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Social Credit Serves the People

February 27, 2023

(left, C.H. Douglas)

Monetary Reform is the Only Change that Makes a Difference

"We need the Douglas Social Credit monetary reform
to neutralize the power base of the NWO.
Until we take out the missile launcher
 (i.e., by reforming the financial system in favour of the people),
they will keep firing their missiles at us."

by OH

I wanted to draw your readers' attention to something called 'Douglas Social Credit'. This was a system of monetary reform that was designed by the British engineer, C.H. Douglas (1879-1952).

This Social Credit is anti-socialist, anti-totalitarian, pro-private property, pro-free enterprise, and pro-freedom. Its aim was to decentralize the power of money by changing the rules of the money system so that everyone could enjoy some of that power on a more equitable (but not necessarily equal) basis. The UBI is basically a socialist/globalist corruption and inversion of Douglas' capitalist proposal for a National Dividend:

Social Credit was once a big deal in Canada. We had Social Credit governments in Alberta (starting in 1935) and in British Columbia. After the 1962 election, we had 30+ Social Credit MP's in the federal Parliament. The provincial SC governments weren't able to implement any of the monetary changes because they were overruled by the courts, the governor-general, and/or the privy council, etc. They were attacked viciously by the finance-controlled press.

douglas-book.jpgAll of this history has been, quite deliberately, sent down the Orwellian memory hole by the powers-that-be. They don't want people knowing about Douglas Social Credit because it is the antidote to the NWO. In fact, by calling the totalitarian reward/punishment system introduced by the CCP 'social credit' (which is the very opposite of DSC), they have put salt in the wound and are now mocking DSC and attempting to bury it once and for all.

You see, the existing financial system, because of how it is designed, centralizes the power of money into the hands of a few: Central Bankers like the Rothschilds. Their money system is the very heart, the engine, of the NWO. These financiers are now seeking to transform their monopoly on the power of money creation into a monopoly on all forms of power until they have achieved a one-world totalitarian government with them at the top. Money can buy everything they need for the task: politicians and governments, the media, big pharma, the police, the military, the educational system, the entertainment industry, etc. This tremendous power is how they were able to introduce and co-ordinate covid, climate change hysteria, and all of their other scams that are designed to disenfranchise and disempower people.

The Pilgrims of Saint Michael (based in Qu├ębec) is a Catholic organization that have been promoting Douglas Social Credit for many decades:

There is also a new, professionally animated series exploring the various aspects of Douglas' ideas. This episode explains the differences between DSC and the counterfeit CCP 'social credit':

It also turns out that Elon Musk's Canadian grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, was a big supporter of Douglas Social Credit in Saskatchewan in the 1940's: Elon Musk, Mars, and Douglas Social Credit Perhaps some of the Douglas Social Credit influence is still present in Elon's thinking and outlook.

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Comments for "Social Credit Serves the People "

HK said (March 1, 2023):

We see with the iteration of stakeholder corporatism, that capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin. Looks like Douglas was onto something big: enumerating the inherent flaws of the current system and a populist solution in Douglas Social Credit. So not only is the financial system broken, but there is an elegant option in a monetary system designed to reflect reality. Real wealth is a product of the capacity of natural resources, know-how and labour. No thanks, bankers, you don't rightly own the power to make money out of thin air even though you've obfuscated the whole operation to suit your ends. Society needs to take back the sovereign role of issuing credit.

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