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Feb 24 - Your Government Seeks to Destroy You

February 24, 2023

ufo-gov-enslave.jpg(Thanks to Richard Malone MD)

The Plan to Wreck America, by Mike Whitney

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Without mentioning the J-word, Mike Whitney connects the dots. The governments of the West are at war with their populations and their national heritages. We must resist.

"In other words, are the mandated injections, the forced lockdowns, the aggressive government-implemented censorship, the dubious presidential elections, the burning of food processing plants, the derailing of trains, the attacks on the power grid, the BLM-Antifa riots, the drag queen shows for schoolchildren, the maniacal focus on gender issues, and glitzy public show-trials merely random incidents occurring spontaneously during a period of great social change or are they, in fact, evidence of a stealthily orchestrated operation conducted by agents of the state acting on behalf of their elite benefactors?
   Whitney--" I was reading a document that was authored by George Soros over 10 years ago in which he talks specifically about this all-out war that would ultimately come against Russia because he said this 'was the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of orthodox christian culture with Russian identity at its core. That has to be removed. So I think that the people who are in charge in the west and the people in charge in Washington think they have successfully destroyed the identities of the European and American peoples, that we have no sense of ourselves, our borders are undefended, we present no resistance to the incoming migrants from the developing world who essentially roll over us as though we owe them a living and that our laws do not count. Thus, far I would say that is an accurate evaluation of what we've been doing. And I think that's a great victory for George Soros and the globalists, the anti-nationalists; those who want open borders what they call it an "Open Society" because you end up with nothing, an amorphous mass of people struggling to survive who are reduced to the lowest levels of subsistence ... (Soros) even goes so far as to talk about how useful it would be if it was east Europeans whose lives were expended in this process and not west Europeans who simply won't take the casualties. This is not a minor matter. This is the kind of thinking that is so destructive and so evil, in my judgement, that that's what we're really dealing with in our own countries and I think Putin recognizes that." (Douglas Macgregor - A Huge Offensive", You Tube;, 11:20 minute)
The reason I transcribed this comment from MacGregor was because it sums up the perceptions of a great many people who see things the same way. It expresses the hatred that globalist billionaires have toward Christians and patriots, both of which they see as obstacles to their goal of a borderless one-world government."

Must read if you haven't already

"Creative Destruction! and 6uild 6ack 6etter

lockdowns-15min.jpgPREMEDITATED MURDER! Charges Filed Against: Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszic, Ralph Baric, Thomas Madden, Peter Cullis, USG & Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Citing "Acts of Terrorism."

Federal case filed by Dr. David Martin, MD. & We, the People, cites Acts of Terrorism, Premeditated Murder, Racketeering, and Crimes against Humanity.


Crowd Gasps When Senator Rand Paul Shows How Much of a Joke US Gov't Has Become

"If I was in government, I would refuse to vote for any bill that I had not been given sufficient time to read."

'After School Satan Club' causes controversy in Saucon Valley School District

"We don't tell them Satan is the good guy and God is not real. We don't teach about our actual beliefs in the club."

Women want men to lead, and make decisions, says a woman


Canadians have a hate on for Castro's son

"Not ALL PSYCHOPATHS are in prison, the majority are in the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT of CANADA!

"Treason equals death penalty period.


musk-its-coming.jpg"It's Coming"

Reddit reader--"Its not like he's going to do anything but confirm what we've known since day one. They lied about everything, the lies changed everyday new lies contradicting the old lies. When the lies failed they tried coercion, but the courts reversed most of it because they were targeting half the nation. Then they wanted amnesty for the debacle. Its a clown show."
Six out of 10 young men are single -- the disturbing reasons why

Choosing porn over women?

The Arrival of the Gen-Z Confusexuals

48% of Gen Z describe themselves as "completely heterosexual," and 6% consider themselves "completely homosexual." All the rest portray themselves as somewhat bi-sexual. Is this for real or are these kids just trying to be cool for the Cult?

Only 44% among this generation of confusexuals said they always bought clothes designed for their own gender.
Seventy percent of Gen Z confusexuals say gender neutral bathrooms should be provided in public.

Blinken_01-1.pngYiddish and the Ukrainian-Jewish roots of the U.S. Secretary of State

Tony Blinken has longstanding ties with Ukraine, and not just because he oversaw the situation in Ukraine after the Maidan in 2014-2016 in the Obama administration.

 ChatGPT - A Death Wish of Propaganda & Metaverse Illusion

ChatGPT is giving people the willies.   The AI Bot has made its debut with various media pundits attempting a dialogue framed conversation.   The results would indicate the Chat Bot was programmed by a 15 year old liberal manic depressive with anger issues and a deathwish to blow up earth.   The takeaway? This robot is freaking CRAZY!

 In other words, ChatBot has the potential to implement the Great RESET via credit censorship.   It can destroy your ability to communicate via your computer systems and shut down your bank accounts.
Jews, i.e. Israelis have died from the Vaccine

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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