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The Daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley is Still Alive!

February 11, 2023

wynona-lia-marie.jpg(Wynonna Judd left, with Lisa Marie Presley)

Wynonna Judd is the true daughter of Elvis and Priscilla.
She was adopted out to become a future celebrity
and replaced with Lisa Marie who played the role of
Priscilla's biological daughter before the eyes of the world.  

They are both his daughters. Wynonna Judd had to be adopted
into another family for several reasons:  Primarily to make it appear
that talent and fame is bestowed randomly and that anyone can achieve it. 
The other reason is so they'll  breed with parents and half siblings.

By Matrix Hacker


     On January 13, 2023 USA Today reported that "Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis, dies at 54 after a brief hospitalization." 

        The same day, Rolling Stone reported that "Lisa Marie Presley, Daughter of Elvis and Priscilla, Dies at 54" and and reported that "Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley's Only Daughter, dead at 54."  Each of these news reports are nonfactual.  

     According to Susan Maureen Brandt, the conspiracy researcher who took knowledge of the Hollywood breeding program public, Lisa Marie Presley was the true daughter of either Elvis or Priscilla Presley but not both.  The true daughter of Elvis and Priscilla was adopted out to become a future celebrity and replaced with Lisa Marie who played the role of Presley's biological daughter before the eyes of the world.  

    It is easy to conclude that Lisa Marie Presley was a daughter of Elvis because she resembled him.  Lisa Marie was born in 1968 and Elvis made three movies that were released that year, Live a Little, Love a Little costarring Michele Carey, Speedway costarring Nancy Sinatra, and Stay Away, Joe costarring Quentin Dean.

     Lisa Marie was most probably bred by Elvis and a co-star during the making of one of these films.  Every time a movie is made, so is a baby, a future celebrity, and Elvis starred in more than 30 films between 1956 and 1969. 

     But who, then, is the true daughter of Elvis and Priscilla if not Lisa Marie?  Susan Maureen Brandt identified her as being Wynonna Judd.  This means that the aforementioned news reports are both untrue and misleading because Wynonna Judd is still very much alive. 

    I located an article published on on October 17, 2022 entitled "Wynonna Judd talks about her love for Elvis Presley" which drops clues alluding to the fact that she, too, is a daughter of Elvis and, therefore, supports Brandt's claim.  

     The article states, "Wynonna jokingly called herself 'Sh-Elvis' (the female version of Elvis)."  And the article ends with the following statement and question.  "Ironically, many people have remarked that Wynonna and Presley's daughter Lisa Marie, look like sisters!  What do you think?" 

     January-1996-Divorce-Michael-Jackson-and-Lisa-Marie-Presley-A-Timeline-of-Their-Brief-Marriage.jpgHere the Cabal is extending an invitation to us to wake up to their game.  So, to better understand their game, let's now take a closer examination of Lisa Marie.  In what has been called the most bizarre marriage in history, Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson in 1994.  

     Public response was utter bafflement as to why these two had married one another.  Speculation ran rampant as to whether these two had actually bedded one another because no one could fathom that they ever had or ever would.  Public consensus was that their marriage either had to be a publicity stunt or occurred as an attempt counter recent sexual abuse allegations leveled at Jackson by a young boy.  However, the true purpose of their union was to show the world that they had bred a child and future celebrity together.  Celebrity marriages are never love matches so, in reality, this one was no different than any other.         

     What I find to be so valuable about the revelation that Wynonna Judd is the true daughter of Elvis and Priscilla is that the revelation itself does the work of deconstructing the Elvis and Priscilla narrative for me.  Central to their story is that, during their many years of dating, they never once had sexual intercourse, Elvis insisted on taking a virgin bride, and that Priscilla divorced Elvis because refused to have sex with her once she became a mother.  Wynonna Judd was born in 1964, three years to the month before the wedding of Elvis and Priscilla, and this detail exposes these narratives to be myths.

     Esoterically, each and every celebrity marriage is arranged by the Cabal to show the public who bred with who, perhaps with the exception of some which provide a smokescreen for homosexual celebrities and, of course, nowadays, gay marriages.  Exoterically, celebrity dating relationships are telling us who slept with who but, esoterically, just like marriages, they are showing us who bred with who.  And all of these "relationships" are choreographed to place into mass consciousness a mind boggling amount of clues for the express purpose that they can all be untraveled to determine who bred who in the world of celebrity.  

     For some reason the Cabal decided that no one the planet above a certain age in 1994 should escape the news that Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson had become an "official couple" and it's probably because whoever they bred is a major megastar given that their child carries the bloodlines of three Kings of Hollywood.  Lisa Marie was a carrier of the genes of Elvis who was dubbed "the King."  Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop," was born on August 29, 1958 and was bred by Nat King Cole and Eartha Kitt during the making of the film St. Louis Blues which was released in April of 1958.  

     Nat King Cole was a stage name and he was born as Nathaniel Adams Coles.  Jackson was given the name Michael as a clue because it is encoded into Nathaniel Adams Coles.   Lisa Marie first met Michael Jackson when she was seven years old.  Girls born into the Satanic cult are typically made to start breeding at age 14.  The celebrity that Jackson and Presley bred together could have been born as early as 1982.  Jackson commenced a high profile dating relationship with Brooke Shields in early 1981 and they might be the true parents of singer Beyonce. 

     Beyonce-Grammys-GettyImages-1307114656-H-2021-420x280.jpgCelebrities are routinely born by Caesarian section at 6 months gestation.  Officially, the "relationship" of Jackson and Shields began in March of 1981 and Beyonce was born six months later, in September of 1981.  Beyonce was dubbed "Queen Bey" although she was born as Beyonce Giselle Knowles.  Encoded into this name is Coles and King Cole which is showing us that, like Michael Jackson, she carries the genes of Nat King Cole.  By doing a quick search I was easily able to find numerous clues that allude to Michael Jackson being her true father.     

   Half-sibling breeding is the bread and butter of the Hollywood breeding program.  Awareness of this fact makes it rather apparent that Nicholas Cage is an excellent candidate for being a secret child of Elvis simply in virtue of the fact that Lisa Marie Presley married him.  Adding weight to this idea is that he names Elvis as being his hero.  Cage was born in 1964, and four films starring Elvis were released that year including Viva Las Vegas costarring Ann-Margaret.  

     Cage made two movies with Vegas in the title, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Leaving Las Vegas and these are likely clues indicating that he was bred during the making of Viva Las Vegas.  Lisa Marie and Nicholas Cage married one another on the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death which is yet another clue that both are the children of Elvis.       


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Comments for "The Daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley is Still Alive!"

CC said (February 12, 2023):

Henry, I am loving the series of articles from the Matrix Hacker. As weird as it sounds, I believe these stories to be true.

The back story of these celebrities always seems a little vague. Judd looks like a carbon copy of Elvis, no one would think to put the pieces together.

I know so many people that are in love with these celebrities and get very annoyed if you criticize them.

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