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Feb 22 - "China Declares War on the US"

February 22, 2023

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If World War Three is in the offing, why would the Demonrats be weakening the US Armed Forces with "vaccines" and woke gender madness?  Biden is on the same side as Putin and Xi. The common goal is to destroy the US
and the West in general.

Gonzalo Lira uses the title "China Declares War" to describe a recent Chinese statement US Hegemony and its Perils saying it will no longer tolerate US bullying.

Here is the Chinese statement in full.

China's Warning: WW III If US Keeps Bullying The World

The following warning that continuation of US hegemony will result in war between the US and China is an official statement from the Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of China

cross-hairs.jpg China Says Ready To "Join Forces With Russia" To "Defend National Interests" As Putin Confirms Xi Visit

Despite all latest among Washington's repeat warnings to Beijing against strategic or military cooperation with Moscow, China is now pledging to "join forces" with "like-minded" partner Russia to defend national interests. The statement came by the close of the first day of the director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China's Central Committee Wang Yi's trip to Moscow.

PJW- Putin's Not Wrong
Tony B writes- "If only these people explaining world directions would quit using "United States" to describe the arrogant insanity now in charge which is clearly that of talmudic Judaism, now having taken criminal control of the whole U. S. government as well of all other controls of the nation's people; then all people would see clearly what is truly going on in the world as well as what would be effective in stamping evil out and renewing Christian righteousness as God's force on earth."

Commies (Satanists) don't play by the rules

$749,387 Pentagon contract debunks the lie about "independent" fact-checkers - the Pentagon has funded fact-checkers under a program to mark independent journalists as disinformation

Documents expose the so called „independent" fact-checkers. The so called disinformation fighters are nothing more than well-paid employees working under a $749,387 program funded by the Pentagon.

A U.S. company called News Guard, self-proclaimed as independent fact-checkers, received generous funding from the U.S. Department of Defense last year, a contract with the U.S. military has revealed.

The company in question, founded in 2018, evaluates media outlets that publish investigations related to the US government, Covid, the war in Ukraine, the attempted coup in Venezuela, and marks them as „dangerous" sites that spread misinformation, are unreliable and violate journalistic practices. Therefore, they should be avoided by readers and advertisers.


koire.jpgThe late Rosa Koire on Agenda 21----From 2013, an eye opener

She basically talks on all the dystopian things currently going on. So it's a short cut that allows you to jump ahead of having to read 100 substacks for the kernel of truth there somewhere. So enjoy. It's an hour and a half long but well worth the view.

Michael Talmo--To Those Still Wearing Masks: Throw Them Away. They Don't Work

For the past almost three years, I have written several comprehensive scientific articles demonstrating that wearing face masks won't prevent viral diseases. In spite of the obvious facts presented by myself and other journalists, as well as numerous doctors and scientists, government officials and corporate media pundits continued to drone on about how great masks are.

Three Teachers at Same North Carolina Primary School Die "Unexpectedly" in Three Months

smith-disgusting.jpgSatanists rejoice in wallowing in ugliness and feces. This is our future!

Why are there so many celebrities draped in red? Why are so many of them hiding one eye? What was Rihanna trying to tell us? And why is there so much disturbing art in public spaces?


Experiment in Progress: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Monetary Policy

This informative video about central bank digital currency (CBDC) reveals that Nigerians are rioting over CBDC being forced on them by the central bank that declared that old banknotes are no longer legal tender as the bank puts the squeeze on cash. While only .5% of Nigerians use CBDC, over 50% use cryptocurrency. There are also protests in the Netherlands as CBDC is rolled out. The narrator explained that CBDC is 'programmable' and can control people's spending


Thought Crimes--The War on Insensitivity By CJ Hopkins

So, here's a "conspiracy theory" for you. This one is about the global-capitalist thoughtpolice and their ongoing efforts to purge society of "insensitivity." Yes, that's right, insensitivity. If there is anything the global-capitalist thoughtpolice can't stand, it is insensitivity. You know, like making fun of ethnic or religious minorities, and the physically or cognitively challenged, and alternatively gendered persons, and hideously ugly persons, and monstrously fat persons, and midgets, and so on.

 mx6.jpgFBI and CIA sued over assassination

Malcolm X's relatives filed a lawsuit against federal and state govt. agencies for allegedly covering up his murder 58 years ago


Winnipeg HS Team Disbanded due to Antisemitic Incident in Game Against Jewish HS

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 22 - "China Declares War on the US" "

Tony B said (February 23, 2023):

"Biden is on the same side as Putin and Xi. The common goal is to destroy the US."

Can't buy that, Henry, it's those running the U.S. that are insanely anti U.S., not Russia and China. Russia is not interested in destroying any place, or even owning anything not Russian, they just want others to quit trying to destroy them. They say so daily - and always mean exactly what they say. China more or less the same argument.

Collective "Biden" are just too damned insanely arrogant and used to doing as they please with their goy cattle to get over their snit in NO LONGER OWNING, AND THUS NO LONGER ABLE TO MISRULE, THE WORLD. Putin's Russia is beyond their ability in all areas. The cabal's insane panic has given the order to throw all they own against Russia but their greed has so hollowed out their slave nations that they have no power whatsoever anymore, as Russia just keeps easily destroying everything they throw at it, even reversing the damage of all sanctions and theft of their dollar reserves.

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