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Robert Burrowes--How to Resist

February 24, 2023


"The only way we can defeat this long-planned, complex and multifaceted threat, is to mobilize sufficient people all over the world who are willing to nonviolently non-cooperate with its foundational components, that is, those elements that make the entire Elite program possible."

Makow- The shepherds are working for the wolves! People are not prepared to deal with betrayal on this scale. All the social institutions that were created to protect them are being used to deceive, oppress and poison them. Under the Christian dispensation, human life is sacred because everyone has a spark of the Divine in their soul. Under the Cabalist Jewish NWO, humans have no Divine soul. They are "hackable animals" to be exploited and culled by the Cabalists.

We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite's 'Great Reset': Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively?

by Robert J. Burrowes
(excerpt by

A long-planned, vast range and parallel sequence of measures is being rapidly implemented to capture political, social, economic, medical and technological control of the human population.

The intention is to kill off a substantial proportion of humanity and imprison those left alive as transhuman slaves in the Elite's technocratic (surveillance and control) 'smart' cities, which will be policed by a range of current and emerging technologies.

And, as I have explained previously and above, because the Global Elite controls conventional political, economic, financial, technological, medical, educational, media and other important levers of society, the Elite has control of how events unfold while simultaneously giving it control of the narrative about what is taking place. As a result, the truth about the Elite plan is easily concealed. Consequently, effective resistance to this complex and sophisticated program requires a response based on a full understanding of the Elite's deeper agenda and that is equally sophisticated.

This means that we cannot rely on any conventional channel, political, legal or otherwise.

It also means that those campaigns based on a disintegrated set of actions that lack strategic focus can achieve nothing, although they mislead those resisting into wasting their effort: a rapid path to disempowerment and disenchantment for those deceived by people deluding themselves that they understand strategy.

The only way we can defeat this long-planned, complex and multifaceted threat, is to mobilize sufficient people all over the world who are willing to nonviolently non-cooperate with its foundational components, that is, those elements that make the entire Elite program possible.

2030-food-pyrimid.jpgSo if you are interested in being strategic in your resistance to the 'Great Reset' and its related agendas, you are welcome to participate in the 'We Are Human, We Are Free' campaign which identifies a list of 30 strategic goals for doing so...

In parallel with our resistance, we must create the political, economic and social structures that serve our needs, not those of the Elite. That is why long-standing efforts to encourage and support people to grow their own food - see '23 Reasons You Should Start a Garden in 2023' - participate in local trading schemes (involving the exchange of knowledge, skills, services and products with or without a local medium of exchange) and develop structures for cooperation, governance, nonviolent defence and networking with other communities are so important.

Of course, indigenous peoples still have many of these capacities - lost to vast numbers of humans as civilization has expanded over the past five millennia - but many people are now engaged in renewed efforts to create local communities, such as ecovillages, and local trading schemes, including Community Exchange Systems. Obviously, we must initiate/expand these forms of individual and community engagement in city neighbourhoods too. And we must learn to defend them as well.

In addition, to reiterate, if you want to raise children who are powerfully able to investigate, analyze and act, you are welcome to make 'My Promise to Children'.


We are currently living in the final phase of a 5,000 year effort to impose total control over the human population. There are many reasons why it has reached this point. Some key reasons are explained above. And despite the comfortable delusion that the most obvious and onerous restrictions that we have experienced over the past three years have temporarily receded, the fact remains that a vast range of political, economic, medical and technological measures are being implemented as you read these words and we have only just ended the first round of what must be, if we are to be successful, a protracted fight.

In essence, what we do between now and 2030 will determine the fate of humanity. If we can mobilize enough people to resist strategically, we will succeed. But there is little sign of that so far.

Understanding how power works in the world system as well as who, precisely, is driving what is happening, what they are doing, why, and how they are doing it are crucial prerequisites for developing an effective strategy to resist the current Elite program to kill off a substantial proportion of humanity, enslave those left alive in a technocratic prison, enclose the Commons forever and consolidate all wealth in Elite hands.

It is the failure to understand these crucial points that accounts for the ineffective 'resistance' that has characterized the past three years.

And this is complicated by the fact that fear makes most people unable to learn either from their own failed experience or to seriously investigate what is happening and how to resist it most effectively. So they fearfully repeat what is familiar, without even asking if it has worked in the past.

So each passing day we still witness fruitless attempts to convince one elite agent or another - a politician, a judge, a corporate media executive... - to take action that will turn the tide in our favour. But none of these individuals can help us.

The reality is simple: If we do not act strategically ourselves, and mobilize sufficient others to do so too, then human identity and freedom will be lost forever.


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Robert J. Burrowes has a lifetime commitment to understanding and ending human violence. He has done extensive research since 1966 in an effort to understand why human beings are violent and has been a nonviolent activist since 1981. He is the author of 'Why Violence?' His email address is and his website is here.

First Comment from Satanist Insider AJ Fozdyke-

"Satan is the only God who cares!" --Anton Szandor LaVey (speaking ex cathedra)
"If we do not act strategically ourselves, and mobilize sufficient others to do so too, then human identity and freedom will be lost forever."     Robert J. Burrowes

 VAIDS, SADS, low birth rates, inflation, crowded hospitals, supply line breakdowns and NATO are gifts that just keep giving. With more than 70% of the global population having received at least one dose, Petor Narsagonan's so-called, Explosive Deathbed Confession is all panning out - just like he stated.  

The filth will never rise up, even to save their children. The Age of Satan is just beginning and as I have told you ignorant, stupid, compliant, gutless and honourless ambulatory turds - repeatedly as it turns out - nothing and no one can stop us.

Our Goddesses and Gods are becoming more physical because We are feeding/directing energy while calling Them. The agenda remains massive destruction, before creation through Vindex. The convenient prison-grid planet is almost completely here and already, deep down, everybody knows their place in the pyramid. As apex predators, we're at the very top - with Our deities. It's fundamental, global, human species alchemy and this is the 'death becomes you' stage.  

And we can't lose because the complacent herd does nothing. That's why I was asked to get the truth published, incrementally. Satan is the God of Truth and I know that both My Teacher and I have given the world Satan's truth in advance. I am deeply honoured to be His beloved prophet during these very crucial times!  

We want you to rise. We really do - so we can destroy you with the weapons your taxpayer money has given to the corporations and their government whores. You'll die soon enough - that's just economics - but where's the fun?  


Your children and descendants are already Ours; that We may have pleasure furthering the Work; harnessing and directing their energies. Whichever way Homo normalis turn it's looking awfully grim. But for the Satanic Alpha Lodge, everything's going hunky-dory. I live the high life, as best as I can given my health, with My place assured in the afterlife. And having experienced blood engorged erections - I know in the resurrection! Hail Myself To Be! Yours in the love of Satan, AJF

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Comments for "Robert Burrowes--How to Resist"

RH said (February 24, 2023):

There was a reason the elite forces destroyed the family farms of 40 years ago. They are control freaks. They know that a self sufficient people will not conform as easily to their schemes.

Bringing that lifestyle back won't be easy. People have lost their connection to the land. I grew up on a farm. I don't see people having that kind of "energy" today.

Maybe it will happen with a complete economic breakdown but then I would suppose it would be a small percentage of the total population that adjusts.

Tony B said (February 24, 2023):

All those eight actions to take against WEF are relatively a waste of time. Insanity doesn't care at all what sanity wants or does. But they will have some effect ONLY if those doing them, and a lot more who are not, FIRST return to God. This is a war between God and Satan, have NO DOUBT. Without recognizing that and so acting, it's all another pagan waste of time, lost before begun.

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