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Feb 6 - Fake World Will Get Fakier

February 6, 2023

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DeepFake and AI will together fool EVERYONE

Hollywood and the MSM have given us a false reality behind which the satanic Jews/ Masons carry out their Cabalist subversion of Western civilization undisturbed. How often do you see Freemasonry, Communism or Zionism portrayed on TV or in the movies? Hardly ever and certainly not in a negative light.
Artificial intelligence takes the creation of a false reality to a new level which makes human beings redundant and makes God, the source of our genius, redundant as well.
Like God,  chatGPT and GPT3 are omniscient and omnipotent. They appear to be able to do everything human beings can do but faster and better. How they do this is mind boggling!  If our ancestors had this, there would be no Shakespeare, Mozart, DeVinci or Rembrandt. They open up a whole new world of plagiarism because people will naturally migrate to these easy and brilliant-seeming answers. The false reality in which we live will become ever more deceptive.

The Intelligence animating the universe belongs to the Creator. All else is indeed artificial.

I urge you to watch the videos linked below.

Recently Deepfake AI has seen exponential growth due to development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning.
Deep fake is revolutionary tech and also a digital curse to the world of media.

ChatGPT is part of the conspiracy.  No race has any flaws but White People
These four AI Tools will make you Superhuman
Now you can Deep Fake Everyone
mask-study.jpgMassive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows 'Little To No Difference' In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection

Despite the proven facts, the CDC still recommends masking in areas with "high" rates of transmission, along with indoor masking in areas with "medium" rates of transmission. Masks are still required in educational institutions in Democratic strongholds such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington and California. Harm from masking was rarely measured and was poorly reported.


Read about vax side effects here

"My father took his fourth and after that he cannot workout anymore. He is constantly tired and says he can barley move without getting out of breath. Now he told me yesterday that he passed out and smashed the living room table. Can we please be wrong about this."


  Karen Kingston
-- mRNA Injections are a Threat to Public Health per New York State COVID-19 Hospital Data

Cleveland Clinic Study Destroys mRNA Injections Biggest Lie
Cleveland Clinic study of 51,011 employees, Pfizer post-hoc analysis, and the FDA approval documents confirm mRNA biological injections cause COVID-19 infections and increase risk for severe disease.

If a 'Vaccine" Can't Prevent Viral Infection then It Can't Prevent Severe Disease Either. This is Common Sense. No Expert Opinion Required.

CIA Agent's 1992 Confession Unearthed: 'WEF Will Kill 4 Billion by 2030'

It's Official: Ugly People More Likely To Wear Masks - University Study

spiritual-war.jpgWe are in a spiritual war on Earth. It's Lucifer (build ego, become your own god, slave to senses/materialism, excess, depravity, transhumanism, slavery, etc.) vs Christ (dissolve ego, become One with God, overcome the senses, moderation, Nature, Humanity, Family, Freedom, to higher realms/Kingdom)

Grammy Awards totally satanic

Poll- 2/3 of Canadians believe "Canada is broken"
Christian Quarter Targeted As Jerusalem Spirals Into Weekend Of Violence

Jerusalem spiraled into a weekend of violence when seven Israelis were killed on Jan. 27 at a synagogue after prayers and another shooting the next day left two Israelis injured just outside of the Old City in the Palestinian village of Silwan. This village is where Jewish settlers have established themselves and an archaeological site.

The shootings followed days of violence in the West Bank and Gaza, including the killing of nine Palestinians in an Israel raid on Jan. 25 in the Jenin refugee camp. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the raid was needed to foil an imminent terrorist attack and all those killed were part of an Islamic Jihad Terror cell. However, Palestinians say civilians also were killed in the attack.
truck-covid-vaccine-injury.pngInjuries from the COVID-19 Vaccine Are Now Being Publicly Displayed in Canada Using Trucks Driving Down the Street - Join the Campaign!

Since the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine in Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) reported that 52,203 adverse events had been documented in its system.

The Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau paid up almost $2.8 million in compensation for injuries incurred as a result of the experimental Covid-19 jabs.

Thailand to become first country in the world to declare its Pfizer contracts null and void


Bill Gates MRNA Grift EXPOSED? Billionaire TRASHES Jab Despite Reaping MASSIVE Profits: Brie & Robby


Glazov Gang: Naomi Wolf on 'What Pfizer Tried to Hide'

Naomi discusses What Pfizer Tried to Hide, exposing One of the most shocking crimes in human history.


 Michael Hoffman  has a podcast on Apple podcast

frumpy-face.jpgThere is a microphone in Frumpy Freeland's ear telling her what to say

Adverse reaction website
Kara received only one inoculation and has regretted her decision to do so ever since--she is still in the process of recovering from its adverse effects. She is scared for her family and many others, and carries that weight and sadness within herself every day.


LONDON - A confidential UN report into the alleged missteps by senior World Health Organization staffers in the way they handled a sexual misconduct case during an Ebola outbreak in Congo found their response didn't violate the agency's policies because of what some officials described as a "loophole" in how WHO defines victims of such behaviour.


PJW-- The NWO is a prison

watch this


CHILLING: World Economic Forum Showcases Technology That Would Allow The Government To Punish Your Thoughts And Big Business To Spy On Your Brains (VIDEO)

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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