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Feb 2 - CBDC's are Not Currencies!

February 2, 2023

caf-tucker.jpgCatherine Austin Fitts, interviewed on Tucker Carlson Wednesday

"Central Bank Digital Currencies are not currencies. It's a financial transaction control grid. It gives the ability to the central bankers to not only set the rules centrally, but enforce the rules centrally."

"If you don't behave, you can have your money turned off."

(Really appreciate that Joe provided this summary along with the link)


"One of the bedrocks of freedom is being able to do financial transactions privately. Unfortunately, as the financial system has become more and more digital, you see more and more invasive surveillance, more and more controls.

"You refer  to Canada, a perfect example. It's more controlling, more invasive. CBDCs and vax passports are the last shutting of the gate."

"It's hard for people to imagine the risks here because we're so used to living with financial transaction freedom, and we don't understand that when this gate closes on us, we will be sitting in a system where the central banks believe our assets belong to them, and they can dictate where we can spend money and what we can spend money on."
Central Bank Digital Currency is programmable digital 'smart' money, which will be fully monitored, and can be controlled and restricted in any number of ways. CBDC will mean the end of privacy, freedom and autonomy for everyone, and total compliance with the political whims of the day.

CBDC Explained

olooney.jpgReader--"This guy is a saint.  Worth listening to."

 John O'Looney: It Is Going To Get Really Dark!! Death Rates To Go Through Roof In Next Few Years!!


Vaccines have likely been the primary cause of illnesses for over a century

For over fifty years, WHO and CDC have been forcing coroners to mislabel vaccination deaths. Beyond the fact it is likely a crime, this suppression means that "informed consent" has been totally corrupt for decades.

Contrary to what we have been made to believe, vaccination is neither safe for our children, nor for us. Poor vaccination protocols have been the likely premier cause of illnesses for over a century

he US alone, in the past 25 years, nearly $5 billion has been awarded to 9,946 victims 2 of vaccination, or to their families. Obviously, ten thousand people represent the tip of a much larger iceberg.

kolomo.pngPhoto of Kolomoisky as his house was raided - on the right side you see the armband of a Ukraine security officer

Something very surprising - Ukraine police have raided the home of Jewish billionaire oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, whom you know has been the principal sponsor of Ukraine President Zelensky over the last decade, giving Zelensky his riches and the fame that helped him win the presidency.
This seems connected to the US pressure to 'stamp out corruption' in Ukraine as the Ukraine war situation becomes increasingly desperate. John Helmer says that the Moscow view is that the raid is a staged hoax where Zelensky pretends to be doing something.
PJW on incredible incentives UK gives migrants to come. Credit cards. Four star hotels. Definition of globalism. No borders.

More Than 20,000 Military Members Became Sterile After COVID Vaccination

The COVID data that I've read through and analyzed this week is so shocking that I had to check my math twice. I must have made a mistake, I thought. Out of the 1,195,000 active duty military members in the USA and the 778,000 reserve troops, 863,013 developed nervous system diseases in the six-month period between August of 2021 and this past January. That's 43% of the troops.
journalism.jpgThe MSM is gas lighting us and needs to be held accountable

Media : exercise, tea, snow shovelling, noise, working in garden, falling asleep with TV on may cause heart attack. Guess what does not?

Health Canada Pursues Enhancements to COVID Vaccine Passport, Raises Link to Digital ID

Health Canada is seeking a contractor to further develop its COVID-19 vaccine passport system and extend it to include other health data such as exemption and recovery credentials

Canadian courts run by Freemasons----Ottawa can deny EI benefits to man fired for refusing COVID vaccine, court rules

 Attracting little public attention, scores of workers fired for refusing to be vaccinated have appealed subsequent decisions to refuse them EI benefits, too. The large majority of cases heard by the federal Social Services Tribunal have gone against the employees.


Josh-Alexander-810x500.jpgCatholic school board suspends student who opposed boys in girls' bathrooms for the rest of the year

The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board won't 'permit him (Alexander) to attend school for the rest of the year because, according to them, Josh's beliefs constitute 'bullying of trans students.''

But it's OK to bully heterosexuals.


The Mysterious Food Processing Plant Fires & Livestock Deaths Conspiracy

Is there really a grand scheme being conducted by our societal overlords to cripple food supplies?


BREAKING: High School Senior Basketball Player Collapses From Cardiac Arrest During Game

pugh.pngThank you Cabalists--The fully vaccinated Duncan Pugh, a former Australian Winter Olympic bobsledder, has died suddenly of a brain aneurysm at age 48

On January 25, Duncan Pugh suffered a 'catastrophic brain bleed' and died not long after. Pugh, who represented Australia in bobsledding at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, is survived by wife McKenzie and his son sons, aged six and seven. His wife shared a heartbreaking obituary saying, "We are heartbroken and simply lost for words.Taken far too soon. You were the rock of our family and wore your heart on your sleeve. You were so very proud of our two boys, the best dad anyone could have hoped for. You made me feel the centre of your world."

Florida's Gov. DeSantis Declares Financial War on 'Woke' Universities in State

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis threw down the gauntlet on fixing higher education on Jan. 31, vowing to eliminate all funding for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and Critical Race Theory (CRT) throughout the state.


Amount of frozen Russian investments revealed

Nearly $81 billion in funds belonging to Russian investors have been blocked by Western financial institutions, according to estimates revealed by the Bank of Russia on Tuesday.

As of November 30 last year, the volume of frozen assets held at Western financial institutions totaled 5.7 trillion rubles ($80.8 billion). More than 20% of the funds are owned by retail investors, the regulator pointed out.  


chat-bias.jpgThey're turning Chat-GPT into a good little tech worker

Douglas Macgregor - additional 200,000 troops, Russia readying a massive offensive.

"I am from Czech Republic. Mr. Douglas Macgregor is the best man from the west I have ever listened to. Not just extreemly clever, but 100% honest man. Long live Mr. Douglas Macgregor!!!!

House Votes to Effectively End Covid "Emergency"

The end of the "two weeks to flatten the curve" seems to be finally approaching. On Tuesday, House Republicans passed a bill effectively ending the state of the national "public health emergency" related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the day after the White House announced it would lift the Covid-19 national emergency and public health emergency (PHE) on May 11. The House also voted to end the federal Covid vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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