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Feb 28 - The Tide is Turning Against Satanists!

February 28, 2023

vanguard.jpg(Tim Buckley, Vanguard CEO)

Scott Adams, Woody Harelson, Bill Maher....Now Vanguard, one of the biggest asset managers is abandoning ESG which is the Rothschild's attempt to manacle free enterprise with Satanist "social and environmental "priorities.

Vanguard CEO Abandons ESG Investing Alliance: "Not In The Game Of Politics"
"We don't believe that we should dictate company strategy," he said, in his first public comments about the decision.

    "It would be hubris to presume that we know the right strategy for the thousands of companies that Vanguard invests with. We just want to make sure that risks are being appropriately disclosed and that every company is playing by the rules."

NOW: France no longer recommends COVID-19 vaccines for the general public


nsw-premier.jpgNSW premier calls for end of COVID vaccine mandates, says they have no impact on transmission

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has called for the end of broad COVID-19 vaccine mandates in his state, saying the jab has no effect on transmission.

Public health orders mandating vaccines for health professionals expired in November but some workplaces can require mandatory vaccination under their own applicable work, health and safety obligations.

Elon Musk Says Media is 'Racist Against Whites' After Scott Adams Gets Cancelled

"The media is racist," Musk said. "For a very long time, US media was racist against non-white people, now they're racist against whites & Asians. Same thing happened with elite colleges & high schools in America. Maybe they can try not being racist."

William Makis MD---Cardiac testing at Washington State public event found 53% myocarditis rate, including 2 active duty US military pilots - what does it mean?

3% of all COVID-19 vaccinated people could be walking around with heart inflammation (myocarditis) they don't know they have, which puts them at increased risk for sudden cardiac death, during exercise or in the early morning hours (the trigger for sudden cardiac death is a surge of stress hormones).

The Washington event cardiac testing was not scientific and 53% of people walking around with myocarditis seems very unlikely. But it raises a crucial question.

WHAT IF the risk of post COVID vaccine myocarditis actually increases with time?

cat-turd.pngDr. Michael Yeadon: Every Single Thing We Were Told Is a LIE

'The "Vaccines"Have Killed Millions... Personally I No Longer Believe There Was Any Novel Respiratory Virus... If we can't persuade people of that, humanity is going down'

Mark Trozzi MD

There is a major online event this Tuesday February 28th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Toronto (that's 7 pm to midnight CET in Germany). Sucharit Bhakdi and 20 expert will expose in detail the covid pharmaceutical crime of the century, and advance our moves to justice and the return of law.  

The big MWGFD- online symposium titled "Gene-based "vaccines" /COVID vaccination - the pharmaceutical crime of the century?" will take place on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 from 6 p.m. to midnight German time (CET). (That is 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Toronto)

Here is Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Ronald Weikly, and Pascal Najadi with details.

Hulking 6'6" boy, 17, who viciously beat his teaching aide unconscious is held on $1 MILLION bond, will be charged as an adult and faces up to 30 years in prison - after being arrested THREE times for battery in 2019

    Brendan Depa, 17, can be named for the first time after the Seventh Judicial Court of Florida ruled that he would be transferred to adult court
    He is facing an aggravated battery charge after he attacked Joan Naydich, 57, at Mantanzas High School on February 21
    The teenager threw the teaching assistant onto the floor before repeatedly punching and kicking her  


East-palestine-toxic-dioxin-cloud.pngEight alarming cover-ups and contradictions in the East Palestine train wreck chemical nightmare now spreading across multiple states


Based Kid Torches Woke School Board!

Whites begin to push back against Cabalist-inspired racism

He was Jewish

Russ Winters--The Assassination of US Sen. Paul Wellstone, One of the Last Anti-War Populist Progressives


Texas sheriff warns that America is experiencing a 'silent invasion' of military age men

Once they arrive in major U.S. cities, they are embedded with gangs and or cartel affiliates acting like a "Trojan horse," Coe said.

Former US mercenary in Ukraine talks war crimes and CIA involvement | RT exclusive


This hero, who is in 6th grade, finds an inappropriate book in his school library and brings it to his father's attention. Following that, he EXPOSES his school for allowing such a graphic book be available to him and his peers in the school library.




The full obliteration of the Ukrainian Army is here - Col McGregor


Tamara-Lich-1.jpgFreedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich on what comes next: 'It's just going to get fun now'

"Talking to the Quebecers and they had 1,000 truckers ready to go and it's surreal and I had this epiphany moment. This has all been a lie, the Quebec vs. Alberta division .... In that moment I realized, I don't want to leave Canada, these are good people."

The trial against Tamara is set for September; she's already spent weeks in jail and has serious bail conditions (no social media, no unsupervised meetings with convoy organizers, no COVID protests) to keep a protest from reviving.


Brad Salzberg------"Bribery, Collusion" Says Ex-Ambassador To China Regarding Election Interference
It's not only election interference that is coming from China. China's form of governance is being emulated by the Liberal government of Canada.


Trudeau Gets Brutally Heckled, Told To F Himself As He Simps For Ukraine [VIDEO]

nursing.jpgReader's Plandemic horror story--  I could have visited B on condition that I wear a mask and submitto a "COVID test" every time I went into the care home.  She would never have seen my face.  I couldn't participate in this preposterous
scam, so I consoled myself by reading to her on the phone for an hour or
so every night--for nearly three years.
There is no punishment too great for the psychopaths who imposed perpetual
torture on the defenceless residents of care homes, who live only for visits
from people who care for them.  Surely those responsible are bound for hell.

Scott Ritter - The Horrific Reality of the Ukrainian Government


Elon Musk recruits team to develop OpenAI's ChatGPT rival - The Information

(Reuters) -Elon Musk has approached AI researchers in recent weeks about forming a new research lab to develop an alternative to OpenAI's ChatGPT, the Information reported on Monday, citing people with direct knowledge of the effort.

Tesla and Twitter chief Musk has been recruiting Igor Babuschkin, a researcher who recently left Alphabet's DeepMind AI unit, the report said.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 28 - The Tide is Turning Against Satanists!"

EB said (March 1, 2023):

The call by the current Premier of New South Wales, Dominic Perrottet, to end vaccine mandates should really be seen for what it is.

Firstly, Perrottet is the son of a World Bank banker. He is an insider.

Secondly, Perrott, as Premier - i.e., the leader of the NSW Government - could have, at any time since he was (s)elected premier by the NSW Parliamentary Liberal Party in October 2021, simply lifted the State of Emergency and its associated mandates himself or introduced a Bill to parliament to do so! The reason he is making such a public spectacle of it now is the imminent 25 March NSW election. He is 100% in campaign mode.

Thirdly, Perrott is almost certainly the head of a crime family. His two brothers are currently in hiding while being pursued by a NSW Parliament corruption inquiry. I wish I was making this up.

When referencing MSM reporting of Perrottet, which BTW is very light on in terms of reporting on the effective fugitive status of his brothers, perhaps a link heading like "Desperate son of a bankster insider crime boss tries to save his political skin by flipping on mandates" might be more appropriate (if also possibly defamatory under Australia's defamation laws).

SB said (February 28, 2023):

After reading your recent article with link to describing all the great deeds Mr. McFadden did to try and wake-up the American people was unreal. Then,he died in 1936 and through associative memory I went straight to Robert Edmonson who was jailed in yes 1936. It was in the article I testify against the commies.

After that, it occurred to me that Louis McFadden was first, then Robert Edmonson, and then Benjamin Freedman 1961 Willard hotel speech.

Also, there was McCarthy who was trying to prove FDR's cabinet was full of commies, and had Gen. Patton was able to make it stateside he would have been able to prove what McCarthy was trying to prove! This rabbit hole just got really interesting because the Rothschilds since the congress of Vienna 1815 have always been trying to steal Russia.

Well, I believe the commies under Biden are at it again and yes history is repeating itself. The very unfortunate aspect is most Americans are either to lazy to research or they really can't handle the truth. I was taught at a very young age to be patriotic, and seeing the real history we have gone through angers me.

Why, because American patriots should rise to the occasion and take care of infiltrators instead of taking bribes!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at