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God Wins (But We Must be His Instrument)

February 15, 2023


Picture Jacob Rothschild,  Anthony Fauci,
Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson,
Joe Biden, Macron and Fidelito Castro in the front row.  
They will all be tried for crimes against humanity.

Politicians, doctors, celebrities, professors, media publishers and pundits, judges, cops, preachers do not serve the public who pay their salaries.

Most are opportunists and traitors chosen from the ranks of Freemasonry (Jewish Cabalism, Satanism) to serve the central banking cartel.

(from July 31, 2021)
by Henry Makow PhD

Good news! The central bankers have overreached and exposed their sinister globalist network to all and sundry.

Far from resulting in permanent planetary lockdown (Communist Agenda 2030,) this misstep will cost them their monopoly over government credit and result in a rebirth of freedom. 

There is no way the human race is going to accept toxic vaccines, masks and lockdowns indefinitely. Once the next flu season arrives and people realize this is never going to end, and many are dying, they will rise up against the traitors who have inflicted so much needless damage and death on millions of people. 

A virus with a death rate of less than half a per cent is not a pandemic. It is a pathetic excuse for radical undemocratic economic and social change. Blame for any further illness can be placed on the toxic vaccines.

The Masonic Jewish central bankers believe they can overrule the moral and natural laws of the universe. They are about to learn that they cannot and we are going to teach them that lesson.

We will do it by resisting their bullshit en masse. 

God is calling upon us to sacrifice for Him, and ultimately for us. Just as Jesus gave his life, some of us will have to suffer or even die. But we have no alternative. We will die on our feet. We will not live on our knees. 

We must not let them continue to gaslight us. As Dr. Mike Yeadon demonstrates, everything about Covid is a monstrous fraud. The fraudsters must be held to account. 

As soon as they see the tide has turned, the rats will abandon ship.


We are a movement and we need to start behaving like one. We need to swell the ranks of existing trustworthy organizations. We need to eschew anyone or anything with a Masonic connection. 

I invite you to suggest some organizations. One might be Edward Griffin's Red Pill University. Griffin has been warning of Communist subversion before some of us were born. He is trustworthy. Individuals who have earned our support include E. Michael Jones, Andy Ngo, Alex Newman, Vernon Coleman, Mike Yeadon, Judy Mikowits and Carrie Madej. 

Here is a Freedom Foundation I stumbled upon. What do you think of it? 

Is Alex Jones' a dependable leader? Trump is definitely false opposition. A Freemason, in Israel's pocket. 

Then, we will form an umbrella organization to coordinate resistance.  We may have to work with Trumpers. 

We need to reach out to the Left and convince them that we have a common enemy, and should unite. We want everyone to prosper according to God's Plan. God loves all his children equally.


We need to rally behind people who have sacrificed themselves for the cause. Jeff Murray was murdered by Freemason cops on May 9.     He is our George Floyd. But since the banksters are funding BLM and not freedom and justice, Murray's death barely got a notice in the media.

Worse, there was little to no outrage from his fellow truthers. 

You could be next.  John Ernest was obviously misguided. But he still deserves our support.

Everyone wants to keep their head down. Everyone is scared. 

Folks, they know who we are. No point hiding. Time to stand up and be counted. Time to organize militias.

We are approaching a major battle. They have made a return to freedom contingent on taking untested GMO vaccines. This is breathtakingly audacious (it's called "chutzpah") and will result in their downfall as millions become aware that these vaccines are toxic and designed to control or kill us. 

God wins. But He requires our agency. 

We need to step up to the plate, or strike out for all time. 

Our rejection of the God within is the reason humanity is in jeopardy. God is Bliss. Truth. Justice. Beauty. Love. 

God is all the things we crave. Satanists have trained us to hate the thing we need most.

God's Plan is the path of human development, personal and collective.

Money will not save us. Money is the problem. The scamdemic and resulting tyranny were all bought and paid for by the central bankers. Money is just digits on their ledger. They can erase them anytime they like. 

We need to resist vaccine apartheid and the covid fraud with all our might.

Let's show the new-Nuremburgers that we will pay any price for our freedom.

God wins, sooner or later. 

When God wins, we win.

Will you join God's army? 

Will you participate in His victory?
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First Comment from John B

I like your latest article, God wins, although it may not be the way you think with trials and men judging other men. I'm thinking more on the lines of Chuck Baldwin's latest sermon,  where he looks at the characteristics of doomed societies before God's judgement and wrath came down, such as the time of Noah and Soddom and Gomorrah. In the times before the great flood there was mass societal corruption, mass violence, mass gov't abuse of power, mass cruelty by the wealthy and the disintegration of Godly families.

In Lot's time in Sodom there was mass absence of righteousness, mass presence of militant sodomite behavior, and mass presence of powerful pride. God said he would spare the city if Lot could find 10 righteous men (out of 10,000), but he couldn't. Not one in a 1000 were righteous. So similar to today.

   Also in the article you suggest organizations to join - but don't mention the Church of God. Why not join a world-wide organization that not only professes to be Christ like, but lives it and demonstrates it by deeds. They lead righteous lives, speak the truth, openly reject and defy the covid narrative and rules, and organize demonstrations/rallies.
Here's a song they wrote about Bill Gate's vax (3min)
And here's a sermon called the great reset you really should listen to (60min)

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Comments for "God Wins (But We Must be His Instrument)"

David S said (May 22, 2021):

The Bible indicates that there will be a great apostasy during the end times. In 2 Thess 2:3 it is the “falling away,” or “rebellion,” meaning the wholesale rejection of God’s revealed truth, which is then replaced by an enticing counterfeit. You can see a parallel with the current massive global lie about Covid and its alleged “antidote.” Perhaps next come the false signs and “lying wonders” in Thess 2:9 that will deceive even the elect.

Ever notice how the New Age language is similar to that of Christianity? The “higher consciousness” parallels a “clean conscience.” They speak of “oneness” as opposed to “unity.” The New Age professes the human potential to become our own gods, while its Age of Aquarius parallels a Christian Era of Peace where the external God will “wipe away the tears from all faces” Isaiah 25:8.

David C said (May 22, 2021):

God wins in the end, through Jesus Christ, as explained in the Holy Bible. All of us, including those evil heads of state, will be judged by God - not a Nuremberg tribunal, which was used selectively. I believe we are living during the "end times" of Revelation (and Daniel, Enoch, etc.), and the climax will happen within the next few years. Before that happens, we are told a third of the animals will die, while the world is rapidly being destroyed, which has already begun. The evil entity knows he loses in the end, and is trying to drag as many souls down with him as possible. This is a spiritual war, and the only way to win is through the Gospel Truth of Christ.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at