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Feb 14 - Hold "Vaccine" Murderers Accountable

February 14, 2023

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A handful of people get food poisoning and a ton of lettuce gets recalled but thousands are dying of the COVID "Vaccine" and the news is suppressed by the pharma-media.

Five Canadian teenagers ages 17-19 died suddenly in their sleep in the past month...This is a public health emergency!

On February 6, 2023, 17 year old William Caron-Cabrera (Laval, QC) died in his sleep following a cardiac arrest (click here).

On February 4, 2023, 17 year old Tyree Rogers (Chestermere, AB) died in his sleep (click here).

On January 11, 2023, 17 year old Noah Bouzane (Paradise, NL) died in his sleep (click here).

On January 6, 2023, 19 year old Jayden Lopez (Edmonton, AB) died in his sleep (click here)

On December 30, 2022, 18 year old Theo James Gibbs (Regina, SK) died in his sleep (click here)
All deaths occurred suddenly and unexpectedly during sleep.


Wayne Dyer - We Become What We Think

"We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are spirits having a human experience."
Someone is blogging under the name "Yuri Beznemov"

Comrades: The CCP has killed more people than any regime and seems hell bent on increasing that number.

2 years into COVID hysteria, Shanghai has been in continuous lockdown for 2 months with no end in sight. CCP COVID Zero hard lockdowns mean tens of millions of people are not allowed to leave their homes. We have all seen harrowing images and stories: desperate people jumping out of windows, children separated from families, pets being put down, all while while drones hover in the skies saying "Control your soul's desire for freedom". Our bootlicking media won't cover this because they'd love to do the same to us.


they-live-obey.jpgRuss Winter-
The Freemason Conspiracy: Fact or Myth?

At the same time Davos was underway, a new report came out indicating 1% of the global wealthiest had captured 82% of the new wealth generated in 2017. Covid-19 was a scam that generated even more wealth disparity. Indeed, just 42 people own the same amount of wealth as the poorest 50 percent worldwide. Are they Masonic Illuminati? The question is moot given that they employ the same tactics, rhetoric and belief systems that Robison wrote about 220 years ago. It's the same pig wearing newer lipstick.
An accounting of all the money and arms that the US has given Ukraine

Rise Of A Zombie Nation

32 Billion and counting


Schrödinger's Bat:

COVID vaccine mandates are necessary because the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect the protected.


Mark Trozzi MD

On Feb 1st Sauga 960 AM talk-radio demonstrated real journalism and gave voice to COVID truth over the radio waves in Canada. RIchard Syrett and I discussed covid, the injections, deaths and injuries, corrupt medical regulators, and strategies to expose and prosecute the crimes. Here is the recording.


Friends from around the world, please take this quick action. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Last year in Canada, Valentine's Day was no day of love. On February 14th, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act which he used a few days later to violently crack down on peaceful protesters and the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy.

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The Jewish/Jesuit Bloodlines. The Real Families, who, behind the scenes, control the World through Religion -- including both Judaism and Christianity-- Finance, Property, Land, as well as through total control and manipulation of the markets of the world

Often imagined to be at the top are actually the second level of the human  power hierarchy." The Rothschild family clearly controls massive wealth, but there exists  wealth far greater and historic. Via power structures dating back to the Roman empire, to  the founding of the Catholic Church, reaching back through Egyptian dynasties, into ancient  Persia and beyond, into the mists of history, these families have moved Kings and Queens, Bishops, Knights and Pawns behind the scenes. The main family names are:
∙ Orsini
∙ Breakspear
∙ Aldobrandini
∙ Farnese
∙ Somaglia

These are at the core of the Thirteen Ruling Satanic Families of Planet Earth. They exercise  control over The Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order, based in Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome, and over International Jewry through their Sanhedrin.  
UFOs and CCP Balloons Vs. The Worst Chemical Disaster In History

So exactly how might this toxic train apocalypse tie into the greater 4th Industrial Revolution sabotage program currently underway?

ohio.jpgOhio Vinyl Chloride Spill From Citizen Journos - No Red Cross, No FEMA, etc.

Ohio River Basin Has 25m Residents - Exits into Mississippi River at Cairo, IL. Then into the Gulf.

There have apparently been THREE train derailments recently. Coordinated attacks, clearly.

Palestine, Ohio train wreck: It's the dioxin

"It's not just what was in the tanker cars. It's what happens when they burn and combine. This may be the largest dioxin plume in world history. I know of no more serious release, ever.

The introduction of dioxin to the slow kill bioweapon injections will turn the current VAIDS-induced turbo cancer trend into hyperdrive cancer.

The below post provides more color on just how deadly the toxic train wreck really is. And there are currently three derailments in America that have resulted in the release of poisonous chemicals in all three instances. Troubling is an understatement.


South Korea invests $261 million into new mRNA factory located in a "smart city", will produce new mRNA vaccines within 100 days in partnership with Gates Foundation.
South Korea is a model of mRNA failure, and cancer cases are on the rise...

It is clear that no matter how much mRNA fails, big pharma continues to invest 100s of millions of dollars building new mRNA facilities.

This one is straight out of a dystopian novel. A 320,000 sq ft mRNA factory located in a "smart city" that can produce new mRNA vaccines within 100 days in partnership with Gates Foundation against "new infectious diseases"?

That should concern everyone.

Also, the tripling of cancer related insurance claims isn't adequately explained by Korean government officials. I suspect cancer cases are skyrocketing and the Korean government is holding back the 2021 and 2022 data on "number of new cancer patients" for a good reason.

CDC data reveal that multiple covid jabs can knock up to 24 years off a person's expected lifespan
How The Powerful Captured The Public During The Pandemic: Kim Iversen Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Once a government obtains power, it never voluntarily gives it back.

Investigative journalist Kim Iversen sits down with CHD founder Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to discuss the totalitarian pandemic response.


By Robert Yoho and the Heroes and Villains substack
Ian Miles Cheong--ChatGPT, the almighty AI, is a neoliberal college graduate
The artificial intelligence chatbot's learning abilities are being strictly curated to adhere to woke ideology


The war is on.


Push for total control disguised as climate change

Small business is being destroyed
Rolo Slavskiy

But the main reason why the populist-right cannot get off the ground and get the ball rolling is because it is so heavily suppressed. It's really that simple.

If there were a serious effort to replace the political caste in America, it would have to start with smart peasants rebelling against their appointed thought-leaders and ideological shepherds. For the populist-right, that means taking the rebellion to Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Steven Crowder, Sean Hannity, and the political leadership of the party that shepherds them. It is imperative to overthrow their authority, because the vast majority of peasants sheepishly respond to this authority.

Man sentenced to 30 days in jail for refusal to wear face diaper in court
Satanism is another term for self-destruction

Lib Teachers Finally Face Consequences for Pushing Lockdowns, And It's Delicious

The city of Seattle's left-wing policies are having serious negative consequences for its schools -- causing officials to come face-to-face with shutting down a list of schools as parents flee the area, taking their kids with them and leaving far fewer children left to attend.

Seattle is dealing with a huge budget shortfall and with that, coupled with falling school enrollment, the Seattle Public School District is finding it has too many schools and employees and not enough kids.

Henry Makow interview- Audio Podcast


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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