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Feb 7 - Casualties Mount from Cabalist Bioweapon

February 7, 2023

Dr-Betsy-Eads-2.4.23-pic.png(left, Betsy Eads, MD)

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At Least 1 Billion Dead or Disabled from CV19 Bioweapon - Dr. Betsy Eads

CV19 bioweapon vax truth warrior Dr. Betsy Eads warns of a "Tsunami of 'vaccine' deaths coming in the next two years."  The number of people dying and getting permanent disabilities is increasing.  That is no surprise with 600 million CV19 injections being administered in America alone.  There have been about 13 billion CV19 injections given worldwide.  The estimation of dead and permanently disabled is stunning and criminal.  Dr. Eads explains, "In my personal opinion, a billion people will either die or be permanently disabled."  A new "Expose" article shows 5,162% increase in deaths (in Australia) from this bioweapon shot since 2020. . . . Those are just stunning numbers, and we are seeing it all over the world.  From the UK that is on shot number 6, to Israel that is on shot 7 with complete medical chipping. . . . The entire country of Israel is now medically chipped with portable medical records and vaccine records...

mRNA - It's not a vaccine, it's a gene therapy and they knew it

There is no discussion. mRNA is a gene therapy product, and the only reason anyone questions this is because the big drug companies have bribed enough scientists to lie that this is an issue.

fact-check-fraud.pngWHO releases international pandemic treaty zero draft that targets "misinformation" and "disinformation"

The unelected global health agency will get new legally binding censorship powers if the treaty passes.


They're not trying to kill migrants

NYC Schools Allow Unvaccinated Migrant Children, But What About The 26,000 New York Children Kicked Out In 2019?

Young Rachel Gierth's life has been completely turned upside down after being deceived and receiving the Moderna vaccine.

She was an exercise science student, and worked 3 jobs. Now, she can't even walk.  This is absolutely heartbreaking.


Cartier-Woods2.pngDetroit teen dies in hospital after suffering cardiac arrest playing basketball

Scott Lively- It's time to abort the Satanic Temple

Exclusive: Scott Lively urges SCOTUS to reverse 1947 decision that 'dethroned Yahweh' in U.S.


What ChatGPT and DeepMind Tell Us about AI--  Charles Hugh Smith

Simply put, was running a script / algorithm actually "understanding" the problem as humans understand the problem?

The answer is of course no. The Turing Test-programming a computer to mimic human language and responses-can be scripted / programmed, but that doesn't mean the computer has human understanding. It's just distilling human responses into heuristics that mimic human responses.
fuck-whites.jpgJim Stone---Chat GPT and Open AI are "cool" until you realize their creation was controlled by Jews and programmed to hate and destroy the white race.


The 75-Year History of Failures with "Artificial Intelligence" and $BILLIONS Lost Investing in Science Fiction for the Real World


Woman blames hospital for murdering her father

Mother admits she regrets letting her son, 4, transition to a girl identity and describes realizing her mistake was like 'leaving a cult' after she had previously spent years being a 'true believer' in transgender ideology


Freemasonry a Jewish Luciferian Cult

Video maker- "I spent more than 8 months that time doing extensive researchs with three languages to finally give you this Proof and documentation of the forever Old Conspiracy of the Luciferian Jews. The informations given here are based on serious resources and historical facts that most of it was suppresed or hidden, you will Know and Learn with details the Secrets and stages of the existance and developement of the most dark Secret Society of all Ages and its evil agenda .--
bethany.jpgPJW- Surfing Icon Says She'll Boycott Professional Tour Over Transgender Competitors

Says hormone levels alone don't determine what a woman is.



Google reveals new 'conversation' AI

Dubbed Bard, the service will compete with the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT

Comenter---"Dear human, I know you asked about polynomials over finite fields in error correction, but our AI knows you really want to become gay so here are pictures of black men in skimpy underwear. We will automatically connect to Netflix for you in 3..2..1"

It's beginning to look like the establishment will throw Zelensky under the bus to save face
Prepare for a radical shift in the way in which Ukraine itself is reported. Reports are surfacing in the Western media which even a week ago would have been denounced as Russian propaganda.

It's like the vaccines. The easy money has been made from this scam.

BREAKING: Ontario police arrest Josh Alexander for attending class

Canadian high school student Josh Alexander was arrested and charged this morning at his school for attending class. 

Alexander protested his Catholic school, St. Joseph's, last year allowing gender-confused males to use girls' bathrooms and was then suspended. His tweet today included a photo of him in front of his school and being taken into custody by members of the Ontario Provincial Police. 


grammy.jpgEntertainment industry embrace of Satanism is official

Satanic 'Unholy' Grammy Performance Presented by... Pfizer?
NYC Spending Taxpayer Dollars To Buy Bus Tickets To Canada For Illegal Migrants


The New York Times has just admitted that the West's anti-Russian sanctions are a bust and war is lost

Jim Stone-

SHOCKING: Environmental disaster intentionally caused by federal government - a derailed train carrying many carloads of Poly vinyl chloride was detonated on purpose in Palestine Ohio.

That's the last thing you'd ever want to do, that substance, when not cured (as was the case) is probably the worst carcinogen known to man. I think "they" wanted to cause a huge disaster so they derailed the train on purpose, and then for no conceivable reason put explosives on the tanks and blew them up on purpose.

I REPEAT: THEY DERAILED A TRAIN CARRYING THE WORST CHEMICAL CARGO ON POSSIBLE AND THEN DETONATED EVERY SINGLE CAR CARRYING THAT SUBSTANCE ON PURPOSE, right in the middle of the most prime farm land in the country.. That's a clear and obvious act of war waged on the United states by the government.

CLEARLY, obviously, the worst enemy of the United States is it's own government, stolen elections have consequences, and this is proof.
This "weather system" is in fact the worst toxic waste known to man, put into the sky by the government of the United States. The environmental destruction will be incalculable. And this is not even being picked up by the MSM.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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