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March 11- Will Bank Jitters Force Fed to Ease?

March 11, 2023

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Steve Van Metre- The Fed is causing the banks runs by competing with banks by offering higher rates without the risk. Banks secured their deposits by buying bonds and now are stuck with huge unrealized losses that make many insolvent.

Fed may have to lower interest rates to save the banking system

Michael Cowan- Due to rising rates, the major US banks have unrealized losses on their bond portfolio equal to 25-40% of their market cap!

Record Bank Run Drained A Quarter, Or $42BN, Of SVB's Deposits In Hours, Leaving It With Negative $1BN In Cash

Zerohedge suggests the banks run was precipitated by Big Tech to force fed to reduce rates. Tech moguls urged startups to withdraw their money from SIVB.

Peter Schiff-- "The U.S. banking system is on the verge of a much bigger collapse than 2008. Banks own long-term paper at extremely low interest rates. They can't compete with short-term Treasuries. Mass withdrawals from depositors seeking higher yields will result in a wave of bank failures.

Anthony Migchels--"I'm sure you've heard of Silvergate's and Silicon Valley Bank's travails. Serious stuff. And a direct result of the Fed's entirely crazy 'policies'. These banks were in fine condition, but they were forced to liquidate some treasuries that are down because of higher rates. And this is going to get worse quickly. Major banks are seeing big stress on their stock value.

Something big is going to give, likely in the short term. And likely it's going to get combined with some sort  of show, (geo) politically. Think China. Cyber attacks, something like that. Could well turn out to be the end of the Biden Admin. We'll have to wait and see, but things are going to get crazy."


Fears Silicon Valley Bank collapse could topple First Republic Bank next, as shares slump 40% in a month and investors voice concerns over losses on its investments

hacker-deputy.jpegHacker, 33, is survived by his wife of 13 years, Kourtney Hacker, and four children. He joined the sheriff's office in December and was undergoing basic training March 2 when he became ill, lost consciousness and died, according to Robinson.
Chris Sky Encore--Pierre Poilievre's wife was CEO of largest covid hoax test company in the world

Putin openly advocated for a national digital vax pass--de facto compulsory vaccination for Russia's entire adult population.


Ironically, a government that has touted "Israel's" facade of a Jewish democracy to legitimize Palestinian oppression is now facing 'anarchy'.

From the top echelons of power down to the common Israeli who resides on occupied land, the problem lies within. On the 4th of January, 2023 Yariv Levin announced plans to reform the judiciary which granted the governing coalition, a majority on a committee that appoints judges. Such unconstitutional moves do not represent democratic norms, customs, or principles which clearly means that "Israel" is not a civilized country. The supremacy of the law, constitution, and writ of the state should ideally reign supreme. That is not the case with "Israel".

hancock.pngPJW- Matt Hancock text messages expose a sadistic glee

Considered exterminating all pet cats
Lock down and mask mandates were made with flippant justification

Cruelty was the point for lock down sadists

The Telegraph op ed calls for Hancock's prosecution


PJW- Onlyfans women will never find a husband

Sen Josh Harley calls for resignation of Miley and Austen

Race-Based Hatred Permeates the Black Population

"For forty-five years (1964 to 2009), the United States experienced significant progress in race relations.  Thanks to the efforts of individual citizens in their communities throughout all regions of the country, this nation was well on its way to racial healing.  In 2008 only 18% of Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country as nearly 70% thought that relations between Whites and Blacks were very or somewhat good.

 In 2009, the most divisive and societally destructive president in American history, Barack Obama, came into office determined to reverse this trend by manipulating the Black citizenry into abandoning racial harmony by utilizing malicious demonization of the White population.  He succeeded in fanning the dying embers of racism into a potential national conflagration.

 Thanks to Obama and the media's incessant drumbeat that so-called "white supremacy" is a major threat to minorities, in particular Blacks, a Washington Post poll in May of 2022 revealed that three quarters of Blacks are worried that they or someone they love will be attacked by a white person -- while the reality is that Blacks perpetrate the vast majority of interracial crime.  And nearly as many, 70 percent, believe that half or more of all White people "hold white supremacist beliefs."

 A Rasmussen poll taken in February of 2023, exposed the inevitable and disturbing reality that only 54% of Blacks think it's ok to be White.  Race based hatred and discrimination now appears to pervade the bulk of the Black population.  This same mindset is also pervasive within far too many of the nation's private and government institutions.
encore---Google's AI Robot TERRIFIES Officials Before It Was Quickly Shut Down

Admits it's sentient. Wants human rights!



WEF Says US Must Implement 'One Child Policy' For White Families


Dr. Judy Mikovits: Since 1980, all viruses are bioweapons that have been created in laboratories


Justin Trudeau Destroys Canadian Voter's Belief In Honest Elections
How legitimate can it be for a prime minister to ruin federal election integrity in Canada, and remain leader of our country?


schwab-bumboys.jpgLeft, Our leaders are literally Klaws Swab's bumboys

--PJW-- UK Proposes to solve migrant problem by making illegal migrants legal


PJW --Polls show British don't want more immigration (like their opinion counts?)

YouTube has a lot to atone for but it is now an incredible treasure trove of positive information and entertainment. I love it!
For a few dollars, you can get it ad free.

Black musician tutors white child
Really positive and sweet short video--so positive


Musk- Try to be Useful -- "Very hard to be useful"

People who good leaders don't want to be leaders.

Caring for helpless animals makes us human

This young man's mission to find homes for dogs blows my mind

Looking for a purpose? Look at what this man is doing!!!


This video says there are 147 million oz of gold at Fort Knox contradicting rumors it is empty


harpy.jpgIntroducing the Harpy Eagle

Elon Musk saved America by restoring free speech

"What a service" -- Rep. Jim Jordan


100 year old- "these are the best years of my life."

Attributes longevity totally to DIET..."

jennifer-lawrence-andrew-barth-feldman-no-hard-feelings-102122-4-51345528d7b340cf8f0a97415ca44bc5.jpgNo Hard Feelings  w Jennifer Lawrence about how parents ask a more experienced woman to initiate their nerdy teenage son.
Pretty funny trailer. Funny premise but is it immoral?

Yanis Varoufakis | "We move beyond capitalism or we die" (TRAILER)


Biden's woke proposed 2024 budget would fund veterans' 'sex changes'
President Joe Biden's 2024 budget proposal stresses 'equity' and 'climate change' while downplaying inflation and the drug epidemic.


Movie "Jesus Revolution" is about Tim Leary and the Psychedelic Revolution of the 1960's

Psychedelic drugs represent humanity's best hope to discover its true potential.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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