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March 2 - WEF Explicit about Killing Us

March 2, 2023

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They are tired of humouring and gas lighting us.
Vax injuries make it plain: they just want to kill us.

Who would take a "vaccine" from people who advocate depopulation?

Reddit Conspiracy - "These people are not your friends. They don't want to save you from climate or the flu. They aren't out to empower you. They are out to do what the elites have done since the beginning of time, which is control and keep down the population to kill competition, and maintain their power and status."
8x more people died due to C-19 Vaccination over 6 months than died of COVID-19 over 18 months according to UK GOV.


Additionally, 2022 recorded the highest number of perinatal deaths in 20 years. The perinatal mortality rate increased by 58.6% compared to 2021 and 84% compared to 2019. Perinatal Death is "stillbirth and death of babies under seven days of age".
Reddit readers speculate on why they are now admitting Covid was a hoax and vaccine is toxic

Company picked by Ottawa to produce made-in-Canada vaccines warns it may go out of business

"The government did, however, successfully procure tens of millions of COVID-19 doses from foreign companies like Pfizer and Moderna, firms that supplied highly effective shots that have saved an untold number of Canadians from severe outcomes and death." --Communist Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)


WEF-animals-678x381.jpg(1).pngWEF Says It's Time To Legalize Sex and Marriage With Animals To Promote Inclusion

The world was on a slippery slope with all the gender and pedophilia craziness, but Spain's new Animal Welfare Law that decriminalizes having sex with animals is a whole new level of crazy.

The new law states: "The person who by any means or procedure mistreats a domestic or tamed animal, an animal that is usually domesticated, an animal that temporarily or permanently lives under human control outside of legally regulated activities including acts of a sexual nature, causing injuries that require veterinary treatment to the restoration of its health, shall be subject to a minimum of three months up to a maximum of 18 months in prison."

This essentially means that as long as there isn't a physical injury that requires veterinary treatment, people are free to have sex with animals.


Girls Basketball Team Withdraws From State Tournament in Protest Against Transgender Player Who Dominates Games

"In what world is this even remotely fair?"

Your tax dollars at work

Trudeau gov't to fund $75k of trans surgeries for each federal employee

Trudeau has been a strong advocate for the LGBT agenda in Canada, having launched the so-called 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan last summer.

girls-basketball.jpgGirls Basketball Team Withdraws From State Tournament in Protest Against Transgender Player Who Dominates Games

"In what world is this even remotely fair?"

Did An Employee Take A Fall For Bill Gates Over 6,000 Child Porno Images Discovered At His House?

Bill Gates was a Sex Addict
Frankfurt School - Critical Theory

White Hate - This factor is gaining prominence beyond belief in the number of Black on White hate crimes. Scott Adams is not wrong. The odd thing is a lead player here, Ignatiev, would be beaten & killed in the ghetto were he to enter as he'd rightly be deemed White - hardly Asiatic looking. Such would serve him right. How this mental infection has taken hold & grown so quickly is incredible.

Normalizing vax damage

Artificial sweetener linked to higher heart attack risk, study says

The popular artificial sweetener erythritol, which is used as a sugar substitute in many low-calorie, low-carb and keto products, has been linked to heightened risk of heart attack, stroke and death, according to a study published in Nature Medicine.

How China Bought Canada's Elections

In the 2019 election, China covertly funded 11 liberal candidates through community groups


A.J. Smuskiewicz

American Writer-Editor No Longer recognizes US, Looks to Russia for Hope

In summarizing this essay, I will say that I used to be a patriotic American, but I am that no more. How can I be patriotic to a country that, through multiple actions, has shown that it doesn't even want me?

Today, the United States and Russia are at war with each other. From my perspective, it seems logical for me to root for Russia to win. Oh, do I hear the word "traitor"? Yes, the America government and its corporate partners have indeed been traitors to me and millions of other American citizens. Yet, most Americans are too cowardly, ignorant, and/or distracted by their electronic gadgets to do anything about it. The Spirit of 1776 is, unfortunately, long gone. Perhaps this dystopian American mess will require a foreign power to eventually clean it up.


China's Calling for Peace in Ukraine Could Imply It Needs Russia's Backing Elsewhere: Author

Animals Dying Across Ohio State Parks After East Palestine Train Derailment

    Several labs across the country have received specimens of whole minks, deer, elk, worms and livers of such animals, and they are finding toxicities that are off the charts, the source said.

    "These highly toxic levels are the exact chemicals that were released from East Palestine. Wayne National Forest and Shawnee State Forest in Ohio, are downriver from East Palestine and are two parks where samples are from," the source continued.
   branco-who-sovereignty.jpg Israeli PM Netanyahu's wife Sara is rescued by police after being trapped in a hair salon for hours when protesters critical of her husband's policies spotted her there and surrounded it

    Israel has seen intermittent protests for months but Wednesday's turned violent
    Thousands vehemently protested Netanyahu's plans to weaken Supreme Court
    The PM's wife was in a hair salon in the capital when she was spotted by rioters


Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Tuesday that the US is prepared to stage a number of false flag chemical attacks in Ukraine to place the blame on Moscow and start World War 3.

According to Igor Kirillov, the commander of Russia's nuclear, biological, and chemical defense forces, the Americans think that due to fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, the international community won't be able to organize a successful investigation into such "provocations," which would let Washington avoid accountability.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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