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February 26, 2023

Jews in Israel Got the Death Jab

The numbers indicate that Israelis are suffering at about the same rate as Americans.

by NH

The pdf you linked to is prohibitively out-of-date i.e. old data from April 2021. So I went to their website ( and drilled down to their latest report, linked below.

The question of the Israeli death rate from the COVID-19 jabs is critically important because "Israel is the model", supposedly, and there are persistent allegations that Ashkenazim genetics provide immunity (the spike protein bio-weapon allegedly doesn't bind reliably to the ACE2 receptors of Ashkenazim epithelium i.e. blood vessel walls). Furthermore it is hypothesized that because of this, the bio-weapon was more than likely invented in Israel. [IMO the bio-weapon came from Ft. Detrick, which was shut down in August 2019, and it may have been stolen by the Israelis, who invariably steal anything useful - like Netanyahu personally stole nuclear triggers from USA and Mossad stole the bulk of their arsenal's nuclear pits (plutonium/enriched-uranium cores) from USA].

So here are the numbers:

Israel population: 9,506,100
USA population: 333,287,557

VAERS reported deaths: 34,478
The multiplier for VAERS is estimated at 40 by the oft-quoted Harvard study and up to 100 by other studies. IMO it is more like 200, but I will use 40 here as a conservative estimate.]

The Israeli Peoples Committee reported deaths: 740
["The numbers shown here reflect only 1-3% of the true prevalence in the population", according to a notation on the report, so I will here estimate 2% implying a multiplier of 50.]

USA: ((34,478 * 40) / 333,278,557)) * 100 = 0.414% deaths so far.
Israel ((740 * 50) / 9,506,100)) * 100 = 0.389% deaths to date.

So we see that the numbers appear quite comparable on a per capita basis... and, providing the Israeli People's Committee is not a scam front for Israeli intelligence (and it certainly looks legit judging from it's website), the numbers show that the Israelis are suffering at about the same rate as USA.

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