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Mike Stone -- Is Damar Hamlin Alive?

February 2, 2023

hamlin.pngAt the same time, they photoshopped Tiffany Dover back from the dead.

Mike Stone found a record of Damar Hamlin's death.

by Mike Stone

Football fans watched in horror on January 2 as Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed in the middle of a game and was pronounced dead on the field. The shock on the faces of his teammates and the players on the opposing team told the story. They knew he was dead and probably more than a few of them were wondering if they were next.

Immediately the national media went into overdrive, declaring, without evidence, that Hamlin's collapse had nothing to do with the "vaccine." But how could they possibly know that?

hamlin-pulse.pngHamlin was transported to a nearby hospital, where it was reported that he miraculously recovered. Upon awakening from his coma, we're told that Hamlin's first words were, "Who won the game?" We're also told that his doctor immediately responded by saying, "You did, Damar. You won the game of your life."

Think about that. In every case where someone has suffered a near-death experience, the first thing they mention is seeing the faces of deceased relatives or a playback of their life. Others report seeing angels or tunnels of light. Some wince with horror as they describe seeing demonic entities waiting to snatch their soul. No one has ever said something so superficial and meaningless as, "Who won the game?"

Then we have his doctor's response which sounds like a line only a Hollywood scriptwriter could come up with. Is any of this true?


hamlin2.pngA couple of weeks later, the media submitted a picture of the now recovered Hamlin sitting on a hospital bed with a nurse at his side. It looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. However, a reverse image lookup shows that the picture was copied from a previous image. Look at the background and the folds in the hospital gowns. It's the same image.

More recently, Hamlin arrived at a playoff game featuring his team, the Buffalo Bills. The brain-dead crowd gave him a standing ovation. But who were they applauding? Hamlin - or whoever it was that showed up - was dressed in a hoodie and scarf. He was wearing oversized sunglasses. In other words, he was completely covered up, making it impossible to identify him. Was it really Hamlin?

You can watch video of this event. Hamlin stands in a private suite, away from everyone else, and throws up illuminati signs. That's even more suspicious.

hamlin-death.jpgLast week, a video came out showing Hamlin talking to the camera. It looks like him. It looks a lot like him, only ... his facial tattoos are missing. Did he have them removed? Can that be done? If he really suffered a near fatal heart attack, would his doctors allow him to go under an operation to remove his tattoos this soon after recovering?

What do you think? 

Is Damar Hamlin alive?

Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone -- Is Damar Hamlin Alive?"

CR said (February 3, 2023):

Regarding the Mike Stone piece.. Beware of these "searches" on public databases showing L.Hamlin dead.. I did a search the other day on ""for my own name and it showed me born, married, divorced and yep dead. It shows you as everything. I guess to get more specific (or correct?) information about someone you have to purchase a subscription to the site. Otherwise all the database shows you is your name and that you existed at some point..Try it and you'll see what I mean and perhaps your readers would wish to check it out. We've got to be "wise as serpents" and "innocent as doves" in this crooked world. 

JP said (February 2, 2023):

I'm from Buffalo so this story has my attention. My initial thought was that his collapse on the field was staged. If you watch player #30, he is focused on Hamlin after the play as if waiting for his cue. As soon as Hamlin drops, he darts over to him. But how could he have known at that very second and from that distance that Hamlin's fall was something to worry about? Then they kept this guy on the field for 9 minutes when the hospital was only 3 miles away. Why? Wouldn't we expect them to do CPR on the way to the hospital instead of on the field? It was also odd that the MNF crew stayed on the scene and covered what was happening on the field. Normally, they are instructed to cut away and return when they are ready to resume play. And it was weird that all the players gathered closely around Hamlin and blocked him. Then they all took a knee except one dude, #33, who's name happens to be Neal. So this event could have been staged but let's assume it wasn't for argument's sake. The first hospital picture of Hamlin looked like a fake. I noticed that his arm shadows were not correct, indicating photoshop. The event at the Bills playoff game with Hamlin allegedly in attendance was some kind of stunt. Last, his recent video looked authentic, but deep fake technology is almost undetectable. So the question remains, is he dead and they are faking the recent video? or is alive because his collapse was staged? I have a problem with the official narrative that he died twice, required 10 minutes of CPR, and is somehow walking around like we have all seen in recent videos.

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