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Feb 17 - Will Jabbers be Jailed?

February 17, 2023

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I'm seeing signs that the "Plan" to throw jabbers under the bus may be materializing. The rats are deserting the ship. The CEO of YouTube has quit. So have the PM's of Scotland and New Zealand. Both YouTube and Twitter now carry information on adverse reactions. As the "vaccine" genocide gathers steam and becomes well known, it's inevitable that everyone associated with the COVID hoax -- politicians, the mass media and medicine--will be discredited and possibly jailed.

New Idaho Bill to Charge Those Who Administer mRNA Vaccines with Misdemeanour

According to the bill text, "A person may not provide or administer a vaccine developed using messenger ribonucleic acid technology for use in an individual or any other mammal in this state." A person who violates the bill will be guilty of a misdemeanor. The new legislation, if passed, would go into effect on July 1, 2023.

Encore-- Australian Medical Association--Doctors and nurses are FULLY LIABLE - no liability protection - share this with doctors and nurses you know

Conservatives on Verge of Victory in Culture War

The idea that wokeness has gone too far is not just a conservative view. Increasingly it is becoming a mainstream one among many moderate liberals. The question is whether conservatives, who are used to losing, can adapt to the unexpected vindication and consolidate their victory, or will instead alienate those who are rapidly moving toward their side.
soros-death.jpgKiss of Death?

Did George Soros just Endorse Ron DeSantis

In a wide-ranging speech, Soros ripped Trump's presidency and complemented elements of DeSantis's style.  "DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious," said Soros, adding, "He is likely to be the Republican candidate."

Mainstream Media Continues To Push False 'COVID Heart' Narrative To Explain Excess Deaths

CBS joins the chorus of mainstream media outlets promoting the false narrative that covid is the cause of a sharp increase in excess heart failure deaths around the world.  The concept of "covid heart" has been thoroughly debunked by multiple studies, yet the lie continues to persist because of media disinformation.
Half of Americans in a recent survey indicated they believe national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public to adopt a particular point of view through their reporting.
Only 26% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the news media, the lowest level Gallup and Knight have recorded in the past five years, while 53% hold an unfavorable view.

Kris Edelkamp, a retired medical myotherapist (sports massage therapist), who worked with vaccinated professional athletes, says she is severely vaccine injured due to the mRNA COVID injection shedding from her clients, while she remained unvaccinated.

Destruction of Nordtream is Gangsterism that Will Even Alienate Americans

The Biden administration has vastly miscalculated the impact these revelations will have on the public. The reputational damage alone is going to be immense, but they will also be used as the prism through which many critics see the war. In fact, there are signs that that may already be happening. On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed that the real objective of Washington's war was not simply to "weaken" Russia and eventually splinter it into smaller pieces, but to force a split between Germany and Russia.

Residents in East Palestine 'May Already Be Undergoing DNA Mutations,' Lawyer Alleges

Their "lawsuit alleges that Norfolk Southern made it worse by essentially blasting the town with chemicals as they focused on restoring train service and protecting their shareholders,"

It contends that "Norfolk Southern blew holes in its vinyl chloride cars, and dumped 1,109,400 pounds of cancer causing vinyl chloride directly into the environment," reported the paper. Additionally, the lawsuit argues Norfolk Southern released more vinyl chloride--a highly toxic chemical--into the air than all industrial emitters did in 2021.
US Navy Ends Vax Mandate

wef-goals.jpgMUST SEE: Goals of UN Agenda 21 in 5 minutes! With Rosa Koire


Hobby Club's Missing $13.00 Balloon Feared Shot Down By Four Million-dollar USAF heat seeking missiles

CHD Sues CDC to Obtain Documents on COVID Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Reported in VAERS

Children's Health Defense today filed a federal lawsuit against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to obtain documents related to the agency's safety monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database.


Musk vs. Schwab at World Government Summit -- Two Competing Visions for the Future

Billionaire Elon Musk and World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab faced off this week, presenting competing visions for the future at this year's World Government Summit -- a WEF-like meeting dedicated to shaping the future of government worldwide.


The Medical System is a Complete Scam: You may want to Stay Away

I was an RN for 25 years & quit 2021. I'm 60 & no meds. If you don't go to the doctor you won't be forced on pills. It's horrible what can happen to people when they open themselves up to the healthcare system. Eat real food, exercise, hydrate & sleep. Supplements to help the immune system. Pray.

'Are My Kids Safe?': Norfolk Southern Skips Town Hall as Residents Demand Answers on Health Impacts of Toxic Disaster


White Noise" is quite bizarrely a film about a chemical train wreck in Ohio, and as even CNN pointed out, many of the extras for that movie were locals from East Palestine Ohio who, in the film, evacuated, then months later had to do so in real life!

I am a big fan of director Noah Baumbach but this was made in a faux theatrical style that totally ruins it


Israeli contractors claim to have manipulated more than 30 elections around the world, according to an in-depth investigation revealed in the Guardian on Wednesday.

Tal Hanan, a former Israeli special forces agent, led a team of operatives that sought to meddle in election outcomes using misinformation, hacking and sabotage.
The undercover investigation was carried out by a consortium of journalists from 30 media organisations including Haaretz, Le Monde and Der Spiegel.

Brenda-Lucki-gun-control-1024x576.jpgIncompetent RCMP Commissioner Resigns in Disgrace

Is Fidelito next?


The Introduction | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries (Episode 1)

Watch the first episode of our newest documentary, Trudeau On Trial, for free.

The US May Have Shot Down a $15 Hobby Balloon With a $400K Sidewinder Missile


Hired exam takers, blackmail and the rise of contract cheating at Canadian universities

Canadian universities are reporting a rise in academic misconduct cases in recent years, a trend that was exacerbated by the pandemic

jews-poison-grr.jpgCabalists poison well of knowledge

Katherine Watt - Worldwide, US Military-Led Medical Martial Law Operation to KILL Off Humans EXPOSED


Mark Trozzi MD-

Covid ethical doctors may not make any money, but we work long hours on many fronts trying to restore medical science, human rights and the rule of law. As such, I was exhausted on the evening of January 28th when we arrived at the Zoetic Theater in Hamilton. Bright Light News was hosting a panel of Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Patrick Philips, journalist Rodney Palmer and myself. Following Dr Patrick's excellent expose of the WHO's current evil schemes, it was my chance to speak to the excellent crowd that filled the historic theater. The great energy combined with my exhaustion resulted in this covid insider's blunt, meandering, and at times funny, summary of the past three years.

Here is a 1 minute trailer, as well as the full 23 minutes.

Saturday┬┤s World Wide Rally in Toronto (and elsewhere) stand to be epic. I will be joining Dr Chris Shoemaker, Dr Paul Alexander, Lawyer Michael Alexander, Glen Jung, Jody Ledgerwood, Dr Emad Guirguis, and other great allies in the truth and freedom movement. Please join us at noon at Queens Street.

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Comments for "Feb 17 - Will Jabbers be Jailed? "

Tony B said (February 17, 2023):

"New Idaho Bill to Charge Those Who Administer mRNA Vaccines with Misdemeanour"

So now murder is a misdemeaner? Those greedy bastards were handsomely paid to murder people and they are to be let off with a harmless hand spank? Bull shit, they have earned DEATH.

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