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Feb 11 - Ukraine War is a Jewish Vendetta

February 11, 2023


Critics like Mike Whitney etc. are afraid to use the J-word. They refuse to recognize that the Ukraine War which is bringing the world closer to nuclear war than ever before is the result of Russia's historic refusal to surrender to the Satanist Jewish New World Order.  Apparently this isn't "stuff You Should Know About Ukraine."

Ukraine War - Chabad's Strategy for Slavic Genocide

"Creative Destruction" and 6uild 6ack 6etter

Whitney: Setting The Record Straight - Stuff You Should Know About Ukraine

As it has been since 2014, the Ukrainian government has been launching vicious military attacks against Russian-speaking Ukrainian civilians in the Donbas region. Thousands of Russian speaking civilians have been killed. Russia should have taken back the territory in 2014 along with Crimea. But, then, Russia fell into the trap of the western countries' Minsk Agreement. ... It is not Russia that started this war, it is the United States that started this war. Ukraine is just a pawn that is supported by the US and the other European governments. And, it is a pity that the Ukrainian government serves the interests of the United States and not the Ukrainian people."

There's no way to overstate the importance of the Minsk betrayal or the impact it's going to have on the final settlement in Ukraine

When treaties become vehicles for political opportunism, then nations must accept a permanent state of war. This is the world that Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko and the US created by opting to use 'the cornerstone of international relations' (Treaties) to advance their own narrow warmongering objectives.

We just wonder if anyone in Washington realizes whet the fu** they've done?

ford-judaism.JPGIn blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, the US also blew up its last shred of trustworthiness

How secure is any alliance in which the dominant partner attacks its allies? How stable is the vaunted 'rules based order' when destroying your allies' energy supply is permitted?

Thailand To Become First Country To Sue Pfizer For Billions Over 'Deadly' Covid Jabs

Thought your children's TV cartoons were innocent and fun? CJ PEARSON exposes how Disney is using them to brainwash your kids with woke, offensive nonsense - and insists: For their sake, it's time to fight back
Justin Trudeau has threatened Provincial Premiers that he will cut off healthcare funding unless they agree to Digital ID. This Digital ID system will allow government to control every aspect of your life.


AI To Eliminate 85 Million Jobs by 2025 ~WEF. A China WIN!

In 2018, China debuted their first AI Newscaster.   The US is still in catchup mode and five years later, AI news anchors are looking likely to come onboard.   That will open the realm of AI actors who don't demand $20million per picture.   AI art is set to turn creativity into an obsolete ideology.   AI music - eliminates the costs of instruments, recording studios, royalties, etc...   Machinists.   Bookkeepers.   Writers. Gone - Gone - Gone!  

And you can't stop it because it is technology.

An AI President could be used for speeches and media presentations.   Allowing the real president more time at the 'beach house'...   The WEF claims that 85 million jobs will be displaced in just the next 2 years.   This will support the depopulation agenda as they prepare a new and improved Pandemic.

While claiming that AI will actually provide over 97 million new jobs - there is absolutely no basis for the number. In essence that would defeat the purpose of AI - which is to reduce the number of necessary workerbees.   Although the elimination of Hollywood as we know it would certainly be a BONUS.


commie-traitors.jpg(Commie traitors)

The bloody death of a liberal dream: After throwing open its borders to 2million migrants, DAVID JONES investigates how Sweden has been left with an underclass of alienated teenagers, a murderous gang culture and gun crime that's spiralling out of control

In Stockholm alone, 52 gangs are vying for control of the burgeoning drugs trade, according to a recent police report, and they are becoming ever more ruthless.

Excess deaths in Alberta surge past 10,000 - evidence of government cover-up (Part 3)

Alberta's COVID-19 double vaccinated population developed severely damaged immune systems after their jabs, and by January 2022 Omicron (BA.1) wave #5, they were the sickest group of Albertans, leading the province in infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths (see part 1).

Instead of halting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout as science and medical ethics required, Jason Kenney's Alberta government deleted this data from their website and pressed on with booster shots, which failed after only 2 months, requiring even more data to be censored, and deleted by our government (see Part 2).
Alberta's "Pandemic of the Triple vaccinated"...


CDC Adds COVID-19 Vaccines to Child Molestation Schedule

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added COVID-19 vaccines to its routine immunization schedule for children and adults on Thursday, attracting criticism for the decision.

According to the CDC's 2023 immunization schedule for children and adolescents, two or three doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been recommended beginning with infants who are just six months old. Children in the age group of 6 months to four years, and five years to 11 years are recommended COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna or Pfizer. Among children aged 12 to 18, Novavax vaccines are also recommended in addition to Pfizer and Moderna.


fbi.pngWhistleblower Tells Congress FBI Leadership Is 'Rotted at Its Core'

FBI had manufactured domestic violent extremism events (DVEs) to hit "self-created performance metrics." Additional testimony in September 2022 revealed that Jan. 6 case files had been altered to make it appear that DVEs were on the rise, as Democrats and President Joe Biden have long claimed. The agent was later suspended.


Texas Drops Citi From Huge Muni Transaction Over Gun Policy

Fingerprints of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Flagged to FBI

The FBI is an unconstitutional agency of the illegitimate Federal government that along with the CIA serves of America's anti-freedom Gestapo: they are the most dangerous "domestic terrorists."

 The FBI and in particular the CIA were not just instrumental in developing the entire PSYOP-19 "pandemic" and the associated slow kill bioweapon injections, they are currently using these mass induced fear programs as some of their primary litmus tests for Statist compliance.

These criminal agencies do not only not protect America, they are actively threatening and enacting violence upon the population for any and all deviations from State programming and propaganda.


compliance-hell-hot.jpgHow BlackRock Investment Fund Triggered the Global Energy Crisis

Joe Biden followed BlackRock's plan and used Executive Orders to attack energy by closing the Keystone XL oil pipeline and halting any new leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Biden set in motion a change that imposes a punitive $51 per ton of CO2 on the oil and gas industry. That one move, established under purely executive-branch authority without the consent of Congress, is dealing a devastating cost to investment in oil and gas in the US, a country only two years before that was the world's largest oil producer. Biden has also gone after refineries and his actions have shut down some 1 million barrels a day of gasoline and diesel refining capacity.


Jack & Margy Flynn ~ America's Two Constitutions Is the Crux of Corruption That Engulfs the Nation (Feb. 5, 2023)

Ken Adachi Note: ~ I have to thank Jim Rizoli for posting this video from Katherine Dudley. Without Jim, I never would have heard of Jack & Margy Flynn and the Erudite & Inspiring information which they present together. Never have I heard such cogent and razor sharp explanations of WHY and HOW America has devolved into the mega-corrupt, communist-run banana-republic farce which we currently endure. I have much more information about the Constitutional teachings which Jack & Margy have put together which could (and hopefully WILL) help restore this nation to the Genuine Constitutional governance it once enjoyed.

EXCLUSIVE LOOK: MORE Fibrous Clots Being Pulled From Vaxxed DEAD As Embalmers Sound Alarm

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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