.

VIDEO & PHOTO PROOF: The Nashville crime scene was set up in advance and the shooting was staged.

Nashville's Christian School Mass Shooting: A Staged, False Flag, Gladio-style Black Operation and Psyop with Several Objectives
The perfectly staged photos of this transparent op tell the whole story

MESSAGE: Not even religious schools are safe anymore from lone nuts who can easily acquire an assault rifle and/or semiautomatic weapon and/or handgun.
The perps especially like targeting Nashville because the Music Industry is headquartered there.  In this way, the "gun control" message gets heard LOUD & CLEAR across America.
But why did the well-concealed planners choose a transgender with an attitude to play the villain?
Because cultural marxism's primary goal is to generate maximum chaos, confusion and conflict society-wide before the BIG war.
This time-tested divide and rule strategy serves to inflame the tensions between the national Christian community and the nationwide LGBTQIA movement.

American Teacher's Federation president (((Randi Weingarten))) called for an assault weapons ban following the Nashville school shooting, citing Australia and New Zealand as examples


Tucker: The trans movement is targeting Christians

Without mentioning Satanists and Communist Jews by name, Tucker Carlson nails it.

PJW- The nightmarish reality of what happened in Nashville is difficult to even process, but the reaction to it is bizarre beyond belief.

America's ommunist corporations and media signal their approval by their silence

Bill to Ban of Tik Tok Is a Trick to Introduce Flat Out Totalitarianism into Our System

arlson gave an example that under this proposed law, criticism of the war against Russia could lead to 20 years in prison. The bill is not about banning TikTok, but instead introducing flat out totalitarianism into our system. The government would be in charge of what you read and see and with terrifying punitive powers at their fingertips.


"Cash is key to keeping our freedom. Build your support network."
You Will Be Shocked By How Much Money Is Being Pulled Out Of U.S. Banks, And Now The Biggest Bank In Germany Is In Trouble by Michael Snyder

   JP Morgan Chase & Co analysts estimate that the "most vulnerable" U.S. banks are likely to have lost a total of about $1 trillion in deposits since last year, with half of the outflows occurring in March following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

This really is a "banking meltdown", and it has been going on for quite some time.

And as Bill Ackman has aptly noted, if something is not done our small and mid-size banks are headed for disaster.
How Planned Parenthood Peddles Porn in Red States
A new report throws light on how Planned Parenthood uses federal programs to indoctrinate children in Idaho.
School libraries and grade school classrooms have become battlefields in America's culture war. School districts from Broward County in Florida to West Ada School District outside of Boise, Idaho, have stocked pornographic books promoting transgenderism and gay sex. Curricula are curated to get kindergarteners to question their genders and third graders to think about anal sex. Parents are incredulous and irate--and wondering how it has come to this.

The ideology of sexual revolution does not drop down from the sky and land in a school library. There is a plan to bring sexual liberation down to earth. Planned Parenthood has long been in the business of mainstreaming transgenderism, the queer agenda, and "kinky" sex. It has gained such power through strategic control of the administrative state, as we show in our new report from the Claremont Institute.

Classic 1982 Interview with Norman Dodd on the Masonic Jewish attempt to replicate the USSR in the USA

Jim Jordan Presses IRS to Explain Unannounced Visit to Matt Taibbi's Home

"In light of the hostile reaction to Mr. Taibbi's reporting among left-wing activists, and the IRS's history as a tool of government abuse, the IRS's action could be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate a witness before Congress," Jordan wrote in the letter, which was obtained by The Epoch Times.

Dr. Mike Yeadon Shows No Mercy for Those Involved in the Greatest Offense Against Humanity


No one wants to pay $900 to hear a speech by Shit-stain Ex President Obama

Pretty_Baby_43093_High.jpgActress Brooke Shields discusses her forced child sexual exploitation in an upcoming documentary. She appeared nude as a 12 year old prostitute in Pretty Baby.

And the film director? Jewish Louis Malle.

'Malle was the son of a wealthy French industrialist. Although he was part Jewish, he was educated by Jesuits and then by Catholic monks in Fontainebleau who provided shelter for Jewish boys at the height of World War II.'


VIRAL PSEUDOSCIENCE: Total Lack Of Virus Evidence Despite Pillage & Lockdown Of Billions (Virology On Trial Part 11)


Pentagon doctors say 7-year-olds can consent to sex-change treatment

Multiple doctors working on U.S. military bases recently claimed that children as young as 7-years-old can consent to sex-change treatment before demanding that the Department of Defense announce a "gender-affirmative position" on so-called "gender diverse youths."

In the American Journal of Public Health, the doctors argued that children who show symptoms of gender dysphoria should be given "gender-affirming health care, such as puberty suppression and affirming hormones."

Jim Stone on new vehicle

"The Aptera does not look so far fetched anymore

14,600 miles of range solar only per year, 0-60 in 4 seconds, back area big enough to camp in. If electric goes this way, it is going to backfire on the so-called "elite" BIG TIME.
I can honestly state that if it goes this way, gasoline really will become stupid. This thing charges so fast that if you for some reason run out of juice, a 15 minute charge at a Tesla station will get you home, 50 miles away. As is, if parked properly the solar panels give more range than most people drive per year, making driving totally free, especially since they can charge up so much that you'll always be running with 400+ miles of range.
Yes, I would buy this."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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