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Feb 13 - Is Alien Invasion their Latest Psy Op?

February 13, 2023

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(Reddit Conspiracy)--"The global ruling class has been planning on staging an alien invasion to consolidate their power and further their plans for global domination for years.

This unbelievably-stupid and transparent propaganda charade in the mainstream thought formation syndicate is so contrived, forced and, obviously, fake.

For those who knew what to look for, and how to really read MSM, this is the same level of stupid as when they were testing the public-response waters in later 2019 with the covid bullshit.

I'm calling it. This is their new pet project to clamp down on the popular classes and regain control after their botched covid scheme."


NORAD gives notice of air defence exercise around Washington, DC, set for Tuesday

The announcement comes after a fourth object is shot down over North America

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, will conduct an air defense exercise on Tuesday, February 14, between midnight and 2:30 a.m. EST, according to officials, around the Washington, D.C. area.

Pentagon refuses to rule out that objects flying over the US are ALIENS as octagonal one is gunned down by F-16 fighter over Lake Huron after flying near sensitive military sites in Montana

    A third unknown aerial object was shot down over the Great Lakes on Sunday
    Authorities are not ruling out that the three most recent objects could be linked to aliens and extraterrestrials, US Air Force General Glen VanHerck said. They are not calling them balloons - as they are still not sure what the objects are


sniffles.jpgU.S. shoots down unidentified cylindrical object over Canada

WASHINGTON/OTTAWA, Feb 11 (Reuters) - A U.S. F-22 fighter jet shot down an unidentified cylindrical object over Canada on Saturday, the second such instance in as many days, as North America appeared on edge following a week-long Chinese spying balloon saga that drew the global spotlight.

As with COVID, China gets into the act

China Says It Has Spotted A UFO In It's Airspace & Is Preparing To Shoot It Down



Brother Nathaniel--CheatGPT Danger Threat!

 CheatGDP will apply woke principles to management of infrastructure. White heterosexual are last in line.

We will not enable escalation of conflict that may lead to WW3': Elon Musk slaps down ex-NASA astronaut Scott Kelly after he pleaded with him to ramp up Starlink over Ukraine
 Rolo Slavskiy - Stormcrow Prigozhin Sinks "Two More Weeks" 5D Narrative

 Raises doubts about Russia's unity and capacity

The Pain of Listening To Twitter Censorship Testimony
- Naomi Wolf

It's difficult listening to the second rate hacks who tried to destroy your work and your reputation trying to justify themselves...


mary-alice.jpgTRAGIC: Mary Alice was fully vaccinated and #DiedSuddenly a few weeks ago, very unexpectedly.

Her husband took to social media to make the announcement, stating:

"My amazing wife, Mary Alice, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday due to natural causes. I am still in shock."

Border Patrol apprehensions of Chinese nationals at southern border up more than 700% from last year

By this time last fiscal year, 366 Chinese nationals had been encountered at the southern border, marking a 719% increase in apprehensions so far in 2023.

Martin Armstrong interviewed by Mike Adams - NATO military defeat to destabilize the dollar?

Credit Suisse Bank is in Trouble


Loving cow makes me feel like a cannibal

Systemic Racism Makes Animals Abandon Black Neighborhoods, Researchers Say

White neighborhoods have greater abundance and diversity of animal life, and Canadian researchers say racism is to blame.

"Systemic racism alters the demography of urban wildlife populations in ways that generally limit population sizes and negatively affect their chances of persistence," write the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg's ChloĆ© Schmidt and Colin J. Garroway in a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
PJW- US blowing up Nordstream pipeline is biggest story but corporate media ignores it

They are in bed with the warmongers


This is HORRIBLE and Putin says "no more" | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Use of Chemicals shows Ukraine Desperation

states-no-comply.jpgList of States That Won't Comply with CDC's Recommendation for COVID-19 Vaccination of Kids for School

Animals need love and return it times three!

International students' culture of cheating

Fathers will defend their daughters' honor


Extreme discomfort in girl's locker room when an intact 6' 4 male undresses
PJW- Satanist Sam Smith at the Grammy's


Jordan Peterson- You must now pledge loyalty to Satan (Communism) to enter professional school in Canada

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feb 13 - Is Alien Invasion their Latest Psy Op? "

Harry said (February 13, 2023):

In regards to UFO's , there is a book by the late Keith Wolverton a sheriff in Cascade County Montana that documents UFO's over missile bases in Montana and disabled the launch codes, this book also documents cattle mutilations in Montana, this book can be had on amazon, I have this book.

MP said (February 13, 2023):

Regarding the "alien invasion" -- here is my own tinfoil hat conspiracy theory:

1. The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria were triggered by the US. I don't know how the physics works, but there are enough strange circumstances and indications of foreknowledge to suggest this.

2. The derailed train carrying chemicals in Ohio -- township "East Palestine" -- was retaliation for this earthquake.

3. The "alien invasion" may be more retaliation that was thwarted by the U.S. air defence, or it may indeed be a psyop to distract from some important real news (such as maybe the unfolding disaster in Ohio).

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