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March 19 - Taliban Fed Up With Office Work!

March 19, 2023

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Leading with this whimsical story. More serious stuff below.

Taliban Members Fed Up With Office Work, Ready to Quiet Quit

Reader- "This is the greatest article I've ever read. They complain about traffic low pay and long hours. These people could be the average American bitching about life."


66 MILLION Americans want a 'national divorce': New poll shows growing number back Marjorie Taylor Greene's call for a split between blue and red states

    Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene says the US needs a 'national divorce' between red and blue states
    A shocking new poll shows that one-fifth of Americans agree with this idea
    Secessionist movements are alive and well in Texas and eastern Oregon  


Archbishop Viganò: Reject Soros, Schwab, and Gates, 'We Need an Anti-Globalist Alliance'

"We cannot be surprised that, after de-Christianizing the Western world, this elite considers Russia an enemy to be overthrown."


raining.jpgFact-Checkers Admit 92% of All COVID Deaths Are From Jabbed People

Unearthed emails from 2020 prove that covid PCR testing is a SCAM

Psychedelics could revolutionize couples therapy

TIME sent this email to their subscribers on March 14, 2023.

Now more than ever couples need to get outside their egos.


biden-ukt-quicksand.jpgRussia is preparing for a total war with NATO: Moscow is filled with S-400 - Warrant for the arrest of Putin from the International Criminal Court (vid) - WarNews247


Report: Nearly Half of 'Climate Change' Companies in U.S. Banked with Failed SVB

As San Francisco Bay Area public radio station KQED reports, many of those companies received funding from SVB because other banks were less willing to fund investments that had lower chances of providing a return:

    Nearly half of the country's bio- and climate-technology companies, many of them headquartered in the Bay Area, banked with Silicon Valley Bank. Last year, SVB committed to investing at least $5 billion in the clean tech industry.

Nearly 200 banks at risk for same fate as SVB: study

Nearly 200 more banks may be vulnerable to the same type of risk that took down Silicon Valley Bank: The value of the assets they hold.

There are 186 banks across the country that could fail if half of their depositors quickly withdraw their funds, a new study published on the Social Science Research Network found. Even insured depositors -- those with $250,000 or less in the bank -- could have problems getting their cash if these institutions face the sort of run that Silicon Valley saw a week ago.
henry-meacock-1.jpgThe goyim die young

Ohio State student dies during spring break; NJ native was finance major


Ellen Brown: The Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami

"Technically, the cutoff for SIFIs is $250 billion  in assets. However, the reason they are called "systemically important" is not their asset size but the fact that their failure could bring down the whole financial system. That designation comes chiefly from their exposure to derivatives, the global casino that is so highly interconnected that it is a "house of cards." Pull out one card and the whole house collapses. SVB held $27.7 billion in derivatives, no small sum, but it is only .05% of the $55,387 billion ($55.387 trillion) held by JPMorgan, the largest U.S. derivatives bank.




Breaking: Candid Camera Recording of Bill Gates and Tony Fauci Discussing Evil Plans (satire)

peter-baddoo.jpegPeter Baddoo, 29, an instructor in the Department of Mathematics, passed away suddenly on Feb. 15 while playing basketball on campus.

MIT had a vaccine mandate. When are these institutions going to be sued?

BAUER: Blindsight was 20/20 for COVID 'experts'

"Experts" still can't admit COVID is a hoax

Was it me, or had the world gone insane?  by Gabrielle Bauer

In the early months of the pandemic, you couldn't say a word against the COVID policies without being branded a COVID-denier, selfish idiot, troglodyte, or worse. And if you were 63 years old, as I was when the pandemic hit, it was simply assumed you would cheer for policies that put immediate safety first. But I wasn't cheering, not even on the day the first lockdowns were announced. Nothing about the policies seemed proportionate or humane.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

No government will ask you to vote on

▪️Digital ID
▪️WHO control over all things
▪️Global health passports
▪️Net Zero
▪️15 min cities
▪️Ban on fossil fuel
▪️Individual carbon credits
▪️Agenda 30

Because they know you would vote no!  Be louder. Before it's too late

Some unambiguous signals that the Shit has truly Hit The Fan, are:

    The FDIC has no more funds to insure banks accounts, and the Federal Goverment is unable to recapitalize the FDIC (for whatever reason)
    The first "too big to fail" bank does fail, and the government cannot stop it with whatever tools they have available (this includes international banks such as Credit Suisse)
    China halts all exports to the USA.
    China, India or Saudi Arabia repudiate the use of the dollar for international trade.
    Germany leaves the EU and/or NATO.
    The US mint stops all sales of gold to private buyers.
    The US government declares "martial law" in the USA.
    The US government activates the National Emergencies executive orders where they take over everything, and the citizens are now slaves.

twain-fool-believe-lie.jpg The WHO's Pandemic Treaty Is A New World Order Communist Police State by Patrick McShay
    WEF officials have admitted that 15-minute cities will imprison humanity in "Forever Lockdowns." Billionaires and globalists like the WEF's Klaus Schwab, America-hating George Soros, and vaccine grifter Bill Gates are leading us into a Communist and Green New World Order dictatorship.
    Excellent speech by Andrew Bridgen

AB in UK parliament uses the governments own data to blow apart the c-19 vaccine narrative
ABOUT 40 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, GIVE OR TAKE A FEW HISPANICS: Black History Month aka February 2023--Another Month In The Death Of White America


CJ Evans- Fed let SVB fail to advance CBDC but that won't happen for 2-3 more years

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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