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Feb 1 - Humanity is Being Cancelled & Replaced

February 1, 2023

(AI is a seductress)

If it weren't enough that they are replacing us with migrants; killing us with "vaccines"; locking us in our homes and neighborhoods; ensuring we don't marry and reproduce (gender dysphoria); destroying chicken farms and telling us to eat bugs....

They are actually replacing us with robots and human clones.

They are replacing God with artificial intelligence. (AI)

We don't know what's real. Images and voices are simulated.

Here is Biden blasting the LGBT community (Fake)

We are not "useless eaters." We were made in the image of God. Our Birth Right is to fulfill God's purpose for each of us.

Go inside to know what's real. Consult your soul which is connected to God. Put AI on IGNORE


Viewer of video above, JH, writes-- "As a victim who has already been subjected to AI REGULATED, political harassment, I can tell you that if we continue down this path we will be totally disempowered and manipulated. Even if it looks like it's too late, we should still try because if there's any chance of preventing the end of humanity and biological life, we must try to do it.


AI Unveiled: ChatGPT and Deepfake - Hear this Critical Warning!

"Your presentation is spot on. This actually has been going on since Alexa came out. I work in an industry that is based on AI. With the knowledge I have, I rarely carry my cell phone with me unless I am going to be travelling a long distance and need it in case of emergency. We have no "smart" devices in our home because they can record everything you do. I also long ago deactivated camera and voice apps on my phone and computer, and for additional safety I cover the camera lenses in case hackers are able to override my settings (they can do this). I do not text and avoid conversations over cell phones. Since the beginning of Internet of Things, tech companies in concert with our government agencies have been gathering profile information on all of us.

grace-humanoid-robot.jpgThey are actually selling these things on Ebay and Amazon. Just search humanoid robots.

Elon Musk Has Released Our Replacement--the Humanoid Robot

The Rising World of Human Clones
Is the Damar Hamlin Video Fake?

Why AI Can't Replace Humans   -- The Illuminati intends to prove this wrong.

"I broke ChatGPT and it lectured me about spreading misinformation... nice."

AI will be fully programmed to stifle wrongthink and will straight up lie to you to do so.
There Is Far More Going On Behind The Scenes Than Most People Ever Imagined...

The field of artificial intelligence is progressing at an exponential rate, and entire armies of super intelligent attack robots are being created that can perform synchronized tasks with a precision that is absolutely breathtaking.
gates-boobies.jpgWho Is REALLY Making Billions From ChatGPT?

Microsoft and OpenAI are about to make a possibly historical deal to take control of the exploding world of AI. ChatGPT is just the first hint of what will come in the coming years. TL;DR: Satya Nadella is a genius. While most videos on YouTube are about how to make money with ChatGPT or how to make money with AI (and who doesn't love some dough), there are very interesting things developing right now, and Microsoft is playing the game to be on top.


"The computer says no
!"  1990's British satire foresaw dystopia where we are governed by inhuman technology


The Artist Who Survived Auschwitz Thought Israel Was 'Worse Than the Concentration Camp' - Holocaust Remembrance Day

'Today, as a citizen of Israel, I cannot accept the systematic destruction of cities, towns, and refugee camps. I cannot accept the technocratic cruelty of the bombing, destroying and killing of human beings. I hear too many familiar sounds today, sounds which are being amplified by the war. I hear 'dirty Arabs' and I remember 'dirty Jews.' I hear about 'closed areas' and I remember ghettos and camps. I hear 'two-legged beasts' and I remember 'Untermenschen.' I hear about tightening the siege, clearing the area, pounding the city into submission and I remember suffering, destruction, death, blood and murder. . . Too many things in Israel remind me of too many other things from my childhood.' Dr. Shlomo Schmelzman

 Use link below to find out if you're city is  the future mobility enslavement camp ...Let's look more local and see which cockroaches in our town halls and city councils are tripping over themselves for a whopping $10 million prize of our tax dollars by the cabal controlled feds to meet the 15 Minute City layout by the WEF

If Nothing is True, Then Everything is Permitted-----Occult Eschatology in Our Time  by Michael Hoffman

"This is a sin against hope without which mankind descends into despair, defeatism and self-murder. Hope is the virtue that expects God's help. Truth is the witness we bear in order to receive it."


Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss the Stephen Crowder-Ben Shapiro controversy and how the dispute illustrates the Jewish strategy of leveraging ill-gotten financial power to control public discourse and takeover society.
Russ Winter- The Spanish Inquisition as 'Black Legend' Propaganda

The truth about the Spanish Inquisition---"An important point of which most people are unaware: The Inquisition had jurisdiction only over those who claimed to be Christians. Besides Protestants, that would include Conversos, Muslims or Jews who converted to Catholicism. It had no authority over the unbaptized."

lister.pngI was sacked for being a 'transphobe' - because I wouldn't call a female pupil by a boy's name

Five months later, he was suspended on full pay for 'transphobia'. And last September, he was sacked for 'gross misconduct' and reported to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for a safeguarding violation, which he claims is preposterous and vehemently denies. He is now taking legal action against the college for wrongful dismissal and discrimination.

Kevin's story, though far from unique, reveals the extent to which gender ideology has infiltrated our educational establishments, confusing teachers and pupils alike.

Was Justin Trudeau Groomed To Destroy The Canadian Way Of Life?

The longer Canada continues to be saddled with Justin Trudeau as national leader, the deeper society falls into a flaming pit of social chaos.


Russian Troops Uncover Ukrainian Child Organ Harvesting Operation

Here's a first-hand account of the horrors that happen in Ukraine. Adrenochrome and organ harvesting from children is not a "Conspiracy Theory". Unfortunately it's very real, and one of the reasons the Liberal World Order would rather see Ukraine reduced to rubble than have Russia reveal their crimes to the world. Know that it is our Tax Dollars that are going towards funding such atrocities. For all those useful idiots waving a Ukrainian flag, these sins are on them and one day they will be judged for their blind complicity.

Snippets & Snappets is struggling to get back on line. She is the target of sophisticated hack attacks that have erased her files.


PJW- Tate Brothers are being persecuted by the NWO to stop their influence


Canada's Signing on to WEF Agile Nations Charter Marks 'Radical Policy Shift,' Says Tory MP

The Inquiry of Ministry filed by the TBS indicates the goal of the Agile Nations is to herald the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" promoted by the WEF, which entails streamlining countries' regulations to facilitate the proliferation of new technologies like gene editing and artificial intelligence.

MAKE IT STOP: Many vaccine-damaged people are killing themselves-


kosher-pig.jpgUkraine plotter Victoria Nuland practically admits U.S. sabotaged Russia's Nordstream pipelines in revealing Senate testimony


British Army intelligence unit spied on COVID lockdown critics, whistleblower claims
'This domestic monitoring of citizens seemed not to be driven by a desire to address the public's concerns, but to identify levers for compliance with controversial Government policies.'


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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